Monday, April 08, 2019

Government, stop scaring Malaysians with coup d'etat ogre

Malaysiakini - A coup in M’sia? Nothing is impossible, says minister (extracts)

FT Minister Khalid Samad

Federal Territories Minister Khalid Samad said Malaysia cannot discount the possibility that a coup d'ètat can take place in the country if the Malays are “sufficiently influenced” to believe their position is in danger.

“Nothing is impossible."

“(This is) especially so as 70 percent of the population are Malays and if they are sufficiently influenced to believe that the position of Malays is in danger. As you know, the police and military are also fundamentally Malay-based institutions."

“So that is why it is very important for us to handle this issue with care," he told reporters at the Parliament lobby today."

I have to say I'm shocked Minister Khalid dares to say that a coup d'etat is possible in Malaysia just because the Malays (blamed again?) could defy democracy practised by our nation since its birth, just because of the moronic nonsense the Malays feel their position is in danger? 

Yes, Malaysia has practised democracy, warts and all, since its birth in 1957 (and a bit earlier on a pilot plan, where UMNO and MCA, joined subsequently by MIC, won convincing victories in local and state elections in both Malay and Chinese areas between 1952 and 1955).

When a man like Khalid Samad, MP for Shah Alam, talked about the possibility of a coup d'etat taking place in Malaysia to overthrow the Pakatan Harapan-elected government just because Malaysia's Malay population (at 70%), and the security service (police and military also fundamentally Malay-based institutions) feel they as an ethnic group may be in danger, hasn't he (YB Khalid Samad) been talking cock and contradicting himself?

How can the majority of the population (70% of one race) with the police and military, virtually 97% of the same race (all armed to the teeth) feel threatened in their own country? And by whom?

go do it at kopitiam 

Nations do not descend into undemocratic coup d'etat at their people's whims and fancies so don't talk cock by drawing in example of uni-ethnic Egypt.

Malaya and then Malaysia has never been like Egypt. Our politics have been grown from the Westminster model and nurtured as such, yes, even with warts and all. Nations such as ours, eg. NZ, Australia, India, even Sing, do not abandon democracy so easily.

Leaving out the former communist countries like Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia (Indochina), just look around the region, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar and tell me whether we have ever suffered any military coup d'etat as they had/have?


Because our nation, Malaya then Malaysia, has been brought up properly, first by the Brits and then by our founding fathers and early leaders. Like the great democracy India, our leaders have only suspended parliment once, and only temporarily, in May 1969. Parliament and democracy were resumed about a year later (16 months), on 22 September 1970

Indian suspension of parliment was from 25 June 1975 to 21 March 1977 (21 months), for same reason as Malaysia's suspension of parliament in May 1969, to wit, internal dissension

The only leader who went slightly to the edge of dictatorship, who mangled the Senate, Judiciary, Constitution, and various public institutions, etc etc etc, has been Mahathir, who again is the present PM, but even he (1981 to 2003) dared not go the full hog.

And the fact that he is once again the PM proves there has been democracy at work in Malaysia, always.

The fact that once-opposition Pakatan is now the ruling party proves there has been democracy at work in Malaysia, always.

Instead of frightening the public as little kids with the ogre of a 'deep state', he should ask the police about this, as well as the real intention of the royals. If there is indeed a 'deep state', the police should be instructed to set about legally dismantling such a secret organisation.

'deep state' in Malaysia? 

I find it difficult to believe HM Sultan of Johor has been clueless about the Rome Statute. What is His Majesty of Darul Ta'zim thinking and doing?

Has HM's problem been an issue of one-upmanship or dissatisfaction with Mahathir and not with the current government?

Was the alleged coup d'etat brought nearly to the boil to remove Mahathir per se?

Even then, coup d'etat is not in our Malaysian DNA.

Khalid Samad and other ministers, and even the PM, should stop talking about coup d'etat as if a coup is part and parcel of our democracy.


  1. For at least 14 hours on May 10, after it became obvious BN had lost the majority in the Dewan Rakyat, there was doubt whether the Police, Government Service and the Military would support the democratic transition of government.
    Bossku was looking for "Main Belakang" means to cling on to power, and some official elements were still deciding whether to support him.

  2. Najib looking for Anwar to form new coalition to cling to power was a political move quite common among politicians. That he did not succeed was his tough luck. But I did not see any evidnece of "official elements" (in your word) "still deciding whether to support him"

    that Mahathir and Pakatan became the new government prove you wrong

  3. Why you did not mention Saifuddin Abdullah?

    1. kt point is always abt mahathir wakaka.

  4. quote, Has HM's problem been an issue of one-upmanship or dissatisfaction with Mahathir and not with the current government? unquote

    please read your above statement again and tell us if its not already a coup of sorts in a constitutional monarchy, should it be encouraged and left to chance

    1. I suspect Ah Mok's hatred is so deep, he would support unconstitutional monarchy methods to remove the object of his hatred.

    2. without a doubt, chabor is blinded by his hatred, every waking minute of his existence he scour the net for articles that are not favourable to the old fox to add his banal two cents ignoring the due credits

  5. Malaysians by and large are not scared. Don’t patronise us. We can see who is trying to scare who. And it is not Harapan.

    90% of the cabinet ministers were not scared. They wanted to sign off on the Rome Statute. But the other 10% were scared. For 10% to prevail over 90% it is easy to guess who the 10% were.

  6. "Has HM's problem been an issue of one-upmanship or dissatisfaction with Mahathir and not with the current government?
    Was the alleged coup d'etat brought nearly to the boil to remove Mahathir per se?"

    You attempt to draw a differentiating line which does not exist. Both actions, if plotted by Royalty amount to illegal unconstitutional acts.

    In Australia, politicians plot every day to bring down the Prime Minister. To the extent their Prime Ministership is like a revolving door. But that is just politicians.

    If Royals attempt that stunt, they should be removed from their position. Go into exile, if necessary.

    You cannot have all the rank and privileges of Royalty, and attempt to interfere with an Elected Government, including the Prime Minister.

  7. 90% of cabinet ministers were not scared.

    University students are not scared. They want to fight for MH17 victims.

    Two Tengkus were not scared and have spoken up:

    Ku Li the nearly man (nearly did this nearly did that never doing anything) says the royals were ill-advised about the Rome Statute.
    Well, DO SOMETHING....

    Tengku Ahmad Rithauddin said mischief triumphed over truth.

    P Guna says nobody is confused over this issue. Don't insult our intelligence.

    But Poor Toonsie is scared.....tic toc tic toc....

  8. Does anyone remember the tragedy of the Bosnian civil war ?

    Bosnian Muslims were subject to ethnic cleansing and genocide.

    Much of the world stood by , harrumph and tut-tutted without any effective action.

    Two things.
    It was NATO , with US Military power at its center, which forced the Serbs to agree to stop the war.

    And it has been the International Criminal Court, yes, under the Treaty of Rome, which has enabled the Serbian war criminals Radovan Karadzic, Ratko Mladic and others to be brought to justice.

    So when the Royalty said Malaysia acceding to the Treaty of Rome was a threat to the position of Malays and Muslims, it is Bullshit.

    It has been the ICC which has given the means to bring to justice those who committed Crimes Against Humanity on the Bosnian Muslims.

  9. Wakakakakaka

    Covering up the tracks after a failed Coup de Tat?

    The scenarios leading to the Coup de Tat?

    1. PAS and some some UMNO leaders excluding of course MCA and MIC (forever clueless/left out or pretending dumb) suddenly voicing out support for TDM as PM as a precussor to the main plot and everyone thinking why? Perhaps, it was to save their own skins from graft charges or investigations or trying to create a rift between TDM and DSAI or breaking up PKR by instigating the Cats against the Dwarfs, breaking up the transition of PM for some holy reason, etc etc. It was laughable when some even think perhaps PAS has U-turn on UMNO on the unity Govt/perpaduaan ummah idea and perhaps was now looking at Bersatu/PPBM as their new wife No 3 (after BN, DAP and now UMNO) with an eye on having a concubine/slave/gundik (GBS or Warisan in Sabah).

    2. ICERD being a test ground to rouse up UMNO and PAS supporters sentiments on the 2 Rs emotions (Race and Religion) in preparation for the final R of Royalty when it is clear that the arguments against ICERD is just pure hogwash. It was also to test the mettle and power of TDM as PM to see whether he will wilt to the game of 2Rs being played and create dissension in PH coalition parties specifically among the non-Malay and non-Moslems leaders.

    3. Royalties with the help of certain medias/press and Trojan horses in Bersatu/PPBM playing up politics of issues of Johor for Johoreans, Singaporeans, projects and business controversies etc etc. to create an impression of sidelining Royalties under the new PH Federal Govt.

    4. And other minor conspiracies created eg.

    a. Suhakam specifically blaming the SB in PDRM on the disappearance of enforced disappearance when it should be the IGP or PDRM (not a dept, within). Is Suhakam insinuating the SB is a rogue branch in PDRM acting on it's own whims without the IGP knowing what his men are doing in whatever branches of the PDRM?

    b. Sudden high profile cases of religious bashings/incidents and unjustifiable punishments to some cases to raise the emotions of every Malaysian on religious issues.

    c. Media/press/individuals roped in to sensationalise issues of race biasness espeicially on the Inquest cases of Adib based on testimonies still ongoing and haven't even concluded, integrity of MACC, AG, suspected corruption by PH leaders etc etc

    d. And other issues to hide the covert Coup de Tat like MA63.


  10. cont'd

    And finally when the Conference of Rulers decided to meet and on a certain date was set to discuss on an issue of the ratification of the Rome Statute which is so unusual on such a topic not usually within the jurisdiction of the Rulers Council , the unravelling of the Plot became clearer and clearer to TDM, the Old Fox. (Intuition has slowed down due to age and blur blur PH strategists and hidden moles preventing reports of coups being sent by all the various intelligence agencies in the Govt.)

    The sudden abrupt U-turn by TDM (least expected) on such a matter like the Rome Statute (politics which does not even impact policies on the 3Rs) was totally unexpected and against even among his own coalition partners consensus, more so among the coup plotters and everyone in general.

    With so many billions still in the hands of the coup plotters and still free awaiting justice while the slow grinding process of bringing justice to all the corrupted parties/individuals/businessmen/kidnappers/murderers/religious bigots/racists/judges/academics/Govt. servants still ongoing,

    such plots to destabilise the Govt. thru a Coup de Tat as soon as possible will continually be hatched more so with news of setting up of Special Courts to speed up the process of bringing those corrupted perpetrators to justice.

    The unravelling of the Coup de Tat plot takes time as investigations are ongoing to determine the real masterminds/Trojan horses/individuals/politicians/academics etc and the Question now is how fast it can be done as coup plotters start covering up their tracks to prepare for another day to plan their new plots.

    A sudden quietness on playing up issues of the 3Rs whether by media/press/politicians/individuals etc esp with by-elections round the corner is not normal for Malaysia and shows many of the coup plotters now lying low.

    Has TDM lost his mettle in acting against those who wish to destroy democracy, topple a legitimate Govt., escape from justice and hatch more Coup de Tats later?

    Would another Ops Lallang 3 under existing (not yet annulled, disbanded, abolished Laws) be used again as a quick solution to apprehend all the plotters and supporters and to finally destroy all opposition and parties to his Rule as Caesar/Pharoah/Mahafiraun/Mahazalim/Dictator or whatever he is crowned as?

    There is a saying "Don't tempt the Devil in politics" for Machiavelli has found a true blooded Grade A student in Malaysia.

    Sun Tzu's "Principle of War" was aptly applied by taking a step back on the Rome Statute and in order to gain obedience among all and strike fear in the hearts of future rebellions the next step would be to behead all the plot leaders, their strategists/masterminds and make their ardent supporters slaves of the new Empire/dynasty.

  11. Well has the coup d’etat started in Johore with the MB’s removal by the Sultan? Maybe Saifuddin was right after all.