Thursday, April 11, 2019

Pakatan fostered Rulers' extra-constitutional powers

Currently there seems to be an increasing aggravation between Royalty (Johor) and the federal Government (Mahathir). The former is showing LimPeh's Koon T'au-Boe against Mahathir's (unusual) constitutional correctness plus an innate dislike for uppity Royalty.

what 'LimPeh's Koon T'au-Boe' is

he has paratrooper wings, so what, I too have that


Mahathir had de-fanged the royals before, specifically the former-late (almarhum) Sultan Johor, father of the current Sultan

Al-Mutawakkil Alallah Sultan Iskandar ibni Almarhum Sultan Ismail Al-Khalidi

Thus there is already a vendetta between the two parties. The current Sultan, despite his more acceptable royal disposition in contrast to his terrifying sire, appears to be, ironically, more assertive, aggressive and adamant than would be expected.

Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar wants certain groups to stop meddling in matters of state, vowing to make the best decision for the people when the time comes [saying]:

"On matters concerning Johor, don't be a busybody in meddling into the state affairs as this sovereign state still has a Sultan"

As I've said before, when he issued a royal decree in early Septenber 2017 that he wants to be addressed in English as 'Majesty' rather than 'Royal Highness', my suspicions, speculations and suppositions went ballistic, to wit, that 'His Majesty' sees himself as the sovereign ruler of an independent state or nation above the other Malay states. Yes, I suspect he wanted to cut Johor loose from what he sees as a 'sick' Malaysia and not allow his state's potential prosperity to be dragged back.

I penned 
........ I had wildly speculated HM might be considering an autonomous rule for Johor, quite separated from (and with the minimum) Malaysian federal rule and polices, and very close association with (as well as guidance from) Singapore.

He would have perceived ........ Johor [being] in a terrific-strategic location as the state borders a 1st world nation and is also nearby to the very rich nation of Indonesia. Its eastern flank can be developed to receive enormous trading directly from China (including HK, Macau and Taiwan), Japan, South Korea and the rapidly developing Vietnam.

Apart from considerations for his own sovereign, state and Johoreans, and his impatience with a developmental sloth of a Malaysia under the grubby thumbs of politicians over the years since Merdeka, he has seen precedents that have been encouraging for increased royal powers.

What precedents?

Dr Kua Kia Soong explain in FMT's PH’s bad precedents in MB appointments, extracts of which follow:

The squabble within PH over the choice of MBs for Perak and deputy MB for Selangor in 2008 has set a bad precedent.

Pakatan Rakyat itself worked against Teresa Kok's candidature for Deputy MB in Selangor (2008)

she then had 3 'C' disadvantages - Chinese, Christian, Chabor (woman)

despite Dr Bari (then still in PKR) saying she was not necessary as Islamic adviser to HRH because HRH himself is THE head of Islam in state, with MAIS to assist HRH

If their leaders had taken a stand like that displayed by the PM in the current drama, they would have simply put forward their candidates before the sultan for endorsement, as is required in our democratic system.

Instead, the PH leadership vacillated and in so doing, demeaned our parliamentary democracy by allowing the sultans to make the final choice of menteri besar in 2008.

In our democratic system and according to the Federal Constitution, the Agong and the sultans merely endorse the executive list that is put before them by the ruling coalition.

In Perak and Selangor in 2008, PH handed over this prerogative to the respective sultans. It has since proven to be a bad precedent and one which has led to this present predicament in the various states whenever a menteri besar is to be appointed.

2008 - Perak Regent decided on MB

Thus, we now see the respective sultans playing the role of executive rulers instead of constitutional monarchs.

This pandering to the sultan over the choice of menteri besar in Selangor was repeated in 2014 and unfortunately, this has added to the routinisation of “conventions” over the choice of MBs.

Dr Kua concluded in his excellent observations that:

How the current battle royale unfolds from here will ultimately depend on how convention has been tempered by the precedents set in 2008 and 2014 and the wisdom of the Sultan.

... or rather, the power and influence of the Sultan. Dr Kua has been exceedingly diplomatic in saying 'wisdom', wakakaka.


  1. Toonsie is slowly being de-fanged, even the low key decision on PAC Chairman Kiandee; he has officially been replaced by UMNO's Noraini Ahmad. Make no mistake folks this is not the Pharoh or Dictator any more. By resigning from PAC Nurul wins (and by default her father Anwar) over Toonsie.

    Bakri Musa advises:

    "Make way for, while you still have the goodwill of the people. Linger on for too long and Allah may take away your second chance for redemption"

    OK I paraphrased what he said.

    Toonise is trying very hard to solve 21st century problems with 20th century solutions. It just won't work. Tick tock tick tock.

  2. Now we see the wisdom of NOT repealing the Sedition Act.....

  3. If Teresa can (nearly) be deputy MB for Selangor Wee Ka Siong is thinking he can be DPM for Johor....!!!

  4. i think kua is toking kok.

  5. In Johor, the grubbiest thumbs belong to HRH and his private unlimited.

    Forest City, Danga Bay etc.etc, all the projects ride roughshod over environmental rules, ownership laws , you name it. To feed their gold-plated toilets ( that is gor real).

  6. Tut tut...

    In 2008 and 2014 (the time of the Perak and Selangor power struggle incidents), Pakatan Harapan (PH) did not exist. PH was formed only on 22 September 2015. Hence the title "PH's bad precedence in MB appointments" is wrong.

    The opposition coalition in 2008 and 2014 was Pakatan Rakyat (PR).

    1. OK, Dr Kua made that mistake but you're pedantic. Just refer to 2008 and my caption comments under Teresa Kok's phpoto

    2. No pedantism.
      Pakatan Rakyat was not a registered coalition party. That could not be helped at the time.
      In the aftermath of the 2008 Elections, that gave the Rulers in the relevant states the possibility to exercise their right to ascertain the candidate "carries the confidence of the majority of the House". Whether there were nefarious intentions as well, up to people to decide. One of their actions was to ask for more than one name for the MB candidate.

      In 2018, Pakatan Harapan was also not a registered coalition - submitted but rejected by the ROS.

      Constitutional crises are best avoided, because if they arise, they are very messy to resolve , and attract all the shit stirrers.

    3. ... the confidence of teh "majority" ...

      there was no need for any registered coalition. It was Pakatan abdicating constitutional democratic process (who enjoys the confidence of the "majority" in the DUN) to the Sultans, as was done first in Perak (Regent choosing Nizar), then in Selangor subsequently (Sultan choosing Azmin Ali)

    4. its not abdicating, the cause is there is no apparent so called majority with pas around, the most flexible party with a flexible hadi as leader.

  7. As the players of the Deep State now are in limbo and trying to clean their tracks, don't play play with Johor Royalty. The Sultan has his own Johor army and might call Singapore to help defend Johor also when the State is under attack.

    Just like back in history when Johor seeks Britannia help from enemies like Siam and Acheh empires to be under it's protectorate but Brittania in return got betrayed during WW2 when the Japanese invaded Malaya.

    I think all these would backfire badly for the Deep State actors/masterminds/strategists using the Royalties to overthrow the PH Govt. for they may have miscalculated badly in that when the Royalties themselves soon realise they are under threat themselves, they might turn around again to preserve existing status quo rather than lose everything they have.

    TDM will always have his way when in power as PM, thanks to BN for making the PM post the most powerful in the country even superseding any Royalties. Afterall, he knows if all else fails, it all finally boils down to who can offer a bigger carrot finally and democratic principles can take again another back seat.

  8. HRH Gold-plated plane interior.
    Funded by insatiable private ventures.

    Rakyat can eat cake.

  9. do you call being charged for sedition (karpal) as fostering and pandering the rulers? didn't kua realise that federal power was still under bn during the imbroglio, in other words they were fighting with one hand tied behind their back, they were hardly vacillating nor pandering, glad maddy will have none of the nonsense that was perpetrated by bn

    1. I simply do not any longer consider Kua as a fair and objective observer of Governance issues in Malaysia.

      He bears deep grudges against Mahathir as well as Lim Kit Siang father and son. Between them, they could be seen as having destroyed Kua's life and potential.

      Three of them in the same government is enough to send him ballistic to the Moon.

    2. anyone who criticises your Bosses is seen as not fair

    3. You think people who criticise Pakatan Harapan cannot themselves be subject to scrutiny ?

      Some "critics" themselves have dishonest or secret agendas or vested interests.

  10. "Hence the Federal Government or Putrajaya cannot bully Johor or push it around. Johor volunteered to join the Unfederated Malay States in 1914 and the Federation of Malaya in 1948 on its own terms. Hence Johor does not need Malaysia but Malaysia needs Johor. Johor can easily leave Malaysia and form an ‘economic block’ with Singapore and Brunei. And then what is Mahathir going to do? Is he going to do what Saddam Hussein did to Kuwait?" ~ RPK

    OTH, can Malaysia expel Johore?

    1. Come to think of it, I would ENJOY watching "Ketuanan" Royal Ibrahim kiss the arse of PAP's Lee or whichever Chinaman becomes his successor.

    2. Wakakakakaka…

      Now a serial lier's fart has become a historical reference for that bunch of me-layu (too lazy to exercise that petrified brain) morons!

      Oui… bolih buat sedikit kajian sejarah federated/unfederated Malay states yang betul2 ke?

      "Johor volunteered to join the Unfederated Malay States in 1914 and the Federation of Malaya in 1948 on its own terms"

      Her own terms??!!

      More likely been arm-twisted as in Johor accepted a treaty of protection with the United Kingdom in 1885, and eventually succumbed to British pressure to accept a resident "Advisor" in 1914 as a member of the Unfederated Malay States.

      The spurious 'greater' autonomy enjoyed by the Unfederated Malay States is only superficial as eventually Penang and Malacca which had formed a part of the Straits Settlements were then grouped with the Unfederated Malay States and the Federated Malay States to form the Malayan Union. In 1948, the Malayan Union was reconstituted as a federation of eleven states known as the Federation of Malaya. Nine of the states of the new Federation of Malaya continued as British Protected States, while two of them, Penang and Malacca remained as British colonies.

      How syiok-sendiri can that flatulence of joining 'on its own terms' be?

  11. "and form an ‘economic block’ with Singapore"

    Do you know how Rings refer to Johore when you are out of earshot ?
    Dirty, Smelly, Crime ridden territory.
    They sneer at Johore they way some Malaysians sneer at Haadyai.

    Johore, not part of Malaysia, would just be an economic serf colony of Singapore.

    1. Johor royalty hopes to "make use" of Sing's connections and expertise, not necessarily becomes the Island's serf

    2. Even though Sing has a much higher GDP per capita than Malaysia, Malaysia's economy is still slightly larger than Sing's.
      Malaysia can , and does deal with Sing as near equals.

      What does a small 3.5 Million population Melayu state with an economy a little fraction that of Singapore have , to leverage on Singapore ?

    3. Wakakakaka…

      "make use" of Sing's connections and expertise!!!

      The southern suanku is so kiasu that all her fronts (sopo-economical) r very well covered. In return for been 'use', what can honor royalty promises?

      Free flow of johorr water to RedDot?

      Otherwise, what has johor got that RedDot doesn't?

      Ooop… as the singgie's hinterland for cheap labours & housing scheme, too.

      The johoreans WILL curse that blue blood for kingdom comes!

    4. chinese shd move to johor, penang is too small wakaka.

    5. Sure. Will suggest that they move to another island in Johore i.e. Pisang Island.

    6. Mfer, showing yr closet 狗奴才 syndrome ye!

      U should be suggesting the zombies, ketuanan freaks move to the east coast where they can truly roam freely as they want in their archaic ways.

  12. QUOTE
    What does a small 3.5 Million population Melayu state with an economy a little fraction that of Singapore have , to leverage on Singapore ?

    Answer: huge land for growing population, airspace for their airports, free water (or less than 3 sen per 1000 gallons or whatever ha ha), expanded territorial waters and land buffer from the rest of pesky Malaya.

    New country can be named Jogapore. But this won't happen of course.