Monday, April 01, 2019

KDK-rised Minister tembak friendly fire, kena tembak pula

Malaysiakini - Wong Tack tells Redzuan to butt out of Lynas (extracts)

Flying car minister, wakakaka 

BN leaders are having a field day criticising Pakatan Harapan leaders who had previously taken an anti-Lynas stance, after Entrepreneur Development Minister Mohd Redzuan Yusof reportedly said the rare earth company can remain in Malaysia.

Pribumi Party ministers love capati-ing, including and especially the PM 

Under fire, anti-Lynas activists within Harapan have lashed out at Redzuan.

"I hope Redzuan will focus on matters within his scope of responsibility and not make irresponsible statements on behalf on the Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change Ministry and the government, on an issue which is not within his jurisdiction," Bentong MP Wong Tack said today.

Yesterday, Redzuan was quoted by Utusan Malaysia as saying that the government will allow Lynas to remain in the country so as to inspire confidence for foreign direct investment.

Wong Tack said Redzuan was likely "ignorant" of Lynas' violations or that he may have been influenced by "spin."

"Rejecting Lynas is based on environmental injustice and violations of a country’s laws, rules and procedures. It has nothing to do with FDI. Lumping them together is absurd," he said in a statement.

Earlier, Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh, who is also a minister in the prime minister's department, had said it was "unfortunate" that many in the government had bought into Lynas' narrative

Wong Tack 

Mr Greenie Wong Tack was furious with the flying kipas car minister whilst Fuziah Salleh who has been the stalwart against Lynas for years, lamented the dumbos in Pakatan government who fell for Lynas chong-ing, wakakaka.

Fuziah Salleh, who should at least be a full minister, considering speechless Rina Harun is one, courtesy of Bapak Pribumi  

Minister Mohd Redzuan Yusof should stick to his KDK-motorised kereta instead of delving into issues beyond his ken or more likely, his ecological values.

Are Malaysians supposed to suffer to no ends the quality (or lack of) of Mahathir's Party Pribumi ministers and MBs?


  1. The government , together with key stakeholders, need to come to a sensible stand on Lynas.

    We DO need the foreign Direct investment, and how the government handles the Lynas issue, ensuring due process based on solid science, will impact how other potential foreign investors assess Malaysia as an investment location.

    The previous BN government created a time bomb by allowing Lynas to build its facility and operate the plant, without a firm committed method and date to resolve the waste product accumulation.

    Anyone with access to Google Earth can see the photos showing a mountain of waste being accumulated at the Lynas site, with no solution.

    Lynas made some airy-fairy promise to "research" methods of disposal. Till today they are still "researching".

    The Australian Government considers the waste product produced by Lynas as "Hazardous Waste" and it would be extremely unlikely to allow the waste to be imported back into Australia, though that is where the material originally came from.

    So the claim that the waste is "Safe" is a lie.

    In all likelihood, Malaysia is stuck with the waste. Heavy metals, long-lived (though low-intensity) radioactivity, contaminated water.

    The toxic legacy of the Najib Administration.

    1. Rare earth's waste is not toxic lah... Have you read about the black sand at Northern Coastal Egypt and perhaps at Pantai Pasir Hitam in Langkawi? Get real man. We need the FDIs and lot and lot of jobs. You can dump some of the Lynas waste at my backyard. No problem.

    2. n make kuantan a tourism attraction?

  2. It is reported that Lynas Malaysia employs 1,200 employees. Balance this with the following:

    Lynas Malaysia generates more than 1,000 tonnes of waste PER DAY. Up to December last year, the accumulated radioactive Water Leach Purification (WLP) residue at Lynas' facility was 451,564 tonnes, while Neutralisation Under Flow (NUF) amounted to 1.113 million tonnes.

    It's a no brainer. Shut the factory and send all the waste back to WA.

    And talking of no brainers there are many ministers in PH, many from Bersatu which must be let go.

  3. hallelujah now is this not what democracy is all about, as a voter i am not bothered about the squabble, it gives us an opportunity to see and judge for ourselves who are the dunggus, the busybody, the pretenders, the right or wrong, safe from the fact that the ultimate decisions are only decided during cabinet meetings and if the oppo and the media wants to make a meal out of it, it is also called democracy

  4. The only way out of this political issue is to file a civil class/individual suit against the company (operating) and Govt. (approval to operate) if anyone who has died/suffered due to the effects of the contamination from the plant operations.

    Bring the experts to court to testify and let the Judges decide rather than politicians, environmental groups or Governmental groups and bodies.

    Isn't a decision of a Rule of Law/Rule by Law a better solution than political/opinions/business/environmental talks with no end in sight?

  5. it's a political decision to let Lynas stay, so it has to be a political decision to kick the comapny out. The court comes in last when the company argues on points of contract

  6. Whether the waste is radioactive or toxic is irrelevant. The sheer volume of waste and the fact that we have to store it forever makes it a stupid investment to bring in. As stupid as plastic recycling. The small number of jobs they generate is not worth it.

    1. I support TS - it's not worth it when our country and people in and near Lynas (workers and collateral neighbouring residents) suffer.

      Dr Renard Siew, a climate change and environmental advisor at the Center for Governance and Political Studies, told The Diplomat magazine “The main concern has always been leakage of these heavy metals into Kuantan’s groundwate. Floods, which happen often in Kuantan — especially during the monsoon season — would further exacerbate the situation. So, if appropriate measures are not taken to mitigate this risk, it could very well be a threat not just to the natural environment but also to human health.”

      Recall ARE some 30 years ago when Mahathri allowed Japan's Mitsubishi Chemicals to open a rare-earths refinery in the Malaysian village of Bukit Merah, but although the plant is gone, its toxic legacy persists. The residents were mainly Chinese Malaysians.

      The facility was embraced by Mahathir's govt as an advanced foreign investment that would help create jobs in Perak. He (Mahathir) should have had that plant situated in Kuabang pasu.

      But despite the plant being finally abandoned, the locals saw a rise in leukaemia and other health problems, as a silent warning to Malaysia to stop the Lynas rare-earths plant being built in Pahang. But alas, teh Najib administration allowed it and now, worse, the Mahathir govt is pretending and doing nothing. The Pribumi party minister Redzuan has even the stupidity, insensitivity and callousness to support Lynas

    2. Read together with the zombie's comment @ 12:11 pm, April 01, 2019, it ONLY confirms the fact that these people r indeed learnt lalang!

    3. The way I see it, the current administration is trying to find a way to disengage from the Lynas business without damaging Malaysia's credibility as a predictable FDI destination. They didn't create this mess, the Najib Administration did that.

      "But alas, teh Najib administration allowed it and now, worse".

      That is whitewashing.

      You may be hoping Malaysians have a short memory, but I don't.

      The Najib Administration actively pursued and promoted the Lynas investment, not just "allowed" it, and Bulldozed through the approval, over the objections of Malaysian environmentalists and Kuantan residents.

  7. Yeo Bee Yin is a no nonsense Minister, soundly grounded in science. The right thing to do is to shut Lynas, or if they want to continue they must re-export all wastes. The land needed to store this waste is humongous, land that can be used for housing, agriculture or simply leave as natural jungle.

    Don’t fall for the idea of making bricks out of the waste. We are not fools. Which developer will use these bricks? IOI Properties?...ha ha...


    Your usual gets a free ride...