Friday, April 12, 2019

As we approach May 13

Will history repeat itself in Malaysia?

Between 11 May 1969 and 13 May 1969 (for half a day anyway), victorious opposition supporters in KL and PJ (mainly DAP, Gerakan, and to a small extent PPP) cheered their astounding election victory, but sadly also jeered insultingly at Perikatan people.

Dr Lim Chong Eu and Professor Syed Hussein Alatas with supporters after Gerakan’s 1969 election victory

Perikatan was the coalition of Tunku Abdul Rahman, which was supplanted by Tun Razak's Barisan Nasional in 1973.

Perikatan - Alliance 

Basison Nasional 

What followed was Malaysia's most tragic day, May 13.

Today we see once again the same display of emotions by Pakatan Harapan's supporters, though ironically PH is headed by a man who had in his previous prime ministerial tenure mutilated hallowed institutions like parliament, senate, judiciary and the civil service.

He was also an anti-Tunku Abdul Rahman person who criticised Malaysia's 1st PM for his alleged pampering of Chinese and for giving them citizenship.

Malaysiakini - Tunku gave out ICs in broad daylight, Kit Siang tells Dr M

DAP has slammed former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s defence that his predecessor Tunku Abdul Rahman had also given out citizenship to foreigners, as that had been done in broad daylight while the alleged Project IC was covert.

“Tunku never gave out citizenship to subvert the electoral process but to ensure that in the run-up to Merdeka in 1957, non-Malays who resided in Malaya had a right to citizenship, which was agreed to by all including the Conference of Rulers - all done in an open and transparent manner.

“Did Mahathir conduct the Project IC or Project M in an open and transparent process, after getting the mandate from his cabinet, the Conference of Rulers and the Malaysian people, particularly the Sabahans?” asked party supremo Lim Kit Siang

George Santayana taught us that "Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it".


  1. Wakakka...There is another wise saying Those Who cannot let go the Past have no future.

    1. “Experience has shown, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.”
      ~ Thomas Jefferson

    2. The story of the 'biadapish' Nons (mainly cinapeks) for causing the 513 IS so pervasively one-sided. So much so that many f*cks alike took it as the single most important factor that sparked that riot!

      Now, u r regurgitating the same grandmother's story W/O examining that fake factor in detail! U just die2 want to blame the cinspeks!

      Mfer, have u forgotten that the proverbial single hand CAN'T clap?

      How about that amokish attitude of the blur-sotongs, agitated by the sore-loser attitude of the ketuanan freaks?

      Combined that sentiment with the indoctrinated siege-mentality, known to persistent irrationally amongst these bunch of morons, u get that toxic snappish reaction to the slightest imaginary provocation.

      BTW, did u red that the MAGERAN had consistently attributed the cause of the riots to the Malayan Communist Party.

      Like u, MAGERAN was reluctant to assign blame to the amokish melayu! They were assigning the victims of the riot as explained so elegantly by Slavoj Zizek!

      ~The whole identity of (political correctness) is based on proclaiming themselves as victims and blaming others. Take the (aggression) away, or if the problem disappears, they would have to change radically. (But) they would be nobody.

      Or u r going to say something like DON'T provoke a wounded prey … wakakakaka … so predictable!

      Again, who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it?

    3. So... Ah Mok now sells the story that DAP sparked May 13.

      That was the tale used to demonize DAP for decades.

    4. please show me where I have said that?

      monsterball, you have to stop telling lies, even if only to earn your dedak. There should be an iota of decency in a shameful person like you, or have I expected too much?

    5. thomas jefferson is correct, thats y america is great.

    6. "Will history repeat itself in Malaysia?"
      "mainly DAP........sadly also jeered insultingly at Perikatan people."

      "Today we see once again the same display of emotions by Pakatan Harapan's supporters, "

      A=> B => C => D (possibly)

      Isn't that the main thrust of your post?

    7. al,most everyone (except you) knows May 13 wa sinitiated by a certain warlord egged on by young turks, and not the jeering of DAp mor Gerakan. The decision to start May 13 was ALREADY determined when there was fear of BN losing control of Selangor, which was why Malay fighters streamed into KL from the Heartland since 11 May

    8. So u KNOW lah!

      Then WHY repeat that fake grandmother's story of the biadapish cinapeks provoking the melayus?

      Where's the beef?

    9. Holding Ah Mok accountable to what he writes.
      Or is Ah Mok just talk-cock only ?

  2. Celebrate May 8 Liberation Day first.

  3. As the long history of politics shows, the insatiable human greed and power grabbing has always lead to history of grief and sufferings where the victims are mostly of the lower class ordinary citizens of a country and not of the elites of society.

    A repeat of May 13 history is possible, possibly created this time by The Deep State to overthrow a Constitutionally elected Govt. with a different objective ie to grab power thru the backdoor to escape persecution from plunders, wrongdoings, corruption, theft, murders, kidnappings, money laundering, abuses of funds etc and to continue a life of luxuries, debauchery and benefits.

    Of course, the 3Rs will be used as excuses to create instability and justify civil strife so as to overthrow the democratically elected Govt. to hide the actual motives of seizing power thru the backdoor for all The Deep State Actors/politicians/academics/religious bigots/racists and their supporters.

    The question to be pondered is "Will TDM preempt all these Deep State players and charged them with Treason and the Death Penalty?"

  4. Mahathir was a noise maker, but in terms of 1968-1969 he was just a junior. Trying to magnify Mahathir's influence at the time is a dishonest attempt to promote your vendetta.

    More sinister is Razak's role in the coup against Tunku...which you choose to totally ignore, in fact post that Sooo respectful me Razak does not deserve that respect.

    1. he and a group of young turks were then known as the 'Ultras' - guess who instigated Razak, although admittedly he was not the only one?

    2. Wakakakakaks…

      U forgetting the age old wisdom of 'can't force a cow to drink even if u lead it to the water source'?