Monday, April 15, 2019

Rantau - PH lost 13 out of 14 polling stations?

Remember Jeff Ooi of Screenshot, once the most well-known blogger in Malaysia? He even had his own column in Malaysiakini.

He was formerly pro-Gerakan (rumoured to be a sort of 'k'ai-chai' to the late Lim Keng Yaik) but it seemed he saw the light, wakakaka, and to my then-delight joined DAP in time for the 2008 GE.

He won in Jelutong to become a MP in the footsteps of the original Tiger of Jelutong.

He served Jelutong for two terms and became famous for two things:

(1) He was in post-2008 GE the administratively-most-qualified Penang DAP person, holding a Masters (MBA???). Though he was a federal MP, he assisted a then governing DAP greenhorn named Lim Guan Eng to govern Penang as the first DAP Chief Minister, and

today, no longer the old humble Guan Eng 

(2) He was in 2013 wakakaka the man who labelled a Penang Municipal Council staff as 'kucing kurap' (People of no significance). The new Tiger of Jelutong was advised by the original Tiger, the late Karpal Singh to apologise, for labelling a state government staff as a kuching kurap, which to his credit he did.

Jeff Ooi has a sharp tongue (and pen) and had during his blogging years gotten himself into trouble with his acerbic wit and remarks, wakakaka.

I wonder whether that ill-advised insult of 'kucing kurap' in 2013 costed him his seat, because YB RSN Rayer (also notorious for his 'celaka' remark against UMNO) replaced him in Jelutong.

actually the word 'celaka' (doggone, damn) was also favoured by the late Karpal Singh 

I wonder WTF Jeff is doing nowadays but do read his facebook comment on the very recent Pakatan loss in Rantau (as follows):

Aftermath of a hat-trick

Why till now aren’t journalists and political scientists able to produce any good analysis on the PH debacle in Rantau... even with PM-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim parking himself there throughout the by-election as if he was the candidate?

Rafizi Ramli 

Do note that Rafizi Ramli emerged in the final 72 hours to fire late salvos, even with PH rehoisting the decade-old RM10m transfer to London, had tanked* the campaign.

* tanked = failed

And how about the contribution to PH’s total failure by Rafizi’s sidekick, that holier-than-thou beer-hater Aminuddin? How is PH in NS going to carry on?

Amiruddin Harun, MB Negeri Sembilan

deemed by Jeff as a holier-than-thou beer-hater

Why did PH have to lose in 13 out of 14 polling stations, which comprised voters of all ethnic groups? That’s very humiliating!


  1. Rollicking democracy, both sides trading blow for blow, that’s the way it should be, nobody riding roughshod over the other but.....Toonsie chickened out of campaigning in Rantau, he left his troops there to fight without a leader. He must take responsibility for three defeats and make way for new leadership. Harapan is stunted with him up there.

    If he can’t fix the country’s problems in 22 years he sure as hell can’t do it in 2.

    P/S I wonder how many streams BN will win in Sandakan.....ha ha.

  2. Just like Oz sent us their Lynas trash now they are sending plastic trash. Any Aussies (or Aussie wannabees) reading this please take it all back and stick it in your bong.

    Malaysia an Aussie plastic waste dumping ground, says report

    Published on 15 Apr 2019

    Previously, Australia relied on China to take in 125,000 tonnes of its plastic waste annually, but China stopped taking in plastic wastes from other countries in January last year.

    SOUTHEAST Asian countries, especially Malaysia, have become Australia’s dumping ground for plastic waste, Australian media reported. reported yesterday that investigations by the 60 Minutes programme revealed that mixed plastic waste from recycling bins in Australian suburbs have ended up in dozens of illegal processing sites in Malaysia.

  3. Thank you to Ronnie Liu and Kulasegaran.

  4. In other words, it was a complete whitewash and PH lost the battle in Rembau after CH and Semenyih.

    When you see your opponents using Sun Tzu's principles/strategies to win battles, better wake up fast, discard your I think, me thinks, personal egos, ethical philosophies and mumbo/jumbos and use back the same old strategies.

    Building back a Nation before the opponents/enemies is completely vanguished has to come with winning battles first and setting the priorities. You can't just do both.

    Neither can you command the respect of your loyal soldiers/supporters in battles when they have to also starve to feed the enemies/opponents.

    In other words, poor leadership skills of leaders/generals will never win any battles/wars.

  5. Deep State making a Coup D'Etat.....No we speak. Not Talking Cock, Playing Mahjong or Ping Pong...Johor Military Forces' backsides just itchin and finger twitchin for some bitchin....

    Mat Sabu better sit up and pay attention.

    Sudan crisis: Protest leaders demand end of 'deep state'

    Protesters show no signs of quitting their sit-in outside the army complex in Khartoum

    Organisers of mass protests in Sudan have told the BBC they want the full dismantling of the "deep state" left behind by ousted leader Omar al-Bashir.

    A spokesman said leaders of the past regime should be put on trial.

    Mr Bashir was toppled by the army last week after 30 years in power and a military council has pledged elections in two-years time.

    But protesters remain camped outside army HQ in the capital, Khartoum, demanding a civilian administration.

    Reports on Monday said there had been efforts to break up the sit-in. Details are sketchy but witnesses said troops had stepped back from immediate confrontation.

  6. Kamus Dewan has a 2nd entry definition for "Penumpang" which is "seseorang yang singgah atau menyewa di tempat lain."

    The correct English translation is sojourner, traveller or lodger.

    The Rantau elections can be read in 2 ways.
    Either it is a protest vote against unfulfilled campaign manifesto promises


    The Nons are now ready and willing to accept Penumpang status from Da Man who called them so himself.

    1. penumpang is never a sojourner, where 'singgah' means 'transit', 'just stop by (for a while)'

      all in all it means travelling in a vehicle (or 'wahana' as the Indons call it) WITHOUT contributing to the vehicle's operation

    2. I support KT. Monsterball, jangan jadi penumpang tetapi jadilah seorang penyumbang.

    3. During my school days, a hotel was known as a Rumah Tumpangan.

      It had nothing to do with any vehicle, you could have arrived on foot or on a bicycle.

      It had everything to do with being a lodger or short-term temporary resident.

    4. The politics of Bahasa Malaysia to whom it is a second language. Wakakaka..

    5. i believe mat hassan penumbang is referring to non malay.

  7. If the grand old man is still recalcitrant insisting along this path, his headstone might well have these words : Yang di kejar, tak dapat. Yang ada di tangan, di halau.

  8. The good thing is Old Man's attempt to absorb UMNO has come to a halt.
    Some UMNO operatives already consider themselves a Government in waiting, Why should they jump ship.
    Wait for a long time....

    Old man needs to learn the lesson that trying to persuade the hard-core 3R voters is a fool's errand. They gave never, and likely will never vote for PH.

    PH needs to protect its base, which Mahathir has completely ignored, and persuade the moderates with the economy, which has not shown progress.