Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Mahathir's shame

From FMT:

The contradictions that are pulling down our nation by TK Chua

The problem with Malaysia is that we like to set high ideals, put up slogans, have great ambitions and draw inspiration from the successes of other countries. We looked East, essentially to Japan and Korea, during their heydays. We now want to look to China too and again I think it is due to its recent progress in various fields.

We also like to talk about virtues such as hard work, trustworthiness, and knowledge which are important ingredients in determining success.

But Malaysia’s Achilles heel has always been its lack of cogent and concerted action. We have lots of words, but very little deeds. We are full of ambition, but the values we inculcate on the ground portray a very different story.

We fail to achieve much because we are unprofessional in our thoughts and actions. We routinely condone laziness, forgive incompetence and unethical behaviour, and practise double standards to the hilt. Once we reach this stage, shamelessness becomes a non-issue.

Our successive failures are either covered up or bailed out without any lesson learned or new action taken. Just look at the numerous projects that have been run to the ground – from running an airline to car manufacturing to the state of education. Instead of meditating over our failures, we feel proud as if we have done nothing wrong. Today, we are once again trying to indulge in grandiose stuff without thinking much of our own work culture and capability.

Other countries became tigers and dragons quietly, sometimes with much help from the Malaysian diaspora seeking opportunities elsewhere. We make lots of noise but have not accomplished much.

We have always come up with excuses that our people are inexperienced and handicapped and therefore we need a head start and special assistance to succeed. But we fail to realise that the world does not owe us a living. When are we going to earn our own upkeep?

In the course of many years, the crutch mentality has crystallised and become pervasive. It has become the biggest contributor to laziness, lack of professionalism, incompetence, condonation, bailout, and unfettered sense of entitlement. Today, it is the single biggest factor that causes the gradual loss of dynamism and competitiveness of our country.

We tell our people to be independent, honest, hardworking, and resourceful but the reality we see on the ground is very different. We see easy money and unfettered support and bailout of our imprudent actions.

In the name of creating a more equitable society, we have unwittingly promoted a work culture that is totally not in sync with the spirit of competition and self-reliance.

I find it contradictory to talk about hard work, trustworthiness and knowledge on one hand, but then go on to reward laziness, incompetence and dishonesty on the other.

We must be utterly biased or dense not to see the inherent contradictions prevailing in our society today. We urge, plead, beg and scold our people to work hard and to be independent, but sadly this is just a farce. The reality is we protect, pamper, spoil and shelter them without end.


  1. And this is all Toonsie’s fault and shame? TK did not mention his name even once. It’s the fault and shame of The Alliance and BN government as a whole, with UMNO at the helm and the supporters and voters that put them there.

  2. Wakakakakaka…

    Ain't tk wrote the same sentiments as I did?

    Is he yr resident racist?

    Oooop…… my bad!

    He didn't named those mfers with proper genetic code, so he is NO racist!

    How about tk is vening politically correct dilly-dally farts, so he WOULDN'T be labelled as a racist by those idea-bankrupted 'hat' manufacturers of zilch inconsequential bleeding heart?

    What then makes people like u, who r trying hard to whitewashing yr idol's follies by diverting needed attention to grandmother's stories of yrs past?

    Honorable sinner as in syriah complaint lier?

  3. All because we never had leaders or statesman, the likes of TAR.

    It's time a chance is given again to someone else instead of hoping again for a 93 years old to do wonders when for 22 years, he failed the country.

    However, we must acknowledge and be thankful also to TDM for getting rid of the world's biggest kleptocrat which he indirectly helped to create.

    Malaysia has lost a few decades of prosperity due to leaders who are pretenders, hypocrites and totally unqualified elected MPs, Aduns and professionals.

    What a waste of lost generations and wealth of a country.

  4. New Straits Times: 'He is the best PM Malaysia has ever had'.

    Najib the best PM Malaysia ever had....


  5. Another “shame”, Toonsie has to swallow pride....New Malaysia.

    He just got Checked and Balanced.

    Dr M to table motion to change PAC chief
    4 Apr 2019, 7:35 am

    After weeks of protests from the public and lawmakers, the government has finally decided to move a motion in Parliament to replace the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) chairperson Ronald Kiandee with BN Parit Sulong MP Noraini Ahmad.

  6. Want to raise a separate issue that bugged me no end since I last watched this video.

    What anger me MOST, is the eerie silence that prevailed for such a long time!

    Didn't ANYBODY see anything wrong?

    Or u have DOUBLE STANDARD for yr f*cked-up morality?

    This is a video showing the confrontation between two policemen & a suspected Public bank robber at Bukit Tinggi apparently happened on 2ndApr2019.

    Nothing wrong with the scenes until ∼ 0.43 when the policeman shot the wounded attacker, who was lying motionless on the ground, for the 4th time!

    This is pure vicious premeditated murder!

    WHY shot him when he is already lying motionless on the ground?

    Unless the intention is to KILL.

    Where r u - those self-righteousness bleeding heart human right advocates?

    Where r those zombies chantets in the face of such an unnecessary killing?

    & where r those ketuanan freaks when one of yr kindred has been mercilessly 'killed' by one of u?

    In a civilised world, protests & riots WOULD have sprouted spontaneously in the face of such inhumane action!

    Now back to whatsoever bashings of whosoever comes into yr path of bogus self-righteousness!

    1. The correct question is why did the policeman fire his gun INTO THE AIR. To clear the gun barrel?

      WHY shot him when he is already lying motionless on the ground?

  7. genting money halal kah? lim junior dare not say no to mahathir like his dad did.

    1. Taxation money is perfectly Halal.

      Over 1,000 years ago, Muslim empires already figured out the WIN-WIN solution for Dhimmis to live and survive in Islamic Caliphates without facing forced conversion or death.
      Dhimmis were subjected to stiff additional taxes on their income, properties and family.

    2. Malaysia has been taxing gambling, alcohol and tobacco since Day 1. Muslims and non-Muslims enjoy benefits from these taxes ex BR1M etc. Why is Genting buying the yacht any different?

    3. This blurred demoncratic wagging dog has consistently proven his rd ability on issues he ONLY understood as superficial textbook cases.

      So, saihe lah, to enlighten him further.

      It's fascicle to watch a dancing dog NOT knowingly showing it's two left foot!

    4. tax understood. what abt proceed from a casino fund? n i am curious y genting want a party yacht that could have permeated with jho low sperm n miranda kerr fluid.

    5. Tax money goes into the govt consolidated fund.

      Similarly, proceed from a casino fund goes into the govt consolidated fund.

      This fund pays for the govt expenses!

      Mfer, r u jealous that u can't even touch the outer hull of the equanimity to worry about what's permeated within the bedsheets!

    6. not jealous, just saddened to see genting suck the blood money from mostly the poor to buy sperm n fluid. n see how lge will make use of the casino fund to improve the allocation of mara n religious school while reduce tarc one, interesting isn't?

    7. U got better solution to please yr zombieic sekawan?

      Ain't u the one that kept chanting about demoncratic principles for the 'down&trodden' as claimed by the ketuanan freaks.

      Where's THAT political reality of yr triple standards of wagging doggie political reality?

    8. Here's another one for u to blame the dapsters!

      Lembaga Tabung Haji will be legally capable to pay dividends to its depositors for 2018 following a recent turnaround plan.

      What turnaround plan BUT an accounting acrobat to please the zombies & the blue fairings, after majority of the monies (last count RM4B) have been squandered away by u-know-whos THAT these mfers still refuse to acknowledge!

      The lim junior has to squeeze more money out from somewhere to patch this hole.

      Yet, u still die2 want to cari pasal with the lims for stepping on the tail of yr pet cat!

      Spend time to preach to yr blurred sekawan about berdikari & the coming hard time. Tongkat juice will be scarce & hard to come by.

      Telling them that the Nons r doing unnecessary national services to prop them up.

      When r they going to grow up?

      Ain't these better than yr irrational & moronic personal vendettas?

    9. I have long given up countering 'mkers' who just couldn't get over their irrational personal vendettas....too tiring and getting nowhere with these 'mkers', wakakaka. But do carry on, CK ! Looks like you are the only one capable to put them in their places, but judging from their frenetic petty zeal not diminishing even an iota, but instead fanning them to greater moronic height, this is an exercise of saihe la

    10. It's saihe, indeed.

      But I play with them to amuse myself during breaks from works.

      Besides, it's a real fascicle to read about regurgitated diatribes of first-past-the-mouth, irrational farts & smartalecky know-nothing chanting about superficial understandings!

      It reminds me that I'm living in a real world despite of my chosen isolation!

    11. u 2 continue with yr sadomasochism on each other, i like it aha aha.

    12. Wa lau-eh!

      Doggie knows bombastic word!

      Perhaps, AGAIN, superficially lah.

      Sama2, like its favourite 扣帽子 habit.


    "Hidup Najib"...

    You should be back here to give Dearest An Jib Got moral support in these trying times..

    1. Who knows, Ah Moc could already be among the crowd, hehehe. After all, nobody knows what he looks like, so stubborn he is not wanting to reveal his identity in spite of vigorous consistent untiring demands by poor Looes, wakakaka