Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Different pathways to universities since 1981

FMT - Make level playing field for matriculation, STPM, says bosses’ group (extracts)

MEF says all students should go through the same level of examination to enter university

PETALING JAYA: An employers’ group today urged the government to synchronise the matriculation programme, the Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) examination, and pre-university courses, saying the three should be of equal quality and completed within the same time frame.

Malaysian Employers Federation executive director Shamsuddin Bardan said it was not right for one of the pathways to be easier or shorter than the others.

“If the matriculation programme can be completed in one year, the government should review STPM and see if it can be completed within the same time frame,” he told FMT.

Shamsuddin Bardan

So, why are Malays having difficulties getting hired?

While admitting that some companies do openly make hiring decisions based on race, Shamsuddin said that most don't do that.

Shamsuddin Bardan pins the blame on poor English language proficiency and the reluctance to actually converse in the global language.

Being the language of commerce, it is crucial to have a good grasp of the language to survive in the globalised world and economy.

"Businessmen are out to make money, they just want someone who can do the job, regardless of their race or religion," added Shamsuddin, as reported by Free Malaysia Today yesterday, 24 August

On comments by academic Teo Kok Seong of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia who said the matriculation programme and pre-university courses are much easier than STPM, Shamsuddin said this should not be the case.

He said the government could continue with different pathways to universities, but the quality of examinations should not be compromised.

“If the government wants to give equal opportunities to all, it needs to re-look the whole policy, not let one course be easier or shorter than the others.”

The end result, he said, should be that all students go through the same level of examination to enter university.

From an employer’s point of view, Shamsuddin added, all three pathways have their strengths and weaknesses.

“What we want are competent graduates,” said Shamsuddin who previously attributed the low employment rate of local graduates to a lack of communication and critical thinking skills.

“For that, we also need to look at courses and the way students are being taught in universities,” he said, urging the government to consider ways to produce graduates with these skills.

Kaytee's observation: No way Maddy will ever accept Shamsuddin Bardan's recommendations, when he (Maddy) was the cause of the 'uneven' road since 1981


  1. lge n ck might ask what is stpm. australia n new zealand got stpm one meh.

    1. Bad bad dog! Wagging the tail won't do the trick now.

      Just another famed one-liner of inconsequential fart!

      What's wrong with stpm?

      Do u honestly know WHY there is a form six before university entrance in bolihland? Hence stpm.

      From this fart, very obviously u have zilch idea when stpm had helped to sieve many aced achievers in the past to greater height all-over the world.

      Compared that with the current lalang factory of matriculation for the weaklings, that u ALSO want to masuk!
      Ooop… perhaps saving one yr to save yr educational expenditure.

      What so special about Oz & Godzone education when they have to learn from the RedDot about teaching maths & science.

      What about yr favorite Formosa's exam prerequisite before entering uni? SPM with him credit? 高三统考?

      R they better than 高考?

      Ooop… high performance student of yr f*cked Formosa used to only have eyes for USofA. Now they r rushing back to 北大,清华!

      The question u should ask isn't stpm BYT the quality of the exam!

    2. if stpm that great, y ph govt dun do away matriculation? the dap deputy education minister sleeping on her job kah? uec bila mahu recognised? from promise of instant to six months to now 5 years? when dap quit ph?

    3. U SHOULD tembak all yr vernacular educational farts to yr ketuanan morons.

      Let him enlighten u with anak kecil main api!

  2. Another of Toonsie's 20th century idea that will not work in the 21st century. Mass production of university entrants.

    Matriculation is a re-hash of SPM subjects really, those who did so-so were basically given one year tuition to re-learn what they should have learnt on Form 5. So what did we get?

    Garbage in garbage out.

    Toonsie wanted the Education Minister job as well as PM, but because his Bersatu party won only 13 seats he had to kowtow to PKR and DAP. Hooray...New Malaysia.

    Then Toonsie appoints not-too-bright-but-ever-so-loyal Maszlee as Education Minister who jumped right into the job but at the wrong end - shoes and socks, instead of the brain.

    Time to go....tick tock tick tock....

  3. Does it really matter whichever route is taken by students to enter universities nowadays and later joining the workhorse to be hired by employers?

    There are pluses and minus for those who take the alternative route to enter universities instead of the traditional way of STPM or A-Levels.

    What's the point of mass production of unqualified graduates if they can't find jobs or are ill fitted to any organisation looking for more highly skilled workers or are unable to compete to seek opportunities elsewhere in the world.

    Those who craft education policies and most of all the Minister of Education should never be politicians because they just can't see the purpose or objective of education in order for it's citizens to be competent and seek opportunities all over the world.

  4. Najib must be grinning from ear to ear.

    For 9 out the 10 years he was in office, the 90% Bumi quota was in place , yet he never took the heat from the people who are currently screaming at PH that Pribumi sapu-ed 90% of places for the Bumi ethnic constituency.

    Only in the final year March 2014, 2 months before GE14, the Najib Administration bumped up the Metrikulasi places for Nons in a 1-off pre-General Election Stunt.

  5. There is this story about HOW to wipe out a civilisation!

    This conspiracy makes use of the sure-win effect of 'averaging to doom' psychological theory.

    The theory explains that for a blurred civilisation, the quickest way to eliminate the society is to play numerical game in an issue that this society is so dying to achieve.

    In the educational field the melayu have been dying to prove 'something'.

    Along the way some smartalecky hp6 proposed quantity over quality approach - so called umbrella effect.

    Get more dumbs & mediocres into any professions, by whatsoever means - shortcut quotas, distorted academic Gaussian bell curve. Then, the superficial achievements of these pioneers will eventually inspire more aces, now due to better physical surroundings & inspiring idols, to be produced.

    There r two groups of melayu schooling kids. Group-A is diligent, work hard & perhaps a little bit smart. Group-B is just the normal display of the me-layu attitude towards life.

    During exams, Gp-A always comes top while Gp-B gives thousands & one reasons for failing. The trend isn't looking good, especially when the failing portion constitutes >90% of the combined Gp-A&B.

    To activate the umbrella effect, the passing mark bell curve has to be adjusted leftwards.

    Wallah, there r now more students been passed despite the sudden drop in academic quality. The actual deteriorated scores CAN be OSA-ed. Nobody needs to know!

    Gp-B is elevated in spirit. Me-layu tiap2 hari pun bolih pas. Memang hebat!

    Gp-A isn't happy as why study so hard until no day&night. Must follow the same antics of Gp-B. So much senang!

    In the next exam, the godfathers discover a new horror. In order to pass more students to show better improvement, the passing mark bell curve needs to be more leftward skewed. So much so, there isn't any resemblance of the bell anymore.

    These hp6 forget that human being r very good at taking advantages. If one can does a day's work by lepaking 50% of the time then why sweat 100% just to finish the same job. Sama gaji mah, tak payah buat lebih!

    Eventually u reach the stage where superficially u have a whole group of 'achievers' with zero quality.

    Thus, the lalang academics, incompetent specialists, undertabling corporate heads, inefficient&ineffective civil servants etc etc.

    That's the theme of the averaging to doom theory.

    Mamak knows this very well - as he was one of those umbrella effect promoters in corporate endeavours during his heyday.

    But, that 'averaging' habit has been nurtured so deeply & take to heart by the general melayu, reversal WILL never comes to life.