Monday, April 01, 2019

Pakatan disadvantaging own supporters

From Star Online:

Dr Wee Ka Siong (MCA) said that when Dr Mahathir became the Prime Minister, he (Mahathir) announced RM100,000 allocation for all Opposition lawmakers.

Dr Wee said that now, Pakatan lawmakers are given RM1.5mil and an additional RM300,000 for their service centres, but there is nothing given to Opposition lawmakers.

Dr Wee lamented: "Who cancelled that (earlier) announcement, not even one cent was given to us."

In GE14 no one won 100% of the polls, unless you want to argue Mohd Hasan did so in Rantau, wakakaka.

Even Teresa Kok who normally wins the largest majority on record for years, cannot claim to have secured 100% of the votes in her constituency.

Thus, in every constituency there are supporters of both Pakatan and BN. Those Pakatan supporters in BN-held constituencies have been disadvantaged by their very own parties just because the leaders want to fix the Opposition MPs and ADUNs up by denying these representatives financial allocations.

But this unfair practice has been a bad policy started by Mahathir when he was PM in 1981 to 2003. Looks like he's continuing his bad nasty practice of deliberately disadvantaging Opposition representatives even at the cost of disadvantaging Pakatan's supporters in those BN-held constituencies. But they deserve it for supporting such a nasty old man.

He has also fCk-ed Pakatan leaders in so many other areas with his old UMNO ways, in PAC, OSA, reform laws and procedures, attempting to hold Education Ministry post, and now financial allocations for representatives, all against Pakatan manifesto or promises.

Let's face it, the old fox is still an UMNO man.


  1. We must use the same logic against the first past the post (FPTP) system and instead use the proportional representation system where the number of parliament seats of each party is adjusted to be roughly equal to the number of raw votes (nationally). Otherwise all the losing votes in each constituency can be thrown into the bin.

    I am a little sad the Election Commission hasn’t said anything about making this reform. Another reform is to make it easier for the hundreds of thousands of Malaysians living overseas to vote.


    Back when Wee Ka Siong was in the Then Ruling Party, he actually took advantage of the BN policy by using it to highlight that "only BN can help DAP-held constituencies" by using other channels to send funds to Chinese schools to gain "merits'.

    1. the point is those DAP-held constituencies received allocation, maybe via MCA but that didn't matter because they still voted DAP


      as a closer, When tabling the 2018 Budget in October, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced a RM65mil allocation to develop the villages around the country. Another RM10mil was set aside for home repairs.

      what will those villagers get under Mahathir who doesn't like Opposition held constituencies even though there may be Pakatan supporters in them?

    2. You are trying to confuse MP constituency discretionary funds with the Federal Government development budget. The two are separate matters.
      No district in Malaysia is denied development funds, though there are allocation priorities, just as with any other government in the world.

      As for MP discretionary funds, so , now the ball is with the other side. I wish there was enough money to go around for everyone...but times are hard. Tough Luck.

      Wee Ka Siong played opportunist then, him complaining now is just hypocrisy.

    3. can agree wks is a useless piece of shit. is ph any diff?

    4. HY.. can help arrange for me to have dinner with Teresa Kok? I have a lot of things to tell which will be of interest to her. Kau jangan wakaka.. aku serius nie kawan.

  3. For 61 years, voters who voted opposition instead of the BN regime were disadvantaged solely because their MPs were from the opposition and did not receive allocations to improve their constituencies. They all sufferred for a long 61 years.

    It's hardly 1 year with a new previously opposition coalition and now you have a cry baby MP from BN extolling the unfairness.

    It's all part of politics by parties "You reap what you sow" or a Tit for Tat".

    However, such a Vendetta should cease when all the illegal gotten gains due to theft, corruption, wastages etc by those MPs and their supporters are sent to Jail and recovered fully. It's also seems right to all those constituents who close an eye and continuously voted in their crooked leaders as MPs and State Assemblyman for a long long 61 years.

    By right after 61 years of crooked MPs accumulating all the illgotten wealth thru politics should redeem themselves if they have bertaubat/turn over a new leaf by financing their constituencies if they are still MPs. The constituents being part of this crooked game should go back to their MPs and demand for allocations to improve their livelyhood and any new development.

    It's so shameful knowing full well all that what happened before for 61 years to now behave like a right minded politician.

    Who is he/she trying to fool again with all these political hogwash news?

    1. the compaint is not so much about deliberate denial (though there is that too) but an observation of yet another Pakatan's failed promise to be "fair" to the Opposition, as if Mahathir recognises such a word/concept as shown in the PAC Boss position

    2. For 61 long years, these arrogant entitled fat cats are blind and deaf to the sufferings of the-then PR supporters, and the word 'fairness' was never in their vocabulary. Now suddenly, when they are sitting on the Opposition bench, they bitched bitterly about the lack of fairness, as though now they know the meaning of the word 'fairness'...... likewise they now are 'awaken' to new understanding of words like integrity, honesty, fulfilling promises and manifesto, non racial, inclusive....wakakakaka.

  4. Wakakakakaka…

    Wordsmith trying to skin a dead cat!

    "But this unfair practice has been a bad policy started by Mahathir when he was PM in 1981 to 2003."

    Using yr twisted logic, ain't the Nons have been royally screwed kau2, when the special position of the melayu & what's not r been worded into the FedConstitution?

    Does that happened during mamak's time? Or earlier?

    Malaya/M'sia is not 100% melayu inhabited!

    Lagi teruk, was/is the fact that supporters of the bn govt r given the short change if they come from the Nons!

    Those Nons supporters in BN-led govt have been disadvantaged by their very own parties just because the leaders want to positively discriminate the Nons by denying their constitutional rights.

    Fair play, errhh…

    Still mamak's yr punching bag, comes frictions &/or facts!