Friday, April 19, 2019

'Deep State' so deep it's full of nonsense

Sun Daily - Military coup impossible in Malaysia: Analysts:

National Patriot Association president Brig-Jen (Rtd) Datuk Mohamed Arshad Raji 

PETALING JAYA: Any fear of a military coup in Malaysia is unwarranted.

According to several analysts theSun spoke to yesterday, the conditions in Malaysia were unlikely to trigger an armed takeover of the government.

They were responding to a warning from Federal Territories Minister Khalid Samad to the government to “tread carefully” on issues pertaining to the Malay community to mitigate the potential of a coup d’etat.

Khalid Samad 

National Patriot Association president Brig-Jen (Rtd) Datuk Mohamed Arshad Raji said such a move would require the support of the whole country, including the security forces, which was unlikely to happen.

Political analyst Prof Dr Mohd Azizuddin Mohd Sani pointed out that several conditions must be met before the armed forces would rise against the government.

Firstly, the military must have a history of involvement in politics.

“However, we do not have a tradition where the military will interfere in political matters.”

Secondly, he said, the middle class – comprising 53% of Malaysians – made up the majority of the population.

“Those in the middle class have their own problems, like taking care of their daily needs, while the rich would want economic stability.

“These are the people who do not want chaos in the country.”

Public policy analyst Dr Lim Teck Ghee said the Malaysian military had always been above politics and its leaders – past and present – had never shown any political ambitions.

Dr Lim Teck Ghee

Political analyst Prof James Chin said like the British, the Malaysian armed forces had a tradition of staying out of politics.

About two weeks ago I posted Government, stop scaring Malaysians with coup d'etat ogre in which I penned:

I have to say I'm shocked Minister Khalid dares to say that a coup d'etat is possible ...

Yes, Malaysia has practised democracy, warts and all, since its birth in 1957 (and a bit earlier on a pilot plan, where UMNO and MCA, joined subsequently by MIC, won convincing victories in local and state elections in both Malay and Chinese areas between 1952 and 1955).

When a man like Khalid Samad, MP for Shah Alam, talked about the possibility of a coup d'etat taking place in Malaysia to overthrow the Pakatan Harapan-elected government just because Malaysia's Malay population (at 70%), and the security service (police and military) also fundamentally Malay-based institutions, feel they as an ethnic group may be in danger, hasn't he (YB Khalid Samad) been talking cock and contradicting himself?

How can the majority of the population (70% of one race) with the police and military, virtually 97% of the same race (all armed to the teeth) feel threatened in their own country? And by whom?

Nations do not descend into undemocratic coup d'etat at their people's whims and fancies so don't talk cock by drawing in example of uni-ethnic undemocratic Egypt.

Malaya and then Malaysia has never been like Egypt. Our politics have been grown from the Westminster model and nurtured as such, yes, even with warts and all. Nations such as ours, eg. NZ, Australia, India, even Sing, do not abandon democracy so easily.

Leaving out the former communist countries like Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia (Indochina), just look around the region, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar and tell me whether we have ever suffered any military coup d'etat as they had/have?


Because our nation, Malaya then Malaysia, has been brought up properly, first by the Brits and then by our founding fathers and early leaders. Like the great democracy India, our leaders have only suspended Parliament once, and only temporarily, in May 1969. Parliament and democracy were resumed about a year later (16 months), on 22 September 1970

I did concede that the only leader who went slightly to the edge of dictatorship, who mangled the Senate, Judiciary, Constitution, and various public institutions, etc etc etc, has been Mahathir, who again is the present PM, but even he (1981 to 2003) dared not go the full hog.

And the fact that he is once again the PM proves there has been democracy at work in Malaysia, always.

The fact that once-opposition Pakatan is now the ruling party proves there has been democracy at work in Malaysia, always.

I lamented that Khalid (and before him, Saifuddin 
Abdullah) should NOT frighten the public as if they (the public) were little kids, with the ogre of a 'deep state'.

bullshit 'deep state' in Malaysia

Well, National Patriot Association president Brig-Jen (Rtd) Datuk Mohamed Arshad Raji, political analyst Prof Dr Mohd Azizuddin Mohd Sani and public policy analyst Dr Lim Teck Ghee have all said 'Kerbau lah' to that implausible 'deep state'. They represent a good cross-section of socio-military-political expertise and know what they are talking about.

I add on the views of two well-known writers (including letters to Malaysiakini and other media) as follows:

Kim Quek: Correction, Khalid. Malays make up 50.8 percent of the Malaysian population as of 2015, and not 70 percent as claimed.

Secondly, your analogy of the Egyptian coup after Arab Spring is false. This is because Egypt has a tradition of continuous dictatorship by military generals ever since the toppling of its last king in 1952.

In contrast, the military in Malaysia has been completely non-political since Merdeka, true to the British parliamentary tradition.

So, don’t cook up a cock-and-bull story to justify the Harapan government’s shameful retreat from the noble Rome Statute in the face of opposition on irrational and nonsensical grounds.

David Dass: Khalid's statement must be understood correctly. Yes, he was wrong about the Malays being 70 percent of the population. But he was not wrong about the army and police being 'fundamentally Malay institutions'.

His statement that a coup was a possibility if Malays perceived their rights to be in danger should not be interpreted as a threat. It was, nevertheless, a statement that should not have been made.

We are not like Egypt. We are a democracy. We are a constitutional monarchy. Civilians rule this country. And the military has always served the government. All are sworn to uphold the Constitution. It is important that we keep things that way.

The idea of possible military coups or interventions should not enter our discourse. If there are issues concerning the Rome Statute, they should be addressed.

The government has decided to withdraw accession to the treaty. Many are unhappy with what appears to be a U-turn made because of unreasonable objections.

But because the objections came from the rulers, the government had no choice but to withdraw from the treaty. It is embarrassing for us.

The positions of the Malay rulers, Malay rights and Islam were never an issue. No Malaysian, whether Malay or non-Malay, is going to push for something that is going to be detrimental to the Malay rulers, Malay rights or Islam. Indeed, our constitutional position remains as it is.

The Pakatan government should stop tokking-kok in using a BS 'deep state' to explain away why they belakang pusing from signing ICERD, Rome Statute etc, while now re-instituting car construction, F1 racing, quarrelling with Sing, and the other former 'obsessions' of one dictator.

Pakatan should also explain, or at least admit, why it is now adopting and embracing (though rebranding to fool the public) much-criticised Najib's policies such as Bandar Malaysia, ECRL, Permata, BR1M, etc.

Bandar Malaysia 

Don't be embarrassed if Pakatan wants to re-institute the GST (pehaps under the new name of VAT), wakakaka.

Memang Pakatan ta'ada idea lah.


  1. Must a coup always be by the armed forces? Must it always be violent or by military might? What if the 9 rulers ganged up and did what Johor did recently. Refuse to play their role as constitutional monarchs, signing off on laws that parliament and assemblies have passed, sacked their MBs etc. The whole country would be paralysed without a single shot being fired.

    Remember they are also heads of Islam in their respective states so the majority of citizens are supposedly loyal and subservient to them. Who will they side - the elected government or the Sultans?

    1. Wakakakaka…

      When have u peopke been started to play god?

      What so special about Kim Quek & David Dass's f*cked deductions? These morons would most likely saying the same impossibility of 513 racial tradegy happening in m'sia.

      Yet it did!

      So what say u, National Patriot Association president Brig-Jen (Rtd) Datuk Mohamed Arshad Raji?

      Did u see the coming of 513 when u r on call of duty at that period?

      Never happened before DOESN'T imply it won't happen. Especially against a backdrop of a bunch of amokish blur-sotongs getting irrationally agitated by feeding on the lies threateNing their alifbata!

    2. ah, sound exactly like lks, used to said not possible another 513, now say possible. he oso god, u r his god son.

    3. Mfer, show proofs for what u claimed that I had said.

      Born loser ALWAYS plays with one-liner fart, to avoid been discovered his shallowness.

      Lim father&son have blogs of their own. Why don't u go there to vent yr never-ending rage about yr pet cat been stepped on by them?

      No teloq ke?

  2. Toonsie would be left with Penang, FT, Melaka, Sabah and Sarawak..

    New Malaysia......ha ha....

  3. A coup of sorts was by Mahatma Gandhi. No violence, just simple no cooperation, that was enough to bring down the British Raj.

  4. On the Bandar Malaysia “revival” or supposed U-Turn, don’t jump the gun.

    It may be another multi-billion ringgit savings, we get much more for paying much less, like the ECRL Red File. Be patient, wait for the details.

  5. It would be like Brunei Darulssalam, the Sultan is also Yang Di-Pertua and the Prime Minister. Why not?

    1. 9 agong n 9 pm wakaka?

    2. 1 Majlis Raja Raja; 1 Agong; 1 PM (Raja); and 9 MB (All Raja). Should be alright. We should give it a go. Wakakaka?

    3. A step closer to failed state lah!

    4. It depends.. but certainly not in the eyes of Malays/Islam.

    5. DON'T count all Malays/Islam belonging to yr camp lah!

      Ada standard sikit lah.

      But if u have said "in the eyes of ketuanan freaks/zombies", then I'll buy it!

      Leave the blur-sotongs out of this, as the 'trained' subservients DON'T count. They have no eyes but meme-ed instinct.

    6. You should use Rantau as your benchmark.

    7. So, now u want to drag in the abang-adik of the nusantara!


      Yr do claimed abang-adik across the list have long removing their royalties to the dustbin of history!

      U buat tak tau ke?

      So where rantau, again?

      Zombie hives under the trees of the east coast mecca stripe where the elites swing from trees to trees while the subservients just listen & don't question while watching/sitting under the trees lah!

  6. For the record it was Jibby who cancelled the Bandar Malaysia project in May 2017 involving CREC and Iskandar Waterfront. He is now trying to take credit for a project he himself rejected.

    Pakatan should also explain, or at least admit, why it is now adopting and embracing (though rebranding to fool the public) much-criticised Najib's policies such as Bandar Malaysia,

  7. Malaysians should have no issue with Harapan re-instating GST, sometime around GE16 or 17, when Malaysia is amongst the top 10 countries for low corruption as per the Transparency Index and we are finally considered a developed country by median income.

    We reject GST not because it is a bad tax but because of a bad BN government implementing it. They tax the poor and the money is used to fund corruption.

    At the moment GST money collected is skimmed off elsewere, that is why Guanee has to re-imburse billions of un-returned taxes collected by Jibby. This money will come from Petronas' 30 billion special dividend in 2019 as per the budget.

    Don't be embarrassed if Pakatan wants to re-institute the GST

    1. msia will hv no problem to revert to najibnomics wakaka.

  8. Read carefully what was and was NOT said by PH leaders.

    No military coup d'etat was mentioned.

    A coup d'etat , strictly defined as the overthrow of an existing governmen via illegal, unconstitutional seizure of power.... is definitely possible, especially if it has the support of Royals, either fully intentional or misguided.

    1. what if the royal change the pm, n pick another one from ph, n with majority lawmakers (include umno n pas) support, is that a coup?

      i think our consti something not very right.

    2. Wakakakakaka…

      Pot calling kettle black!

      "the royal change the pm"!!!

      By whose authority & interpretations of the FedConst?

      Oooop… those 4 lalang public universities lecturers who advised the Malay rulers on the International Criminal Court (ICC) treaty.

      Yr ketuanan/zombie pals. Right?

      Like them, yr understanding of the consti something not very bright lah!

  9. The reconstitution of the ECRL with reduced cost, rerouting not tunnelling the Klang Gates Quartz Ridge, and risk sharing the future raiway operation with the China company is very well-explained from what I see.

    Cancelling the project outright would have involved Billions in compensation payments, with nothing to show.

    Breaking the ECRL contract by refusing compensation on the grounds of a corrupt deal would have been Stupid, given the company involved is China China Government-backed.

  10. "the only leader who went slightly to the edge of dictatorship"

    The last few days SRC trial of Najib has exposed just how badly mangled law enforcement became under dictator Najib.

    All the facts pointing to corruption were already unearthed by officers in 2014/2015.

    Yet law enforcement was completely suppressed. It took a change of government to get Najib put in trial.

  11. "Deep State" meaning "a body of people, typically influential members of government agencies or the military, believed to be involved in the secret manipulation or control of government policy."

    "Coup D'etat" meaning "another term for coup. Sinonim: seizure of power, coup, overthrow, takeover, ousting, deposition, regime change

    Considered as Ignoramus comments:

    Quote - "Deep State' so deep it's full of nonsense"

    Quote - "Sun Daily - Military coup impossible in Malaysia: Analysts"

    Quote - "I have to say I'm shocked Minister Khalid dares to say that a coup d'etat is possible ..."

    Quote - "In contrast, the military in Malaysia has been completely non-political since Merdeka, true to the British parliamentary tradition."

    Quote - "Civilians rule this country. And the military has always served the government. All are sworn to uphold the Constitution."

    So, are we into the subject of Politiking or discussing about Ignoramus comments and statements?

    Politiking by making your opponents look like Ogres, Illuminatis, Communists, Infidels etc is now mixed up with Ignoramus statements, comments and opinions.

    The real Questions for Malaysians are:

    1. Does a Deep State exists?

    2. Were there previous examples of attempts or motives in planning a Coup D'e Tat whether at Federal or State Level Govts. elected, whether camouflage by democratic principles or by force?

    How this for a Quote to Ignoramus - ""Deep State" actors/players/supporters are always/almost never seen until a real "Coup d'e Tat" happens. By then, it's always too late."


    1. absolutely, remember that secretive Intel lady who looks perpetually in a deep state herself but who was caught with millions to operate her clandestine operation who requested the US 'deep state' counterparts for help in the last election, the remnants of which I'm afraid could still be taking instructions

  12. The existence of Deep State operators in Malaysia has been very clearly exposed by the disclosures of the last few weeks.

    Suhakam's conclusion that Amril and Pastor Koh's abduction was conducted by professional police. Subsequent deliberate inactivity in Police to find the the victims was clear.

    The Wang Kelian RCI where working-level police officers testified they were ORDERED by superiors not to dig any deeper into the case.

    Yes, there is a Deep State operating beyond the Law in Malaysia.

    The PH GOVERNMENT is particularly vulnerable, because it has pledged to restore the Rule of Law destroyed by Najis.

    Mainly foolish Ostriches burying their head in the sand or BN-UMNO-PAS-MCA operatives continue to deny the facts.

    1. wakakaka, what sheer utter BS, grasping desperately at straws to support Khalid Ibrahim's allegations of a "deep state".

      Rebegade policemen do NOT translate into a "deep state" - these renegades exist everywhere, even in Australia, USA and Britain

    2. What utter Bullshit.

      When it takes a change of government in Putrajaya to get an investigation reconstituted, when it takes an RCI to get the suppression of the original investigation exposed, that is not the work of a few "renegade policemen".

      It points to an entire network operating beyond the Law, and protected from legal sanctions by powerful people.

      In South America, where that is rife, it is known as the Deep State.

    3. are we in South America? And you know better than national Patriot Association president Brig-Jen (Rtd) Datuk Mohamed Arshad Raji, political analyst Prof Dr Mohd Azizuddin Mohd Sani and public policy analyst Dr Lim Teck Ghee??

    4. I see what I see from the evidence.
      By the way Patriot's Arshad Sarji has been silent as a Graveyard on Amri and Pastor Koh's abduction and also on Wang Kelian.
      Pretend dunno?

  13. Hidup Tiongkok!
    There, the only State is the Deep State. Problem solved.

    Malaysia should follow suit.

    Penang will be the new East Turkestan.

    Except no more pork rather than no more puasa.

  14. For all those Ignoramus commenters and half baked political analysts.

    Wikipedia sums it all nicely as what is a Deep State and the players/actors/supporters. An example:

    Quote - "In the United States, the term "deep state" is used in political messaging to describe the theory that there is "a hybrid association of elements of government and parts of top-level finance and industry that is effectively able to govern the United States without reference to the consent of the governed as expressed through the formal political process".

    Now, that summary in Wikipedia must take into account that the USA is a highly developed, civilised and homogenous democratic society where the Law and it's Constitutional rights is highly cherished/upheld and valued by it's citizens.

    So, in Malaysia, with more pronounce elements of racism, religious bigotry, feudalism/royalty, ketuanan, political parties beliefs and haters of other cultures, languages, colours, practices, diet and civilisations not belonging to one's tribes/groups/community the Deep State operatives are many times more varied and multiplied. Some Deep State operatives converged and some remain independent in actions depending on the main agenda and whether they can muster enough power/support independently or together to do a Coup d'e Tat.

    Are the Deep State operatives in Malaysia Real or a Figment of Imagination?


  15. Who r the people of that "new East Turkestan"?


    & Xinjiang used to be East Turkestan?

    1st, Uyghurs r more culturally closely related to the shia Iranians than the sunni Turks. Though majority of them confessing in Sunni practices. (Brain twister for zombie, why Uyghur don't call Allah as their supreme being?)

    2nd, Xinjiang has many ethnic groups with Uyghurs at a 45‰, Han at 40‰.

    3rd, the Han and Hui Chinese mostly live in northern Xinjiang Dzungaria, and are separated from areas of historical Uyghur dominance south of the Tian Shan mountains (southwestern Xinjiang), where Uyghurs account for about 90% of the population.

    So r yr Uyghur grandmother stories told to u by yr zombie elites sitting on top of the tree. U people just swallow & don't question!

  16. Malaysia may soon be Zhōngguó South.... may be not too bad to share in China's fast growing economy.
    Malaysia has one of the largest Chinese-speaking populations in the world outside of China. China visitors feel very at ease here, especially in the urban areas.

  17. Here is the explanation on Bandar Malaysia, why Harapan can implement this project that Jibby cancelled in 2017, and now he wants credit for.....

    Open tender process for Bandar Malaysia, says Azmin

    Chan Kok Leong

    Published on 20 Apr 2019 7:30PM

    “The cabinet has agreed that the project should be done via the open tender process. We have been told that the previous government had terminated the original agreement because some quarters had wanted ‘illegal compensation,” the Economic Affairs Minister told reporters at an event in Felda Palong in Negri Sembilan today.

  18. The most powerful Deep State structure in Malaysia is probably YAS. Their tentacles are everywhere and their operational arm, the Tiga Line, you don't want to tangle with them.
    The Police cannot and will not help you.

  19. New tender, transparent, no public funds.....I’m Lovin’ It....!!

    Jibby cancelled this project in May 2017, because someone refused to pay the duit kopi, so he decided to give it to China’s Wanda instead, but the Chinese government imposed a clampdown on money flows. Now Jibby tak malu still want to take credit for the project.

    Economic Affairs Minister Mohamad Azmin Ali has said the revived Bandar Malaysia project will not receive allocations from the government and will be driven by the private sector.

    “This project is not only a commercial and residential property development, but it is a strategic development that can attract investors from overseas multinational companies especially in the financial sector.

    "We want to make Malaysia a financial hub again in the region," he told reporters after reviewing Felda's new generation housing project at Palong 8 in Jempol, Negeri Sembilan today.

    “We believe in the principle that it must be done with open tenders where we can obtain information and that was among the reasons why the old administration terminated the original agreement on the basis of consideration for illegal remuneration,” he said.

    Yesterday, Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad announced that the government would resume the Bandar Malaysia project with a gross development value of RM140 billion after it was suddenly stopped in May 2017.

    1. "Memang Pakatan ta'ada idea lah" -Ah Mok

      Najib (and his sidekick Ah Mok) dishonestly claimed Pakatan is simply copying his ideas.

      Untrue !
      A previously corrupt and opaque deal has been reconstituted under far more transparent and equitable terms.

    2. aiyoyo, trying so hard to earn his dedak, wakakaka

    3. Ah Mok wildly resorting to dishonesty in his effort to earn Aussie Dollar dedak, lashes out an critics.

    4. aiyoyo, Monsterball, what a KPI chaser, wakakaka

  20. Even more explanation....Syabas Harapan.... lagi best....better than the old dacing.....houses for the B40. Bandar Malaysia not only for the rich and famous.....I’m Lovin’ It...!!!

    Harapan is not reviving the old Bandar Malaysia, they are making it 10 times better, and there is no HSR to SGP confirmed yet for CREC or IWF. So no corruption there.

    Enough explanation...?

    PETALING JAYA (April 20): Housing and Local Government (KPKT) Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin praised the doubling of affordable housing under the revived Bandar Malaysia project, reports Malaysiakini.
    The announcement about the Bandar Malaysia revival by Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad yesterday was that the former air force base in Sungai Besi being developed into Bandar Malaysia would be reinstated, with some alterations to the initial plans. A total of 10,000 units of affordable homes will be required to be built, double the initial number which was 5,000.
    "The government's decision to have 10,000 units of affordable homes in Bandar Malaysia is a very good move, considering that the real estate at the location is of high value," Zuraida was quoted saying.