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Penumpang adalah seseorang yang hanya menumpang, baik itu pesawat, kereta api, bus, maupun jenis transportasi lainnya, tetapi tidak termasuk awak mengoperasikan dan melayani wahana tersebut.

Passenger - a person who is traveling in an automobile, bus, train, airplane, or other conveyance, especially one who is not the driver, pilot, or the like.

A 'penumpang' or 'passenger' in the cabinet means a 'minister who is not contributing meaningfully or significantly to the operations-administration of the cabinet' in governing the nation.

(someone like, in my personal opinion, Wan Azizah, Maszlee, Redzuan, Rina Harun, wakakaka)

The word 'passenger' (penumpang) means exactly that, a person who sits quietly like a non-operator, a penumpang so to speak, while the vehicle (wahana) of government chugs along. A leg-shaker whilst others are striving.

There is no racial connotation in this word as historical use of it is known.

In MM Online's Tok Mat says ‘penumpang’ remark directed at weak ministers, not just non-Malays (extracts follow)

KUALA LUMPUR, April 3 — Umno acting president Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan today asserted that his “penumpang” (squatter) remark was not aimed at non-Malay ministers in the Cabinet.

He said in a Malaysiakini report that he was referring to ministers in the current Cabinet who were not living up to expectations, while blaming Pakatan Harapan (PH) for intentionally smearing his name by misinterpreting his words.

“The ‘penumpang’ I meant were the non-performers in Mahathir’s Cabinet, but it was deliberately misunderstood by Harapan, who claimed I used the word against non-Malay ministers,” said Mohamad said in the news portal’s report.

“I’m sorry to see Mahathir as prime minister. He’s 93 years old, but still has to work hard, because his Cabinet does not deliver,” he added.

I deplore visitor Monsterball's racist attempt to input a racist meaning to it. Detestable even for a dedak makan-er. P'tui Pariah, Podah.


  1. Wakakakakakaka

    Penumpang literal meaning as above is correct.

    But in politics, it can mean several things like substitution for Pendatang, Kaki Bodeks, Kaki Pemalas, Kaki Pak Turut, Kaki Cari Makan etc.

    Definitely does not mean Kaki Lang to Monsterball. Wakakakakakaka

    1. pendatang is pendatang - meaning is clear

      likewise with penumpang - sitting in an easy ride without making any effort, no race involved

  2. The real text of what Mat Hassan said.


    "This government is not looking out for Malays and Muslim rights. Right now the ‘big house’ is full of ‘penumpang’,” said Mohamad alluding to the many non-Malays as ministers in office."

    It is obvious he is using "Penumpang" to refer to the Nons, just like "Pendatang" previously used.

    The subsequent excuse was just damage control spin.

    And Ah Mok is just a UMNOPAS apologist.

    1. what a bullshitter.

      This government is not looking out for Malays and Muslim rights. Right now the ‘big house’ is full of ‘penumpang’” which meant those penumpang are useless and NOT working for Malay rights

      not working for Malay rights didn't mean they were non Malays - as Mat Sabu said, Malays in government were the biggest robbers, not non-Malays

      Shame on you

  3. Wakakakakaka Semantics, semantics, semantics. Some prefer to be like Kayu. (semantically speaking of course).

    Moyang Mat Hassan pun tumpang duduk kat Malaysia seperti lain-lain kaum Minangkabau yang berhijrah dari Indonesia mengikut sejarah.

    Semua yang tumpang/menumpang duduk di Malaysia dipanggil apa?

    Penumpang ke Pendatang?

    Since labelling others as Pendatang can be liable to be charged under the Sedition Act, a substitute like Penumpang is thus used semantically.

    Do you honestly believe Mat Hassan is inferring that the choice of the word Penumpang is all inclusive of all the Ministers of whatever race or religion when he is referring to the subject of "not looking out for Malays and Muslim rights"? So, why didn't he use the all inclusive Malaysians or everyone's rights?

    I am also not dumb nor stupid nor blind also to people speaking Semantics.

    And we have not yet even discuss about semantics in religion as spoken by religious bigots and racists eg Khufar, Kafir, Kafir harbi, khinzir, babi etc.

  4. The biggest penumpang is Toonsie himself. If he hands over the steering wheel to someone else the cabinet bus will make progress. At the moment it is stuck in a roundabout with no direction. Toonsie is trying very hard but his 20th century ideas won’t work in the 21st century.

  5. Wa lau-eh!

    Now u r going for the literature definition using yr wordsmith skill!

    That words 'penumpang' as uttered by that cheapskate Mat Hassan was racially tinted to please his audiences. Every cinabeng & his cat know it. & yet, now u come out gun blazing to defend him after he won the by-election!

    When has u become Mat Hassan's mind reader to know him meant otherwise?

    Tsk… tsk… 狗奴才 indeed!

  6. MM Online ..
    "Mohamad said that Malays are being made to feel uncomfortable and isolated in a country where Islam and Bahasa Melayu are the official language."

    Only an Ostrich deliberately burying their head in the sand, or a Dedak manager like Ah Mok would pretend Mat Hassan wasn't using Penumpang as referring to the Nons.

    Ptui... hope you choke on the Dedak.

  7. only hasan knows what he said and meant, those who hazard a guess on what he meant will look silly to him

    knowing umno malays they usually say one thing to mca and mic but something else to themselves and pas but they are all accustomed to it already but it leaves the rest of us like kt the chabor looking clever?

  8. I think the whole mess was because of directly translating an English-based usage of the word "passenger" in an organization to a Bahasa-based environment in a sensitive political situation.

    Those who heard 'penumpang' as 'passengers' just let the statement go, as it meant nothing much. Those who have not heard of the 'passenger' in an organization idiom, chose to translate it as 'penumpang' in the country, and chose to be triggered by it.

    Mat Hassan should have chosen his words better.

  9. Mat Hassan is practicing racial dog-whistle politics.

    "Dog-whistle politics is political messaging employing coded language that appears to mean one thing to the general population but has an additional, different, or more specific resonance for a targeted subgroup."

    Wordsmith Ah Moc is just being true to his dedak self....spinning madly like his botak sifu. Now a full time Umno supporter, dedak-addict Ah Moc is a rabid convert whose fanatic zeal can justify practically any atrocity to himself.