Tuesday, October 09, 2018

How Malaysians see Michelle Yeoh and Tony Fernandes

Yesterday I mentioned Michelle Yeoh and how she has been excoriated by Malaysian Hell-Hounds. I quoted from Malaysia-Today the following:

Michelle Yeoh with her father the late Yeoh Kian Teik

He was a former Chairman of MCA Perak

The Chinese supporters of Pakatan Harapan have launched a Michelle Yeoh hate-campaign, which they have called ‘Stay Angry with Michelle Yeoh’.

These people are angry with Michelle Yeoh because she supported Barisan Nasional in the recent general election and any Chinese who does not support DAP and/or Pakatan Harapan is considered a traitor to the Chinese race

One of the pathetic reasons I read was that they (Hell-Hounds) hate her because she flips from being a pro BN supporter to a seemingly anti Najib opportunist, because she wants to produce the film version of the book 'Billion Dollar Whale'.

I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry at this bullshit outrage at her disloyalty to Najib , wakakaka, as if those morons love Najib.

Malaysians especially young Chinese hated Michelle Yeoh since 2003 when she was seen supporting AAB. I have been ashamed to see Malaysians making vile obscene comments against her, a fellow Malaysian, on 'JayneStar', a news portal on Hong Kong film and TV celebrities. 

The salacious mongrels (metamorphosed from Hell-Hounds) had a field day labelling the above photo of Michelle and AAB in a pally-buddy situation with shameful obscene comments. Utter disgraceful dirty minds.

So the recent abuses of Michelle in a bullshit pretend-to-be-outraged-at-her-disloyalty-to-Najib have been just continuation of abuses of her since 2003. That's what I mean by Thriving on hatred to survive.

But what surprises me has been the rather opposite treatment of the erstwhile pro-BN Tony Fernandes.

Right from Day 1, none other than the new premier, Mahathir, made excuses for Tony for his ultra BN propaganda, painting AirAsia aircraft in BN livery.

Then recently, we have Anwar Ibrahim joining in the defence and praise of Tony Fernandes.

And very few Hell-Hounds have been 'biting' Tony, whilst they had savaged Michelle. Michelle has more reasons to be pro BN as her late father was the MCA Chair of Perak, but I wonder what affiliation Tony has with BN?

How come we have this very disparate treatment?

I suppose once Mahathir chops an OK sign on Tony, the Hell-Hounds were brought kuai-kuai to heel. 


  1. tony is oso a whore, i dun see any diff.

    msia today host label lge a anak pendatang, seem like u are fine with not only whore, u oso has no problem whoring with a racist.

    1. yes we r, but some know the right n wrong. some dun know, like ck, some know but still do it, like rpk. which one is worst?

  2. I’m very sad to see the real hard-nosed intrepid trailblazers of the 1MDB expose getting less credit (some are even suffering still) than they truly deserve.

    In all fairness the WSJ (Wright and Hope) expose was a case of Johnny Come Lately, after the initial investigative sometimes dangerous work by Clare Rewcastle, (now being sued), The Edge / Malaysian Insider (Tong Kooi Ong and Ho Kay Tat, who lost a lot of money and had their website closed down) and of course Xavier Justo, who went to jail after trying to get his his termination pay from Petrosaudi that was promised him. These folks could have given up much much earlier, and none of this shit would have been exposed. Malaysians owe them a huge debt.

    I’m sorry Michelle Yeoh, I have nothing against you, I actually like your acting and charity work, but you have miscalculated this one. If you align yourself with Clare’s book/movie instead of the Billion Dollar Whale that would be better don’t you think? The WSJ guys were after the Pulitzer Prize, they didn’t get it but now want to cash it on the Hollywood movie. I am confident if you pick up the phone and talk to Gobind Singh or some Malaysian financiers we can produce this movie in Malaysia. Clare is practically Malaysian, born in Sarawak. Work with her instead. 1MDB is a Malaysian event, centred here, not Hollywood, USA or anywhere else. Keep it Malaysian. Donate the profits of the movie to help pay off the 1MDB debt. Malaysia Boleh!

  3. Pak Lah was caught red-handed doing some celebrity Raba-Raba....

  4. The reason WHY my is been maledicted in this billion dollar whale movie-making, mostly by the Chinese M'sians, IS she has gone against the ancestral teachings of never


    One never betrays an associate especially when he/she is down, even if that associate is a known crook!

    U have read kuanyi, 关羽 & that's exactly WHY this whole issue of my making a movie out of the billion dollar whale when she has been a known jibby ass-licker.

    The case of the photo of Michelle and AAB in a pally-buddy situation & she been excoriated is not the same as that outraged-at-her-disloyalty-to-Najib. She has never campaigned for sleepyhead as in the case of ge14 for jibby.

    So, WHAT continuation of abuses of her since 2003 r u farting about? Perhaps u r just practicing Thriving on hatred to survive yr bruised ego.

    U r just a sad petrified anmokauxai who never truly understand yr ancestral wisdom.

    Compare with tf, perhaps she would fare better if she had come out with an explanation like tf - vis-a-vis the plane logo fiasco!

    But would she, as she has been keeping quiet as a church mouse!

    1. Aiyoh! your emotions got the better of your other half in preaching Confucian values.

      What sort of ancestral teachings and ancestral wisdom is your quote of "One never betrays an associate especially when he/she is down, even if that associate is a known crook!"

      It looks more like political culture of feudalism thinking which most Malaysian voters who are morally right in thinking and upbringing do not subscribe to. That's why BN/UMNO/PAS in less feudal worship states like the West Coast of Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak decided to vote for PH.

      That's also why Mahathirists are also a danger to PH New Malaysia since they also play upon feudalism worship among ordinary folks who don't have much access to information until things go from bad to worse.

      Somehow on May 9, when most BN/PAS voters went to the polls, their total feudalism devotion was cracked by an inner voice telling them to do the right thing for the country and future generations of Malaysians even though their indoctrinated minds and goodies galore persuade them to always stick with their feudal warlords and chantings. This was the tipping point required to change the results of the GE 14 election to join most others who are not beholden to feudalism politics of Racism and Religions.

      So, TDM and LKS better also retire gracefully when the going is still good before even Reformasi in their parties catches up with them.

      Autocrats who practice feudal worships in parties and in parties elections are never champions of democracy.

    2. CK,
      I am only interested to know how cheebye motherfucker kaytee would react when Michelle Yeoh make a film about Najib's 1MDB and other scandals. Will cheebye kaytee plunge his fucking leg and 3rd leg into the ground and tear himself into 2. That would be more interesting

      Cheebye Kaytee is not even angmoh.....He is a fucking running dog

    3. Nostro Piggy......Oh rather cheebyes like kaytee are the most nauseating pest that needs to be extinguished. Until today he never let go of najib.

      Hence I would be getting my char siew soon

    4. dei dei, I did NOT ever fCk your mother lah

    5. Yes, the Chinese ancestral wisdom has many feudalistic elements.

      But betraying a friend while he/she is down & then profiting from that betrayal definitely has zilch feudalistic traces!

      To a banana-ized person like u, the ONLY way is for u to get hold of a copy of The Romance of The Three Kingdom. Then jump to the chapter where CaoCao was trapped by Guanyi & Guanyi let him go free box of CaoCao's past good deeds done to Guanyi.

      This IS that character that ALL CinaMeng would remember & uphold!

    6. Guan Xi was a fool letting his emotions overtake what was the right thing to do to a known crook like Cao Cao.

      There wasn't even any cari makan issue involved.

    7. That's WHY he is been eulogized throughout the history for recognising a deed is a deed.

      While u mellow in yr banana dream!

    8. y compare guanyi against a whore?

    9. I compare the wisdom behind Guanyi's behaviour vis-a-vis a modern day whoring character.

  5. I as Malaysian see them as "Pandai cari makan" just like that ex-Malay actress Ellie Suraiti in the news or Syed Mokhtar Albukary.

    They were all looking for opportunities not be MPs or ADUNs but more of benefitting to themselves.

    The only difference between ordinary folks and them, is that they seek bigger opportunities among Malaysian politicians.

    So what's the big beef with them engaging with politicians whether it is not to your liking or not.

    I wonder who really are the Malaysian Chinese supporters of PH who did this Michele Yeoh "Hate Campaign" stuff?

    Are they really Chinese or some celup Mat Salleh/Bugis imaginations brought to life by Ktemoc?

    1. Don't bother.....don't care......better focus your energy finding where cheebye kaytee is and pass the location to pauline hanson

    2. past looes, pauline's looking for you - she said you did your job for her only half way, wakakaka

    3. yeoh can take over loose place. she is more flexi than the agogo girl.

    4. HY, you have an unnatural hatred of MY - unhealthy lah

  6. Why the difference in treatment between Tony and Michelle ?
    Tony runs one of THE most successful airlines in the world, and has put Malaysia on the map.
    There is good reason to believe that Tony carried out his BN support under duress.

    Michelle campaign campaigned for BN wholeheartedly.

    1. thanks for your defence of Tony Fernandes who had NO ties to support BN but did so effusively to look after his own interests

      And Michelle Yeoh whose family ties are deeply embedded in BN, but according to your logic lacks justification to support BN

      Your reasoning is quite fCkup but to be expected

    2. We can forgive someone who acted under duress.

      Someone who acted on their own initiative we fully hold them accountable.

      That is very commonly accepted reasoning.

    3. someone who acted under duress, wakakaka - not for business interest?

      someone who acted on their own initiative? - like her family is deeply embedded in MCA-BN politics?

      stop toking-kok

    4. You forget Air Asia has 22,000 employees.
      Their interests have to be considered.

      Michelle's family history , whatever...fact is she volunteered for her actions.

      Stop blindly defending Michelle.

    5. of course MY would volunteer just as Nurul volunteered, Lim Hui Ying participated for and Marina sokong their respective dads - if you don't know this, you are NOT Chinese.

      Best you stop tokkingkok

    6. Wakakakakaka……

      " …like her family is deeply embedded in MCA-BN politic"

      Her family?

      Have u been authorized to tokkingkok about the other members of her clan? There WON'T be a surprise if there r other political parties supporters amongst her family members!

      How about just her, for whatsoever her udang!

  7. Hindustani movie all over again.
    Polietician semua pakai topeng.