Monday, October 29, 2018

Malay War?

There is currently a war amongst the Malays, a political war that is, but with PAS standing by the sideline waiting to be dedak-ised and to join the winning side.

It is the BIGGEST war amongst Malays since Hang Tuah fought with Hang Jebat in the 15th Century. This time the royals are not directly involved though I can make an intelligent guess who they would be rooting for.

OTOH, some say that 13th Century war has still been going on until today.

The cause for the current phase?

Maddy currently stands on shaky grounds with only 13 Pribumi MPs (as many as midget Amanah's 11). Most of his Pribumi MPs have been force-laboured into becoming ministers, wakakaka, because in his Kingdom (currently) of the Blind, the One-Eyed Man or Woman is king.

Thus you get an unknown politician like Rina Harun becoming the powerful Minister of Rural and Regional Development with wealthy GLCs under her, a young chico becoming Sports-Min and a last minute recruit, Maszlee being made Edu-Min because the public outcry against Maddy holding two ministries forced the old fox into having what seems to be a puppet on a string in a very important ministry.

anyone knows her? 

Why not made Dr Bari (DAP, currently an ADUN in Perak), who is an education expert, a senator and Edu-Min?

No, that would have made the DAP far too powerful. Has that been the reason Maddy also created a new ministry of Economics to dilute the Finance Ministry's powers. The Econs-Min gets the majority of rich GLCs with him being chair of the powerful Kahzanah. See my post Has Mahathir limited Finance Minister's powers because he's Chinese?.

With that old fox, you can never be sure except that he is always up to 'something'.

No doubt his principal support comes from the DAP but alas, a party which is mainly 'non'-dominated and thus not 'desirable' unless absolutely necessary, because to control politics in Malaysia, Malay support is not just necessary but absolutely vital. Ethnic-wise stuff like this has not only to be done but also to be seen.

As for PKR, his support from this party at best would only be around 50% but conditional upon the help of his nephew, Azmin Ali - perhaps a bit more if Azmin comes to power. But like him, Azmin has a way of working in unexpected ways, usually for his own lonesome self, wakakaka.

hmmm, now who shall I kowtim next?


Maddy knows Anwar Ibrahim is waiting in the wing, rather impatiently due to a combination of decades of political frustration, lust for political power, personal grievance and grudge, a sense of suffering from injustice since 1999 and that alter ego of Malay (so-called) loyalty, to wit, Malay vengeance (dendam).

But alas, PKR is itself steeped in the turmoil of internecine warfare between the Pandan Cats and the Dökkálfar Dwarfs. Soon the official result of who becomes deputy party president will emerge but also soon immediately after that the unofficial internecine warfare continues a la guérilla.

dwarfs above, cats below 

Thus PKR as a party will either be weakened when a considerable number of its members including MPs and ADUNs move across to Pribumi, or alternatively it becomes stronger as the opposition within the party is kowtim-ed kaukau including dedak-isation (although it won't stop a few migrating to Ketuanan Pribumi due to their untenable situations).

Nonetheless, Maddy can't be assured of 100% Malay support from PKR.

In the meantime, contrary to his earlier pompous policy, Maddy recruits-invites UMNO people to become his pet frogs before Anwar Ibrahim does likewise.

Mahathir's henchmen have shown their dis-coordination as one boasted of 40 'thieves' emerging from their cavern to Maddy's 'Open Sesame', whilst another went into 'Ops Salvage' as he (out of the blue) made known that UMNO members will not be accepted unless they are 'clean'.

For more, see:

(b) MM Online's Kadir Jasin: 40 Umno MPs met Dr M, may join PPBM, and

(c) Star Online's Bersatu will only accept ex-Umno members who are clean says Marzuki.

Apart from Maddy's pomposity to capati, pray tell us what is meant by 'clean' in the UMNO (and even Pribumi or PKR) context?

Yessir, Maddy will tell you he is 'clean' as will Daim Zainuddin, Muhyiddin, Anwar Ibrahim, Azmin Ali, Najib Razak, Ahmad Zahid, etc.

By the way, all above names are from UMNO, bred in UMNO's nest and nurtured on UMNO's breasts.

Rumours, and Malaysia has many, tell us Maddy is currently on 'Ops Pecahkan UMNO' for obvious reason, to rebuild the broken pieces of his former party into an UMNO yang most Baru. Let's say Maddy is in a bit of rush.

Sadly, I suspect some (or at least one) in the DAP is helping Mahathir in that operations.


  1. Clean like DAP Lims should be good enough.

    Take lunch at hawker stall, live in old house, search for goods below market price, fly economy class, decline royal awards until retirement.

  2. Tok Pa’s defection to Bersatu has shaken UMNO, but the real impact will be felt in his home state Kelantan. Now if only Ku Li will also defect to Bersatu, then we will see a magnitude 9.9 earthquake there. Insha Allah....if only....

  3. Azmin is open to offers from anyone....wakakakaka...

  4. As it is, smoke is seen coming from the the house of PH, yet LKS is obsessed with Najib.DAP should contain and stop the infiltration of BN MPs through PPBM into PH before it is too late.
    The Dr. it seem is determined to import almost all his comrades of past era into PPBM? Looks like there is a disaster in the making. Dap is now seen to be on a slippery slope sliding to fill the shoes of MCA?
    By the way, LKS do something right, stop the DR. in his tracks, ie recruiting BN mps !!!!!

  5. Whadya say about the additional effect of this thrown into the soup?


    There's already more dissension in PKR due to the above discovery on Sunday 28 October 2018.

    "PKR leader sounds alarm over ‘critical’ problems with party’s poll"

    I wonder whether the device was placed by rivals within PKR or by enemies outside it.

  6. All Malays are supposed to support the ultimate aim of Unity of the Ummah....

    But political, economic and personal objectives get in the way.

  7. Pay attention Bersatu, even Ku Li thinks it's a bad idea...he likens UMNO MPs as snakes.....I liken them to be HIV, once infected no cure.

    Ku Li: Asking Umno members to join Bersatu like inviting foxes into the henhouse

    Monday, 29 Oct 2018

    KUALA LUMPUR: Inviting Umno lawmakers to join Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia is akin to inviting foxes into the henhouse (seperti jemput ular sawah ke sarang ular lidi)," said Umno veteran Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah

  8. DAP days in PH may be numbered. The day when DAP is asked to jump, just like MCA of old, DAP will have to ask "how high" may be just round the corner. Yet LKS seem much more comfortable with his foreplay and after play flogging a dead horse in 1MDB and Najib.
    "Bersatu puts up 'No Entry' sign for Najib, Zahid, Nazri and Azeez
    Published: Today 5:44 pm | Modified: Today 6:40 pm"

  9. DAP days already numbered when 94% voted them. That single act of foolishness has invited retaliation from the Majority Malays.

    Across the divide, both PKR/Amanah/Bersatu and UMNO now view the Chinese as threat to their power. Electoral Moves to block the Chinese from standing for future elections will now be agreed by BOTH SIDES to remove this Chinese threat once and for all.....
    The Ayatollah Iranian trick is going to be legislated for future elections thanks to the 94% who subscribed to LGE/LKS loudness...
    p/S: Singapore Presidential election candidates need a Certificate of Eligibility from the Presidential Election Council a.k.a GIACC in Malaysia hahaha

    And the only party coming to stop this Iranian trick is PAS. But will it prevail? PAS, despite its' Islamic loudness, is a sincere FAIR-MINDED party and will not tolerate demonisation of the Chinese. The Chinese should stop demonising it.

    1. PAS gives most chinese the creeps. In the past I used to think that there is no choice but to either opt for either UMNO or PAS. But now it looks like there's a third choice and so much the better.

      Anyway it could be true DAP days may be numbered because if and when UMNO dies, DAP will find itself bereft of reasons to exist.
      Ironically it is the existance of UMNO that made DAP strong. And vice versa.

    2. "Anyway it could be true DAP days may be numbered because if and when UMNO dies, DAP will find itself bereft of reasons to exist."
      "Ironically it is the existance of UMNO that made DAP strong. And vice versa."

      The narrative on several blogs is all about rumours of 40 UMNO MPs jumping ship to Pribumi, leaving less than 10 UMNO MPs in parliament, but it occurred to me that such narrative ignores the large membership of UMNO and its support base amongst the Malay voters.

      Assume those 40 or so UMNO MPs do jump, come the next GE, UMNO members wil step forward to contest for seats and depending upon the mood of the Malay vote base, those MPs who jumped ship could well lose their seats to new UMNO contenders.

      Therefore, even if the parliamentary UMNO (the tip of the iceberg) is wiped out, the bulk of the "iceberg" is still there and even if UMNO is deregistered, the former members and supporters are still there and they could well form a new party and carry on as a political force within the Malaysian body politic.

      This is what such narrative misses.

      As for what role DAP will play in Pakatan Harapan, if it wants to continue to have a say in Malaysia's governance, it had better become a "New MCA".

  10. Who cares? So long as UMNO is relocated into the vicinity of South China Sea, the rest is just semantics to most chinese.

  11. There is a lot of Maskirovka, false flag operations as well as wishes rather than actual pending events at work here.

    Anwar Ibrahim has moved closer to the plan to have Mahathir eventually hand over the PM-ship to him. Many PPBM operatives see that as an obstacle to their own plans, so various steps must be taken.

  12. Waiting for the Barbarians - C.P. Cavafy,

    "And some who have just returned from the border say
    there are no barbarians any longer.

    And now, what’s going to happen to us without barbarians?
    They were, those people, a kind of solution. "

    I read this many years ago, as a lesson that an organisation can fall apart or cease to exist, once the main reason for it to exist no longer seems relevant.

    This may be DAP's fate once UMNO falls apart....

    1. It's known as reinventing one's own existence to suit the new circumstances.

      This is a humanity norm!

      Those who don't adapt, find themselves becoming irrelevant & disappear soonest .