Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Mahathir learning from hooked nose Jew

Yesterday The Edge published Good taxes can spur Malaysia's economic growth — Stiglitz.

Today in MM Online we read PM suggests new taxes needed to tackle debt pile, which reads:

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 9 — The government may need to consider additional forms of taxation to address the debt amassed by the previous Barisan Nasional government, said the prime minister.

During his keynote address at the “Malaysia: A New Dawn” economic forum today, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad conceded that the move will be unpopular, but said the only other option was to sell off the nation’s assets.

“It was suggested we should have new taxes. I don’t think that is something that is welcomed by the people.

“But we may have to devise new taxes in order to have the money to pay our debts. Of course the other thing we can do is to sell our assets,” he said.

Such assets invariably include state-owned land, the PM noted before saying he did not think this to be a wise course of action if it meant selling to foreigners.

“But we can still sell land to locals so they can develop housing projects and settlements that they believe will give them a return,” he said.

I was (am) a Jew

and removing the GST was sheer silliness to continue fooling the people, but rest assure, GST will return soon


  1. Did yr understanding of 'advices' has to do with RACE?

    WHY do u emphasize the Jewish part? To arouse the blur-sotongs' indoctrinated hatred for anything Jewish?

    Tsk… tsk… u r getting on more like yr sifu le!

  2. Wakakakakakakakakaka

    One of the proposals by a Jew (Stigletz - Nobel Winner)for the new taxes to TDM is a so called Inheritance Tax besides Capital Gain Tax, Income Tax etc.

    TDM trust the Jews to come out with good suggestions for all these taxes to save Malaysia? Isn't TDM afraid of his believe in the Jews ruling the World by proxy?

    TDM should only implement the Inheritance Tax starting for those having RM 5 millions or more in assets on a graduated scale up to 70% for those having RM 1 billion or more upon death and transfer of assets with a grace period of settling the tax within 3 years. And it should apply to all Malaysians whether Moslems or non-Moslems and whether the assets are sited locally or overseas. At least it only affects the rich and not the rest of the majority who are poor or middle class.

    This Inheritance Tax should not raise any political or religious quadmire and also palpable to those living since the Dead don't vote anyway and they can't argue or criticize of wanting their wealth also in Heaven or their afterlife.

    Another alternative would be to sell off non-strategic State companies and land since the Govt. never derive much revenue from them all these years and only benefit those appointed to the boards and their employees with extravagant wages,allowances and perks managing them at the expense of all other Malaysians.

    Does having new taxes actually spur economic growth or is it more towards reducing Govt. debt and expenditures and balancing the budget?

    Why is it so difficult to cut Govt. expenditures, wastages, corruption, salaries instead of adding more taxes to balance an increasing budget every year?

    The easiest way out of all these would be to pump and sell more oil by Petronas, take on more loans by selling Govt. Bills and Treasuries or confiscate all the corrupted wealth from all those individuals, parties, cronies etc which brought about this state of affairs thru bad governing for the past decades.

    No ordinary voters all over the world has ever agreed to having more taxes for a Govt. to spur economic growth and it is a recipe for political suicide to political parties hoping to be the Govt. of a country.

    And it takes a non-Jew to tell TDM and PH Govt. that.

    1. hahahahahaha.......nostro pigggy......hahahahahaha.......you and cheebye kaytee are one of the same. Really talk cocker sing songer....

      You wanna teach Madhater about cutting govt expenditures, wastages, corruption, salaries

      Where have you been all this while.....eating porkies......hahahaha

  3. Some Muslim friends I know divert ALL their income tax to zakat instead of LHDN. Get more blessings from Allah and fulfil tax obligation as well, they say. I wonder how prevalent this practice is.

  4. I went to Eco Shop RM2 today and bought half a dozen mugs for RM12-00. But from 15 November 2018 it would be RM12-72 for the same. Sedih..

  5. See, taxes will increase.

    Let those who voted the monster in pay their dues.

    1. Moron, taxes increase to cover up the past oppulent indulgences of yr rosmajib!

      AGAIN, who SHOULD pay their dues?

      Real retard!

    2. That is so easy to summarize why taxes need to be increased.

      Like Sherlock Holmes said to Watson "Dear Boy, Look at the details"

      Care to tell us why Taxes need to be increased now?

      "Do not be slaves and additional loudhailers to your political Masters and chantings"

    3. I got an idea. Let's have a search party to find out the whereabout of cheebye motherfucker kaytee. Throw him into prison and seize all his properties. There are plenty of parasites like cheebye kaytee around

    4. dei dei, I did NOT ever fCk your mother lah

    5. A much better way to replenish the national coffer: