Saturday, October 13, 2018

Anwar's 'Non' Brigade

As my visitor 'Unknown' wrote:

"Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s victory in a seven-man fight for the Port Dickson seat is virtually in the bag with non-Malay voters’ supporting him, think-tank Ilham Centre said today."

Indeed, with the support of the 'Non' brigade, Anwar is so far ahead of the pack. PAS nearest behind him but at 7.29 pm, still only a quarter of what the future DPM has secured. BTW, Saiful has won 81 votes.

There is no way and no miracle achievable for any of the other competitors to overtake him. PKR can now break out the Sarsi and celebrate the incoming new DPM.

Syabas, t'was a long arduous journey for DSAI but it's sweet at the end.


  1. Given the majority non-Malay demographic of Port Dickson and that most non-Malays would not vote for PAS or Isa, coupled with PRM having dropped out, it was a foregone conclusion that Anwar/PKR would win, even if with the largest minority, though as i turned out, he won with a thumping majority.

    Congrats! Anwar. Hope you can make Phuckatan a better coalition that does not screw us as much, and if and when you finally become PM, hopefully you can implement more of your "reformasi" and get Phuckatan to deliver on more of its promises to us.

  2. Eakakakaka....many, many people have been trying to prevent Anwar from entering Parliament via unconventional or assymetric means...knowing full well they have no way to stop him via a majority in the ballot box.

  3. Hallelujah! Celebrations. More Sarsi please.

  4. Four by-elections since GE14:

    Balakong: Harapan won
    Seri Setia: Harapan won
    Sg Kandis: Harapan won
    Port Dickson: Harapan won

    That makes it 4-0.

    Whatever manifesto promises were made and "broken" in the last 5 months
    Malaysians have overwhelmingly confirmed that their favourite food is


    Now can we talk about something else?

    1. The real test will be if there is a By-election in a BN or PUS- held seat...

      Majority of Melayu voters are still Hard-core jaundiced or even antagonistic towards Pakatan Harapan.... as well as some Ah Peks...

    2. Well will someone who is basically pro-Pakatan and anti-BN and grumbles about the Pakatan government, vote for BN when push comes to shove?

      I can't, though at the same time that does not stop me from whacking Pakatan as an when appropriate.

  5. There are rumours going around that Anwar will be arrested soon.... nuclear option to stop him. ....wakakaka

    1. Raggie Jessy has been writing something about Anwar being arrested:-

      "Anwar, what about evidence suggesting you forged share certificates?"

      "Anwar’s ‘Port Dickson move’ is set to seal his fate for good"

      "Anwar’s clock is ticking, jail time imminent"

    2. Here's more:-

      "Police to call Anwar to get statement on alleged sodomy incident"

      "Fahmi: Police to question Lokman Noor over Sodomy 3.0 allegation"

      "Police will not question Anwar during campaign period"

      So the Anwar saga may not be over yet.

    3. The correct characterisation of this case is someone alleged that there is an allegation of Sodomy against Anwar.

      Singapore's Mediacrop denied they made such a news report, and Singapore Police denied that any such Police Report existed.

      Pure Lokman Adam bullshit.
      Now...he no longer enjoys UMNO protection to Kautim such lies, so he could be in hot soup for making a false police report, and Anwar can sue the pants off him...wakakaka

  6. As expected, PUS actually managed a creditable number of votes.
    PUS can always count on its loyal voters who will support them rain or shine , no incentives or sweeteners required.

    Pakatan must not underestimate the potential threat from PUS, though for the moment, Malaysia is practically under 1-party Pakatan Government.

  7. Cheebye unknown should commit harakiri with kaytee. Very shiok one

    1. if not for Pauline's pleading for you, I would have sliced off your wee lil' dick

    2. Sydney Morning Herald.... body of Malaysian resident in Australia found floating in the harbour after jumping off the Harbour Bridge , estimated some time after midnight Saturday.

      Friends of the deceased say that he had been growing more and more despondent, angry and depressed due to the Malaysian political situation after last May's Malaysian national elections the tune of Amazing Grace...

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  8. chabor was never a fan or a supporter, not even an admirer, hardly a kind word for dsai previously but for her to pen "syabas this was a long arduous journey but it's sweet in the end" gives me the creeps...chabor probably wishing and hoping the feud between maddy and manmanlai will start all over again if hero of fanfan is indeed the incoming dpm

    1. I say so many times lor....cheebye motherfucker kaytee is the bastard abandoned son of najib....hahahahaha

    2. I did not fCk your mother so stop calling me motherfucker in the silly hope I will be your father

    3. Too obvious la...this big udang behind Ah Moc's batu giving one the heebie jeebies creeps how he now turns 180 degrees about Anwar...hoo, banyak bulu pun berdiri tegak, hehehehe....something is brewing with this gang of machiavellian dedak addicts. Go eat your own shit and die, hehehehe

    4. Jj,
      Right attitude. We must constantly remind cheebye kaytee what happen to rumpelstillskin in the end

    5. looes,
      Ah Moc by now is already bellyful of dedak but these mercenaries being rapaciously full of greed, like his infamous Sifu in Manchester, they just doesn't know when to stop.

      Since they have no idea what principles is, they will bend and twist whichever way possible...and now, he wishes Anwar well (haha) cheering for him, what a contrast when he NEVER fail to hantam him kau kau previously. These scumbags definitely working on a plan by the 'Tun' Faisal/Lockman gang....trying to pit Old Man and Anwar, hoping Umno to make a comeback when PH is split apart with internal infighting.

  9. The clear loser in the PD by-election is not UMNO/BN/PAS. It's Pribumi.

    With Anwar's entry into Parliament the future path of Harapan has become clearer and more certain. Watch out for more defections from UMNO, from all levels, the top, middle and bottom feeders. Some for money some for protection and some for both.

    Pribumi's dozen or so MPs are feeling a little nervous. They have a 93-year-old leader and a deputy that is undergoing treatment / remission. No clear succession in sight. They have under-performing / lost ministers in cabinet: Rina "Who?" Harun, Maszlee "Black and White" Malek, Syed "Bro" Saddiq.

    With 50-odd MPs each, PKR and DAP combined can flick Pribumi off like a fly. Amanah can help. Pribumi and Amanah need some fresh frog blood from UMNO. Unfortunately this blood will be HIV-tainted.

    1. The people working hardest to thwart Anwar's return have been mid-level Pribumi operatives.

      Overtly and covertly.

      The see him as a major obstacle to their ambition to replace UMNO as the Top Dog.

      The Syed Kotak fella constantly refers to Anwar as "Brader" with a sneer.

      Anwar was out in the trenches fighting for reform when Syed Kotak was still an UMNO agent.

      I can't stand these Johnny-Come-Latelies now loudly pretending to be reformists.

    2. From the looks of it, PKR cabinet ministers have not been particularly active in many of the governing moves (popular or unpopular) lately, most probably because they have been bogged down with their party elections.

      Hopefully, once their long drawn out party elections are over, PKR ministers will get down to doing some governing and we may see some more encouraging moves.

    3. Is that the main reason why PH gomen ( read Pribumi ) is now seen dragging their feet to go after the ill-gotten gains of the 191 ketua bahagians and its cohorts but instead to impose new taxes to fill the coffer ? Financetwitter's article now gone viral with many urging the gomen to not make the rakyat pay for the crooks' super luxurious lifestyle.

    Kit Siang drives the knife in further.
    "Who was the mastermind behind Altantuya's murder?"

    Psychologists who profile serial killers say that the first killing that they carry out or order to be carried out is the hardest.
    Subsequent incidents get easier and easier until they have no compunction as long as it is deemed necessary.

    1. Sirul Azhar's cautioned statement has been available on The Asia Sentinel website for a long time but Azilah's official statements have been hard to come by, I wonder why and is Azilah still alive on death row or has he been executed and if still alive why has nobody shown interest in his statement or further questioning him, who is here, whilst all attention is on Sirul, who was his junior partner, who took orders from Azilah, who according to Sirul's cautioned statement, was in contact with the one who contracted them to carry out the killing of Altantuya. Just my thoughts aloud.

      Also, WTF has been done under the Pakatan government with regards the abduction of Pastor Koh, the disappearance of Hilmy and so forth?

      It looks like Pastor Koh, Hilmy, et all have been forgotten by Pakatan after the 9 May 2018 win.

      Also Teoh Beng Hock, who has received a bit more attention but little action.

  11. The Rise of the "MAN OF HONOUR" was already fated for Malaysia.

    In the year of the great games started by the Greeks
    Hosted by the nation of heavenly emperors of times before
    In a land called Malaysia
    Great turbulence and strife engulf

    A land where a Genghis Khan’s Descendant was shred to bits
    Blown by the winds to the heavenly clouds
    Where the accused are finally crowned
    Amid great trepidation and acrimony

    Then arose among men of honor
    A man of the faith of Mohammedans
    Kings and Rulers let him reign
    And a new nation was born

    Great leaders bring forth divination and revelations
    A land of many tribes divided was thus united
    The color of men was blurred and lost
    By great competition to give their best

    Herein lies the destiny of men
    Who showed the meaning of democracy and humanity
    Religions and languages flourishes as times before
    A land as peaceful as Shangri La

    Malaysia, a stopping point of travelers must see
    Back to the days of great Sultans and Rajas
    Nations and men afar come to seek their wealth
    Knowledge, trade and life flourishes as before