Sunday, October 07, 2018

Mahathir and his 'Hooked Nose'

Jewish News - Jewish Groups Denounce UK Visit For Malaysian PM Who Said Jews ‘Rule The World’:

Jewish groups have denounced the UK visit of 93-year old Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad, who has previously said Jews “rule the world by proxy”.

Fresh from his vehemently anti-Israel speech at the United Nations last week, Mohamad visited Imperial College and the University of Oxford before giving a speech to influential think-tank Chatham House.

Jewish groups have pointed to his 2012 blog post, in which he echoes his own past comments, saying: “Jews rule the world by proxy. They get others to fight for them.”

In the same post, he said: “I am glad to be labelled antisemitic… How can I be otherwise, when the Jews who so often talk of the horrors they suffered during the Holocaust show the same Nazi cruelty and hard-heartedness towards not just their enemies but even towards their allies should any try to stop the senseless killing of their Palestinian enemies.”

In an interview with Associated Press last month, Mohamad was pressed on his past comments, he said: “We should be able to criticise everybody… Antisemitic is a term invented to prevent people from criticising the Jews for doing wrong things.”

Campaign Against Antisemitism chair Gideon Falter said: “It is utterly appalling that at a time when antisemitism is so raw, a man who is proud to be an antisemite is being courted.”

Falter added: “It is equally unforgivable that he was invited to tour our most prominent educational institutions and share his opinions with students.”

Malaysia’s longest-serving prime minister, Mohamad re-entered politics in 2017 and was re-elected in May, ousting his former ally Najib Razak, who has been implicated in a billion-dollar corruption scandal involving state-run investment fund 1MDB

Whatever you and I may say about Mahathir, I have to admit he has the guts and precise aim to criticise, condemn and castigate the Jews, though as RPK said, Mahathir doesn't give two figs about the differences among Jews, Zionists or Israelis.

And trust the Jews to confuse the world on that just as they (in the Bible) confuse many in the West about the differences among Hebrews, Israelites, Judeans, Jews (and sometimes even Samaritans) - one day I'll post my take on the latter differences, wakakaka - they were caused by sinister intra-family back-stabbings among Hebrews and Israelites.

wicked avaricious Jacob cheating his own father Isaac

When Isaac had grown old and was almost blind, he wanted to bestow his blessing on Esau, his eldest son, before he died. (This was the traditional way of recognising the eldest son as the one who would inherit his father’s position when he died.)

So Isaac summoned Esau and instructed him to hunt for game and prepare it for him to eat, after which he would give Esau the traditional blessing.

While Esau was out hunting, Isaac’s wife, Rebekah, who had overheard the conversation, told Jacob, the younger twin to Esau, to prepare two goats from their flock for Isaac’s meal so that they could cheat Esau out of his inheritance. (Jacob was her favourite.)

She also suggested Jacob wear Esau’s clothes and put a goatskin on his neck and arms so that Isaac would be fooled into thinking it was Esau, who was much hairier than Jacob.

Jacob served up the roasted goat to his father, and although Isaac was suspicious, he ate the delicious meal and gave Jacob the family blessing.

No sooner had Jacob left his father than Esau arrived, prepared the game he had hunted and presented it to his father. As soon as Isaac heard Esau speak, he knew he had been tricked, as Jacob’s voice was quite different to Esau’s.

He shook violently at the realisation of what he had done, but, despite Esau’s pleas, could not undo his blessing, simply confirming that Esau was now subservient to his younger twin. Esau was furious towards Jacob for robbing him of his birth-right
kaytee's note: The Israelite God still loved Jacob despite his sinful cheating of both his father Isaac and brother Esau, mainly because it was Jacob's descendants who wrote the Bible in favour of their ancestor Jacob, wakakaka

Anyway, that of course is not fair to Jews, some of whom are concerned about, copacetic and compassionate to Arabs, with some actually being anti-Zionist or anti-State of Israel.

But Mahathir is Mahathir, which has been why he dislikes Chinese (in Malaysia and Sing) for, as we've heard, some 'bad' done to him by one or some Chinese in Singapore years ago. And poor innocent naive totally blameless kaytee is disliked by him, wakakaka.

Furthermore, to describe Jews as 'hooked nose' has been certainly vile, demeaning and over the top. I wonder what he would have described Chinese Malaysians as? Flat noses? Wakakaka.

But I have to admit Mahathir has been correct in saying “We should be able to criticise everybody … Antisemitic is a term invented to prevent people from criticising the Jews for doing wrong things” though not to the extent of 'hooked nose', wakakaka.

And he has been spot on to state the Jews who so often talk of the horrors they suffered during the Holocaust show the same Nazi cruelty and hard-heartedness towards not just their enemies but even towards their allies should any try to stop the senseless killing of their Palestinian enemies.

Just typical ethnic arrogant self-centred-ness, bolstered by American blind devoted religious-inspired protection.

Actually, the Israelis being against their Arab neighbours are being anti-semitic themselves. The term 'semitic' comes from the noun 'semite' which means 'a member of any of the peoples who speak or spoke a Semitic language, including in particular the Jews and Arabs'.

Being against an Arab is being 'antisemitic', but trust the Jews to appropriate and monopolise the term for only its race. Today being 'antisemitic', especially in Europe and the West (including Australia, NZ and South Africa), means being against Jews only. Very few are aware that it could also apply to being anti Arabs.

The best (unwitting) joke on this term came from George H Bush (the father, not Dubya) during one of his re-election campaign (which he lost in his attempt for a 2nd term as president). He said (words to the effect): I am anti racialism, anti-discrimination, anti-bigotry, anti-semitism, anti yadda yadda ........


But poor George Senior was said to lost his 2nd term bid because, among many issues, the Israeli lobby did not support him when he tried to stop Israel from building more settlements in the Occupied Territories.

He held up $10 billion in loan guarantees that Israel desperately need to build housing for Russian emigres, unless Israel gave him an assurance that the loans would not fund settlements on Arab land.

In doing so, he offended the Jews and doomed himself in the race for US Presidency.

Note: While Europe’s top rights court today rejected a call to probe the shooting deaths of 24 Malaysian rubber plantation workers by British troops in 1948, saying it came too late, any WWII Nazi caught for crimes against Jews, even if that was before 1939, will be charged and put on trial.

That's the difference between European Jews and Malayan Chinese rubber tappers.

For war crimes against Jews, nothing (not even time) is too late.

Just this year Ivan Polyukhovich was trialed for being involved in the mass execution of Jewish people, and for helping massacre more than 800 people outside a small town in northern Ukraine, but acquitted by an Australian court.


  1. Not only that but the cunning of Zionists are legendary. I mean who else can invent a religion that portrays themselves as "God's Chosen People?"
    Thereby all Christians are obliged to support them, as a people and as a state. So much so the Arabs later had to plagiarize the religion and insist the Jews got their knickers in a twist and only they (Arabs) have the Real Thing..
    Is that smart or what?
    In summary, Jews are sneaky bastards and Arabs are dumbass copyists.

    1. The peak of Arab/Islamic civilisation lasted about 500 years from around AD 800 to AD 1350.

      They have been going downhill ever since.

  2. "Vice is vice".....?

    Who said anything about vice? We are talking about fornication between straight adult Muslims who are not married to each other, not prostitution.

    PORT DICKSON, Oct 7 — All quarters should look at the statement made by Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Mujahid Yusof Rawa concerning anti-vice operations in its larger context, says Pakatan Harapan (PH) candidate for the Port Dickson parliamentary by-election Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

    “We must look at the context and read it carefully. He does not encourage it. He was just describing how the operations should be done.

    “We don’t encourage it either... vice is vice,” he told reporters after opening the YB Ravi Cup football tournament at Padang Merdeka here today.

    The PKR de facto leader said this when asked to comment on Mujahid’s statement as reported exclusively by The Star that “no more knocks on the door in the middle of the night and no more breaking down of doors by the religious authorities investigating reports of ‘khalwat’ (close proximity) or other alleged wrongdoings”.

  3. The world became more racists and had more wars after the Semites whether Jews or Arabs discovered religions thru their prophets and spread it throughout the world.

    Generations before the Semites introduce their religions, most other races like the Africans, Chinese, Indians, ancient Greeks, Egyptians and other tribes seldom go to war over religions but more due to land grab and fighting to be the ruler of the lands.

    Today most wars are fought due to Semetic religious differences or racism practised in their religions.

    What has those religions brought by the Semites bring to this world except more misery, wars, racism, bigotry etc until today.

    And TDM is one of those followers of a Semitic religion even though he is a non-Semite.

    So, to those followers whose religions are different from all these Semitic religions, it clearly shows TDM is racist towards the Jews due to his own belief of another Semitic religion which were brought by the Arabs.

    Isn't it weird how semitic religions can transform people of different races to be racists towards another group of Semites?

  4. Lousy and anti-Jewish analysis of Bush Snr's election results.

    The fact is George Bush Snr. went to the polls in the middle of a US economic recession.

    While not always the case, the odds of a sitting US President winning re-election during a recession is usually slim..

  5. The incident at Batang Kali was tragic, but it is inappropriate and immoral to equate it to the Holocaust.

    The Jews and other Undesirables in WWII were subject to organised, planned, industrial-scale murder by the Nazi nation-state's administrative organisation.
    After WWII many of those complicit managed to escape undetected in the chaos after the war. Therefore, many nations established laws which made the Holocaust-related crimes open-ended as far as prosecutions are concerned.

    1. U choose NOT to distinguish properly!

      Nobody is equating Batang Kali incident to the Nzis Holocaust.

      The theme here is the treatment of the INCIDENT by the applications of the criminality laws of war clients enacted by the countries involved.

      R u indirectly implied that Batang Kali incident was just an impulsive triggered happy one-off mistake vis-a-vis the planned Holocaust?

      Tsk… tsk… perhaps u r infested by rd too!

    2. I have not seen any evidence that the tragedy in Batang Kali was a pre-planned act, and definitely not any industrial-scale murder.

      All in all, the British soldiers actions in Malaya were relatively restrained especially compared to the US Army and Air Force in Vietnam.

    3. stop talking cock - it was plain massacre, full stop - it even predated My Lai

    4. Have u read the disclosed confession of one of the soldier involved in the Batang Kali incident?

      Or u choose to ignore?

      The case was brought again to the Hague bcoz of that confession that the pommie's highest court refused to recognised.

    5. Cheebye kaytee is kepeting who ask others to jalan betul


    6. bottom line - Batang Kali victims were NOT Jews

    7. The REAL bottom line is that the past M'sia govt sat & did nothing for a victimized group of her citizen, whom she considered NO class vis-a-vis a foreign past colonial master who had aided her preferred class!

      If the past M'sian govt had put in her 'voices', the outcome COULD be very different.

      The pommie govt (of various political links) WOULD have take note & did something about the Batang Kali massacre!

  6. Fresh from attacking, condemning and blaming Jews at the UN General Assembly TDM comes home and promptly seeks the advice of Joseph Stiglitz, a Nobel laureate in economics. He, of course, is Jewish.

    PUTRAJAYA: There are many kinds of good taxes that could be introduced to stimulate Malaysia’s economy in order to create a fair society as it tackles its RM1 trillion debt, said Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz.

    He said these included inheritance tax, capital gains tax and property tax for large holding properties, which were actually good for the economy and society.

    “Also I think carbon tax is a very good tax because it encourages the growth of green economy and can move the country towards a more innovative and green society,” he told Bernama.

    Earlier Stiglitz, a former World Bank chief economist, and Yilmaz Akyuz, a former Geneva-based South Centre chief economist, called on Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad at Perdana Putra here.