Friday, October 12, 2018

Freedom of expression? Pakatan as restrictive as BN

Malaysiakini - Ministry warns Chinese daily over pro-LGBTQ article?:

The Home Ministry has purportedly slapped a Chinese newspaper with a warning letter for publishing an interview with LGBTQ activist Chong Yee Shan.

Malaysiakini had sighted a copy of the letter, dated Sept 21, to Oriental Daily News and sources familiar with the matter had confirmed its authenticity.

Oriental Daily's editor-in-chief Puah You Lai has remained tightlipped on the matter while Malaysiakini's repeated attempts to obtain comments from the ministry proved futile.

Ministry officials passed Malaysiakini's phone calls over the past few days back and forth between the enforcement and control division, and the corporate communication division.

The two-page article, published on Sept 18 in the lifestyle section, was titled "Chong Yee Shan supports the LGBTQ community by raising their awareness on legal rights".

In the letter sighted by Malaysiakini, the daily was cautioned for publishing an article which promoted the "subversive culture" of homosexuality.

The letter said this violated the ministry's guidelines under the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984 (PPPA).

Furthermore, it stated that the newspaper is prohibited from "promoting a hedonistic lifestyle which is contrary to religious teachings and a civilised society".

"Therefore, Oriental Daily is being reprimanded in order to prevent similar content being published in the future and to ensure it adheres to the terms and guidelines for publishing," it read.

Activist: Nothing has changed

At the time of writing, Deputy Home Minister Aziz Jamman has yet to respond to Malaysiakini's numerous phone calls and messages regarding the matter while his aide told the news portal to check with the ministry's officials.

Home Minister Muhyiddin Yassin is currently on leave due to health reasons.

Meanwhile, Chong regretted the issuance of the warning letter, saying that it went against freedom of expression.

She was also disappointed that nothing has changed with Pakatan Harapan coming into power with regard to the plight of the LGBTQ community.

"I thought there would be changes. But, when it comes to the LGBTQ issue... nothing is different from the BN era.

"I am furious. I am concerned that it would result in the media to practice self-censorship," the activist told Malaysiakini.

Prior to the 14th general election, Harapan pledged to repeal several laws which were deemed oppressive and this included the PPPA.

In the last parliament sitting, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Liew Vui Keong stated in that the government was studying whether to repeal, amend or replace the PPPA.


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    2. The home minister is on cancer leave.

      The deputy is as blur as a sotong, while enjoying his surprised employment.

      The little Napoleons & the zombie moles hold fort by playing monkeys for the minister!

      It's all the same business as under bn. If all the ministries & enforcing authorities ARE not been cleansed once for all, many of these monkey shows WILL go on to tarnish the name of the new govt in whatsoever ways.

      Meanwhile,the jibby minions, sycophants & paid provocateurs CAN have a field day!

      Remember what mamak has said, the current governing system has broken down due to yrs of tidak-apaism, abang-adikism & zombieic sekawan malfeasances encouraged by the jibby govt.

      Things will remain almost the same at the administration level even though some of the ph heads of the various ministries r hard at implementing CHANGES.

      Should let a bloody house cleansing start to teach these mfkers a real lesson!

  2. Pakatan as restrictive as BN ?

    That's an all encompassing statement, and I don't regard it as true.

    The Ministry's response sounded like authoritarian overreach, however
    I don't agree with anyone trying to promote and extol LGBT lifestyles.


    Did PUS received RM 2.5 Million in Dedak from UMNO ?

    Yup, investigate them... especially if it us 1MDB rakyat's money.

    Masuk Neraka..

  4. Most newspapers are under the control of the current opposition parties.

    So, creating issues, controversial subjects towards the current PH Govt. is not surprising for their subterfuge politiking.

    I prefer free Press and not closing them down. The Home Ministry just have to do away with the Printing and Press Act and issue more licenses to any person interested to have a newspaper business.

    With more competition, more people balanced views can then thrive instead of being manipulated or controlled by political parties championing their own causes.

    1. even in Oz, there are the pro-Coalition (right wing press such as The Australian, Telegraph, and other Murdoch prints), pro-Labor, pro-Green and Independent press (SMH, Age) - can read but filter the news of each accordingly

    2. It is ridiculous to equate the party-leaning newspapers in Australia to the thoroughly politicised press system that BN created.
      I have read Australian newspapers. While their editorial line leans in a certain direction, they are quite straightforward as a source of news.

      The cases of Utusan and Berita Harian manufacturing attacks on Lim Guan Eng at the time, I have never seen in Aussie newspapers of any leaning.

    3. Australian newspapers do lean politically but they do NOT generally fabricate. Fabricated or fake news have been very rare though have occurred. The Press Watchdog is very assertive and vigilant