Friday, October 12, 2018

Lost in his forested mind

Star Online - Malaysian Air Force will assist Sabah to combat forest crimes (extracts):

KOTA KINABALU: The Malaysian Air Force in Sabah will be assisting the state Forestry Department to combat forest related crime soon.

Sabah chief forest conservator Datuk Mashor Mohd Jaini said the department had a meeting with the Air Force commander for Sabah, ACP Ahmad Lokman Abdul Hadi about the matter on Oct 9, and have agreed to work together.

“This is the first of such meeting held between the Forestry Department and the Air Force; we will have more collaborations in future,” he said in a statement here on Friday (Oct 12).

He said the Air Force will be helping to watch over and trace any wrongdoings using helicopters

Firstly, the so-called 'Malaysian Air Force' is called (correctly) the Royal Malaysian Air Force (TUDM or RMAF), not just Malaysian Air Force.

Yo Mat Sabu, wakakaka 

Secondly, the Royal Malaysian Air Force doesn't have the rank of ACP. That's a police rank denoting 'Assistant Commissioner of Police'.

Thus, we can conclude that the so-called 'Malaysian Air Force' mentioned by Mashor Jaini is actually the Air Wing of the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM).

former IGP with the police pilot (air) wing

This bloke doesn't even know the difference between the TUDM and PDRM - it's quite frightening.


  1. It's sayap udara pdrm. Monitoring the forests is not the job of tudm. Acp equals to colonel tapi duduk ekonomi class dalam commercial flight, but first class for colonels.

  2. "This bloke doesn't even know the difference between the TUDM and PDRM - it's quite frightening."

    So? What's so frightening? Lots of people even Govt. servants also do not know unless they have families or relatives serving in the Armed Forces or Police.

  3. Lots of people even Govt. servants??? - Dei, who are we talking about?

  4. Wakakakakakakaka Frightening! Frightening! Frightening!

    Never heard you say that when Kleptocrats ruled and almost destroyed a country. That was definitely FRIGHTENING!

    So what, if people cannot differenciate the different ranks of different branches in the Armed Forces or Police.

    What's so frightening about that?

    1. Aiyo......nostro piggy really wanna instigate cheebye kaytee into turning nostro into char siew

      Where are my fork and spoon? 开饭喽

    2. It's not frightening to Ah Moc....Jibby is only being naughty robbing our country blind, wakakakaka. But Ah Moc gets the most god awful heebie jeebies when the stupids just couldn't get the terms right, hehe.