Sunday, October 07, 2018

Mufti of Kafir Habir: Khalwat raids will continue

NST - 'Mujahid has no authority to direct officers to stop conducting raids':

2016 - Abdul Rahman was criticised by various quarters for labeling non-believers, particularly DAP, as 'kafir harbi' for objecting to the Private Member's Bill on Syariah court amendments tabled by PAS president Datuk Seri Hadi Awang

KUANTAN: Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Dr Mujahid Yusof Rawa does not have the authority to instruct religious enforcement officers to cease 'khalwat' operations or operations on activities that go against Islamic teaching at private premises such as people's homes.

Pahang mufti Datuk Seri Dr Abdul Rahman Osman said these matters fall under the purview of each state's religious council, giving an example that in Pahang, it falls under the Pahang Islamic Religious and Malay Customs Council (MUIP).

"He is actually just a minister who takes care of Jakim (Malaysian Islamic Development Department) related matters. Religious affairs such as enforcement falls under state.

"Furthermore, as Muslims, we are encouraged to prevent what is bad and promote what is good.. this has been mentioned in the Quran and must be acknowledged," he said when contacted by NSTP, here, today.

Abdul Rahman was asked to comment on an interview Mujahid had with a local daily in which he mentioned that he would be engaging with religious agencies at state levels on khalwat raids, specifically those that involve breaking down of doors to arrest offenders.

Mujahid had said that what Muslims do behind closed doors was none of the government's business.

The article noted that Mujahid was against knocking on doors in the middle of the night by religious authorities investigating reports of khalwat.

Commenting further, Abdul Rahman said, there are quarters attempting to create a negative perception on the raids done by religious authorities.

"Actually, enforcement officers cannot simply raid or conduct operations at private residences... they can only act after receiving complaints.

"It is their responsibility to act on the complaints, but there are those trying to paint a different picture," he added.


  1. But this is actually what is happening now. Busy-bodies like neighbours, hotel workers, disgruntled employees etc "complaining" to religious authorities, sometimes anonymously. So nothing will change.

    "Actually, enforcement officers cannot simply raid or conduct operations at private residences... they can only act after receiving complaints.

    "It is their responsibility to act on the complaints, but there are those trying to paint a different picture," he added.

  2. Fact of life in Malaysia.

    Islamic laws are in the State List of the Constitution.

    The equivalent of a Mufti middle finger to the Federal Minister.

    In fact, many Muftis have the same attitude towards all the loud demands for the increase in minimum age for marriage.

    This seems to have been forgotten in the campaign to Hentam Wan Azizah.

  3. Mujahid Yusuf seems to have encroach and stepped on a hornet's nest of religious moral policing and inadvertently also the powers of Muftis under the ambit of State Rulers and State Religious Councils of which 9 are appointed by the state's rulers and 5 appointed by the Agong and in which all 14 also forms the National Fatwa Council.

    The 9 State Muftis also have the independent state authority to issue fatwas and make as well as enforce religious laws within the States whereas the other 5 States of Penang, Malacca, Sabah, Sarawak and the Federal Territories comes under the Federal Govt. religious Councils jurisdiction.

    As far the religion of Islam enforcement of laws and their policing is concerned and as far as their enforcement seen in most homogeneous Moslem countries esp in the Arab countries, there is no distinction seen when enforcing religious moral policing or laws whether in the personal or public spheres of Moslems.

    In Malaysia however, which is non-homogenous (60% Moslems and the rest 40% non-Moslems) and where the Federal Constitution makes it clear civil laws supercedes syariah laws in enforcement or policing on non-Moslems whether in the personal or public sphere or in whatever states. Non-Moslems can thus challenge any religious laws in civil courts which are not applicable to them under the laws of The Federal Constitution if applied.

    The issue Mujahid Yusuf raises seems to be now a tussle for power between a Federal Minister of Religion and the 9 State Muftis/Rulers in who has the higher ground in determining religion policing esp in States with a higher homogenous Moslem/Malay population.

    Under the Federal Constitution where religious matters are clearly under the jurisdiction of States and the Rulers except in the other 5 states which come under Federal religious councils and the King, it could be seen as an attempt to erode the powers of the State's Muftis and Rulers in the religious sphere of laws and policing.

    Does it not raises questions about religious political parties like PAS which on it's own issues religious fatwas and edicts, determining religious policing and practices without any authority vested upon them whether by the Federal Constitution or State Constitution? Where is the stand of State Muftis and Rulers in non-PAS ruled States also?

    Thus PAS vehemently opposing Mujahid opinions besides from State Muftis is not unexpected since it has opened a Pandora Box of legality of religious matters and issues by religious politicians, clergy, clerics, parties and NGOs.

    To avoid future Federal/States power struggle domination over religious matters in several states, perhaps the Federal Govt. should have a National Grand Mufti elected by the Council of Muftis just like the Agong being elected by the Council of Rulers to avoid excessive religious politiking among State Muftis.

    Isn't that part of Reformasi?

  4. can only catch n punish the poor commoner n powerless, malu la.

  5. "He is actually just a minister who takes care of Jakim...."

    Just one word from this 'just a minister' to control the money flow and habis la these 'tough' tok kok muftis ( btw, be aware that the Perak Mufti drives around in a Bentley and has taken to adorning himself with flashy huge gemstone rings...maklumlah dia kan Tan Seli, wakakaka...such sparkling image of a religious man leader will provide inspiring hope to the millions of sheeple )

    The OSTB guy puts it best :

    "Religion is a State matter. The ostard wal retards will tell Mujahid to take a hike. They are NOT going to give up their khalwat raids.

    It is also their "night out with the boys looking for excitement" - peeping at couples, watching people in various stages of undress etc.

    But there is an easy way for Mujahid to get 100% cooperation of all State religious authorities. It is called money.

    In the previous years' Budgets the Super Moron had given up to RM1 billion per annum to JAKIM to bribe all the kaum ostard wal retards spread throughout the kampongs in all the States. To buy their allegiances.

    This year's Budget should see a lot less money for the retards - unless Guan Eng has an ulterior motive to see the Malays kept dumb and poor (through more and more religion).

    I think the money allocated this year will be less. So Mujahid can really play god. All those States that disband the Mat Skodeng (religious enforcement peeping toms) should get "better" Budget allocations. Those that do not cooperate with Mujahid can continue to 'cebuk dale sungai'. No Budgets for them."...I am so loving this Cash is King saying now, hehehehe.

    Side note : an unfortunate couple caught in such peeping tom raid -

    "KL, Feb 17 — A husband & his wife today sued the Islamic Religious Department (JAWI) for raiding & arresting them for khalwat. Mohd Ridhuan, & Siti Sarah, who have been married for 3 years, are demanding apology from JAWI for their traumatic experience that resulted in injuries & their wrongful detention even after showing proof of their marriage.

    According to their lawyer Yusfarizal, 7 JAWI male officers had raided the couple’s hotel room in KL at about 1.30am.The male officers had forcefully entered the hotel room despite being told by Mohd Ridhuan that his wife inside was not dressed appropriately, adding that it resulted in a scuffle that caused the husband’s neck to be injured due to alleged strangulation.

    "Although the husband had repeatedly told the said officers that they are husband & wife & showed photo of their marriage certificate, the officers refused to accept the explanation.

    “Instead, the male officers had directed the wife, to put on her clothes in front of the male officers. One of the officers kept on taking video despite being told of our client’s marital status”.The wife was only wearing a singlet when the male enforcement officers barged in & saw her.The husband was brought to the hotel lobby, while the wife protested a male enforcement officer’s presence inside the hotel room & sought privacy to dress.... resulting in the wife being ordered to dress with the door to the hotel room open, but when the wife attempted to close the room door to protect her dignity as a woman, one of the male officers allegedly forcefully pushed the door & the wife’s chest, with this scuffle also resulting in bruises to her left arm...."