Sunday, October 14, 2018

Anwar: Not yet end of the road

Anwar Ibrahim's victory might have pleased him, his family and ardent supporters but it demolished the hopes and sinister wishes of his detractors, ill-wishers and musuh dalam selimut, wakakaka.

There were many doubts about and opposition against him contesting in Port Dickson with even more accusations hurled against his candidature, including the so-called immorality of forcing a by-election for his own political status, deemed as an unnecessary ambitious impatience.

It should be noted that the forced by-election was legal and conducted constitutionally and fairly. We need to ask, if not for a by-election to send Anwar to the Dewan Rakyat, how will he be able to fulfil the Pakatan-agreed role of an incoming PM in 2020?

Nonetheless, the abuses and detraction came - a gay with Saiful Bukhari Azlan thrown into the electoral competition for visual and (im)moralistic impact. That was followed by the wicked demand that his majority in a win in the by-election must signify the voters' (vicariously the rakyat's) confidence in his leadership and his future as Malaysia's 8th PM. A simple majority would have doomed him to eternal jeering,

A miscellaneous group of competitors were mysteriously pitted against him with Isa Samad (former UMNO standing as an Independent) and former TUDM officer Mohd Nazari Mokhtar (PAS) being the two more serious ones.

In the results of the by-election, Anwar secured 31,016 votes. His majority is 23,560-vote.

That majority was not only more than the majority achieved by the former PKR representative for PD, Danyal Balagopal Abdullah (majority 17,710 votes), but was remarkable in a far lower turnout of only 58.25% (turnout in GE14 was 83.16%).

Thus Anwar's by-election victory has been doubly won in the face of the proverbial kitchen sink being thrown at him, wakakaka.

While his future is now brighter than it had been in his past 20 years, most of which were spent as a prisoner, he must be careful to avoid the circumstances in 1997-8 that led to his 20 years of misery.

There are still many obstacles and dangers for him between now and 2020. I wish him good luck.


  1. So cheebye motherfucker kaytee is recommending anwar to tag team with beloved najib?

    Mai ke ke.....cheebye kaytee

    Time to prick kaytee balloon by demanding the guillotine of najib

    1. I did not fCk your mother so stop calling me motherfucker in the silly hope I will be your father

  2. PD GE14 : Pakatan 36,225 BN 18515 PAS 6594 Total cast: 61,334
    PD By-election 2018: Pakatan 31,016 BN 0 PAS 7456 Total cast: 44,136
    Biggest loser is BN / Bersatu (Isa is Bersatu Mahathir asset)
    Biggest winner is PAS: its' vote share jump from 10.75% to 16.89%
    despite Anwar's pedigree and low turnout.

    Can anyone tell me how many Chinese voted in PD GE14 and PD by-election? That will tell us how many Malays voted Anwar and the trajectory of PAS support in the years to come...

    1. Yes, Yes, just like the Brits claim of "moral victory" after so many of the worst military disasters in their history.

      Isandlwana, Dunkirk, Charge of the Light Brigade,

    2. From my reading; from the 31,016, about 4,652 (15%) are Malay votes.

      The sum total of PAS + ISA + 15% = 16,338 votes, still cannot surpass the 85% Anwar 'Non' Brigade votes.

      By the way PAS managed to collect RM141,623 from its members for this PD by-election.

      EC (We) spent about RM5.0 million for this PD by-election.

    3. This is known as 跌落地都要楋翻揸沙!

      Or in melayu, seperti lalat mencari puru!

      In ge14, pas obtained 6594 votes.

      Assuming these r the hardcore pas supporters that remains faithful to pas cause, then the bye-election only see an increment of 836 to 7456.

      Where r those 836 votes came from if not the gullible umbo supporters, who have rejected isa pendek.

      Majority of the pd melayu r just acting like the Nons - playing mahjong at home.

      Pas % of vote increases to 16.89 is an abominant due to low voter turnout. That has the zombies crying for joys to interpret their increased popularity due to their brainless vote reading.

  3. There is still Siti Kassim's court challenge that Anwar's Full Pardon still disqualifies him from standing as a candidate for Parliament.
    WTF is a Full Pardon from the Agong somehow less than a "Free Pardon" ?

    Then Lokman Adam's allegation that an Indonesian alleged that he was sodomized by Anwar in Singapore.
    Singapore Police have declared that is no such Police Report, and Mediacorp has declared that there is no such news report....wakakaka..
    It all comes back to Lokman Adam...waakaakaka...

    Then there will be more allegations that Anwar is unfit because he grovels before the Royals.

    Fact is Anwar was acting as a diplomatic bridge on behalf of Pakatan because Mahathir has an icy relationship with many state Sultans, and they could cause a lot of strife with the Pakatan Government agenda if they choose to play hardball.

    Then the accusations of nepotism.
    As far as I'm concerned, Nurul fought and won twice successively in Lembah Pantai some of the toughest Parliamentary contests in Malaysian history.

    Nurul has earned the right to be an MP on her own merits, there is no case of Nepotism.

  4. Trump, Mahathir, Anwar... all have got problems/obstacles evolving everyday. But they just move on. So, must you Najib.

    Here is a great quote by Churchill: "If you're going through hell, keep going."  You must keep going Najib. We are right behind.

    1. Yes I am also behind Najib. I will donate to his fund via TT.

    2. Wakakakakakaaka

      Churchill meant it for those who are sane and knows they are really going thru Hell.

      Ahjib is still hallucinating he is in Heaven. So how?

    3. R u explaining FACTS to zombies?

      Real saihei lah!

  5. "The Winds are blowing in DSAI favor now. It is time for DSAI to cast his fire ships upon all his detractors and enemies preventing him from an all out Reformasi Agenda."

    After DSAI is sworn in as MP in Parliament, Kak Wan should step down voluntary as TPM, Ministerial Posts and as MP for Pandan. Rafizi can then have his rightful chance of being an MP again by contesting in Pandan since the earlier obstacles of being charged and sued in courts are all gone.

    This time, TDM has no option but to appoint DSAI as TPM and a real PM in waiting and wait a suitable time not for him to decide but for DSAI when he is ready to take over as PM.

    TDM and his loyal Mahathirists days of determining who control the Heavens and Earth is gone. With so few MPs compared to PKR, the future of how long TDM can remain in the post as PM lies in the hands of DSAI and his allies in PH now as MPs in Parliament.

    That is how the laws of Karma works for those who have done wrongs to others in their lifetimes.

    The question everyone has to ask DSAI now is "How gracious and merciful will DSAI then be to his previous enemies who have wronged him for his years and years of incarceration in jail?"

    Will he and can he be just like another Mandela?

  6. One of the candidates , Stevie Chan (who ?) , was actually more popular online than Anwar Ibrahim.
    There was so much on-line negativity against Anwar you would have thought he would lose badly.

    Which is a cautionary tale, why you should not put too much weight on online sentiments.
    Come and smell the real air, regardless whether fresh or stinky, as they say.

    Most of the online commentators live in a bubble , both geographically and in Cyberspace.
    Many of them are not even old enough to vote.