Friday, October 05, 2018

Keep Calm & Suck-on-it

A (supposedly said): He apologised to me.

M (in a separate conversation): I did not apologise to him, regardless of his personal interpretation.

A (subsequently): I have never asked him to apologise. I have always been firm that I am satisfied with his demeanour and readiness to work with me. Forget the past and move on. It is you who are demanding forgiveness.

I have said that I have forgiven him, even N at a personal level. M has embraced me as a partner and in this process, I think that speaks volumes.


Poor A. He has to bend (stop any dirty thinking) because he knows any mistake or perceived aggression or 916-type demand on his part spells doom for him.

He is sucking on his current weakness but plans for the future, hopefully a future if things don't go awry on 13 October 2018 (luckily NOT a Friday as well, wakakaka).


  1. Anwar's first return to Parliament back in 2008 was not as hotly contested because PKR was not in power , and he wasn't a clear-cut obstacle to many other people's ambitions.

    This time round, with PKR being the largest party in Parliament, and part of the Pakatan Harapan ruling coalition, the stakes are very high.

    The first step to Anwar's return is to be elected to Parliament, and that is a threat to many , many people's ambitions.

    Not only to the overt opposition - PAS & UMNO, but supposed allies in Pribumi and many PKR leaders themselves.

    Anwar Ibrahim is a street fighter, he will win decisively, though the Voter turnout will be lower, as is usual in a by-election.

  2. Isn't DSAI also a politician unlike Ktemoc who is just an ordinary mercenary blogger?

    Time is not on TDM side and all DSAI need to do is wait until TDM kicks the bucket. I don't think the new Malaysian car will also be out in time by his cronies for his funeral car hearse.

    What is so difficult to understand? Why create conspiracies or controversies between these 2 men based on some dimwitted news?

    It's like PAS and their supporters like Kiet who hope everyday to ride on everyone's back and their troubles to ascend to the earthly Malaysian kingdom just like the Ayahtollahs ruling Iran where democracy is dead but ruling by holy clergymen who realise that pleasures and rewards on Earth is definitely better than in the Heavens just like The Holy Roman Empires of centuries ago.

    Or maybe perhaps, it is the only way out for UMNO and BN to get back into Govt. thru the backdoor rather than thru the ballots by forging alliances with parties in PH Govt. by creating enmities so that "An enemy of yours is also an enemy of mine" will come to bear? And behind all these wishy washy hopes is the undeniable fact that most of the warlords, govt. officials, murderers, thieves, robbers, rapists etc are hoping that their cases will not end up in courts once BN, PAS or UMNO is part of the unity Govt.

    It's like the BN Titanic sinking story. Most of the victims are the dunggu poor supporters while their leaders and warlords and those rich enough climb into lifeboats first and abandon ship with their luggages full of gold, jewellery and millions of cash.

    Sorry, if I have to spoil your day, Ktemoc.

  3. Wakakaka ......... end of the story, "Tun campaign for AI in PD", case closed, overtaken by event, big victory for AI, at least 4 contestants lose deposits, wakakakaka ..............

  4. The sooner we get it over with, ie AI becoming PM8, the better.

    We get two benefits out of this: 1st TDM is put to retirement (hopefully a quieter one?) and 2nd Kak Wan steps down as DPM and Women’s Minister. The 3rd benefit is the opportunity for a new and younger DPM.

  5. That local boy has already got one vote i.e. his own. For the time being he is leading.

  6. dun fight him, just wait....

    1. good advice...isn't that exactly what his partners in the coalition are doing right now ?...not bothering even to applaud his flighty idea or going the other end of quarreling with him openly and publicly over it.

      we all know the partners know that the moment he's no longer the PM, this new national car will die a quick death even before it gets off the ground.