Saturday, October 27, 2018

Bapak Capati

MM Online - Former Umno strongman Mustapa Mohamed now a PPBM member (extracts):

He said: “I also support Dr Mahathir’s emphasis on transparency and integrity in ensuring good governance and creating a new political landscape in the country,” transparency, integrity, good governance???

by a man involved in BMF, FOREX, Perwaja, Maminco-Mukawasa, road tolls, IPP, MAS, Ops Lalang, etc etc etc

which makes my toes laugh out in hysteria

One week after the GE14 general elections in May, Mahathir said (extracts from FMT's
PH won’t accept Umno members, says Dr M

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad says Pakatan Harapan (PH) will not accept Umno members and those from other parties who now want to join the pact.

“There are many from the opposing camp who now want to join PH parties, but we find that the people can’t accept those from Umno and other parties".

Wakakaka, what utter bull. Bapak Capati.

Initially he also said he would only stay on as PM for 2 years but on becoming PM he said he might stay on longer if "that is the people's wish".

He then revived his National Car obsession to our consternation (showing the old devil hasn't repented from his humongous wastage of resources) and as if that was not bad enough, also his crooked bridge.

we cannot afford his attempts to 'fix' Sing to satisfy his chip on his shoulder against the Island State

We used to say "White men speak with forked tongue" but we leave it to your imagination to amend that just as Mahathir has done to his many capati-ed promises.


  1. but only thief can catch a thief, its now proven. lets wait n see, its god wish if he can stay as pm for another 22 years.

  2. Let us see who is coming in soon. Nazri, allegedly the Anwar hardcore supporter? Hisham, the Jho Low hunter? I think before too long, half or more of Umno MPs would be absorbed into PPBM? Maybe an official government or ministerial position for new PPBM memebers?
    For f... sake, the rakyat elect PH , not for PH to import MPS from defeated parties !!!!!!

    1. As that Kelentong RPuKi has averred..this government is Chinese-led, hehehe. So it must be DAP LKS or even Lim Guan Eng who are the shadowy figure/s behind this move to bring in all the those defeated UMNOs operatives back into action. Poor Maddy...under the thumb of LKS and his puppet on a string, bleating yes sir mr lim, yes sir mr lim, three bags full.

    2. way la? Khairy maybe. Kaytee may join after najib is guillotine. Thats if kaytee still keep hia fucking head

  3. Kan saya dah bilang rakyat semua sudah pilih CAPATI as their favourite food, after so many by-elections all convincingly won by Harapan.

    Senior ex-UMNO members are now also choosing CAPATI as their favourite past time food. Today Tok Pa, more will come. So let's move on and talk about the 2019 Budget.

    Guanee can't print more money, but he can restrain all the Ministries on a tight leash. Just because the money is allocated to them doesn't mean they can simply spend it. Before every ringgit is signed off the spending must be justified to Guanee, the all-powerful Minister of Finance.