Friday, October 26, 2018

My Fear - Will Anwar Ibrahim be assassinated?

RPK posted Malaysia First Country In The World To Get Ex-Convict For PM in which was written (extracts):

Malaysia is not only the first country in the world to get the oldest prime minister in history, it is also going to be the first country in the world to get an ex-convict for a prime minister. [...]

..... Anwar Ibrahim was convicted for corruption and was sentenced to a six-year jail sentence. Anwar appealed his conviction all the way up to the federal court and lost. He also had to serve his full sentence with no pardon, after which he served his second sentence for sodomy

But since the 09 May 2018 general elections, Anwar has been pardoned by HM the Agong. After winning the Port Dickson by-election he has been sworn in as MP and thus is ready to be the next PM, barring "unexpected" happenings as per the 1998-9 and 2014-5 imprisonments.

I posted my thoughts or comments in RPK's post as follows:

Pet, I may differ on Anwar being the (future) PM who was an ex convict. The honour goes to Patrice Lumumba (Congo) in 1959 - deposed in a coup organised by the US, UK and Belgian he was murdered and his body dissolved in acid by Belgian assassinators.

Next was Indira Gandhi who was jailed in 1978 by the Janata government on corruption charges. She was released when the Janata government collapsed subsequently

Some ex convicts went on to become Presidents of their nations, people like Fidel Castro (Cuba), Nelson Mandela (S Africa), KIm Dae Jung (S Korea), sweetie Dilma Rousseff (Brazil) and Olusegun Obasanjo (Nigeria)

Forget about the republican (and one communist) presidents of their nations and join me in looking at the career ends of the two ex-convict prime ministers, namely, Patrice Lumumba of Congo and Indira Gandhi of India.

Both were assassinated, where Patrice Lumumba was murdered in a coup d'état organised or backed by colonialist Belgium, abetted by Imperialistic Britain and anti-communist USA who wrongly thought Lumumba was becoming a communist. Most of us know the murder of Indira Gandhi so I won't say anything more.

What I fear, perhaps in a silly suspicious superstition, may be a similar fate for Anwar Ibrahim, who though won't be the first ex-convict to be PM of his nation, may well be assassinated in like fashion to his fellow ex-convict PMs, Lumumba and Gandhi.

You know the popular saying, that things always happen in threes - to wit, ex-convicts becoming PMs getting assassinated: (1) Lumumba, (2) Gandhi and (3) Anwar Ibrahim?

I hope not, but what do you think, given both his overwhelming popularity and unpopularity?

But I do wonder whether he could be the 1st DPM in the world to be given a 'black eye' whilst in prison.


  1. I'm looking beyond Anwar - Zaid Ibrahim as PM9. He wants to liberate the entrapped Malay/Muslim mind.

  2. Since May 9 , there have been many extraordinary actions taken by many individuals and organisations to thwart Anwar from progressing to advance the plan for him to be the next PM.
    They range from expected UMNO operatives to PPBM agents who see Anwar as THE obstacle to their plans for PPBM to be the next Taikor of Malaysian politics.

    Most surprisingly have been many idealist social activists who say Anwar should wait quietly in the sidelines, accusing him of being power hungry.

    In fact , Anwar has been among the most high profile proponents of reform Agenda, and these activists have much to thank him for advancing their cause.

    Thankfully, Malaysia has no significant history of people killing rivals to advance their political agendas.

    Other than some crazed, unhinged individual, I don't think anyone will resort to actually attempting to kill Anwar for political agenda.

  3. i thot aung san suu kyi, deng xiao peng also, though political, but anwar is more likely due to the same, how many politician go to jail bec of sodomy?

    rpk writes r mostly very childish, suit his daughter brain.

    1. sorry childish is not a precise description, rpk is a liar, no diff with najib zahid. while hadi n pas is no diff with that saudi minister, zero moral that still pretend as if religious. kt n helen ang buat tak tahu pasal penipu n pencuri, sad.

    2. Dedak can make some people become buat tak tau...their new philosophy since imbibing dedak is BUATBODO, hehehe