Sunday, October 28, 2018

Malaysian Half-Breed

The online dictionary tells us that the term:


[haf-breed, hahf-] Disparaging and Offensive.

a contemptuous term used to refer to the offspring of parents of different racial origin, especially the offspring of an American Indian and a white person of European descent.

of or relating to such offspring.

Origin of half-breed
An Americanism dating back to 1750–60

In short, it is a vile racist term which we as civilised people should never use. Originally, that was, in America, it refers to "persons descended from Indian women by white men" and is usually used with disparaging intent and perceived as insulting, implying that a 'half-breed' is somehow different or inferior.

Kaytee suspects the term 'half-breed' refers to the 
white' part of the person's breed, where the 'non-white' part is not worth considering as a 'breed' or of animal or non-human characteristics.

A Facebook acquaintance used it to describe RPK. Whilst I realise RPK is much detested by Pakatan people for his socio-political posts (which they once adored very much and had even at one stage proposed him as PM of Malaysia, wakakaka) I was nonetheless shocked that a supposedly "educated" person as that FB acquaintance would even see fit to employ such a vile abusive description of a political 'enemy'.

That would have been akin to calling Mahathir a half-breed too, which much as I dislike him and fear his political policies, is horrendously wicked and malicious. While referring to Mahathir as Mamak has been a naughty jab or reminder of his Indian-religious origin (rather than his 'half' of whatever his genes may be), I would be very much against extremely horrendous racist terms such as half-breed.

As a quiet protest, I informed that FB acquaintance that I, kaytee, am also a half-breed. If he likes to use such a disgusting racist term, he should at least be aware of my ethnic status or composition, wakakaka.

Urassaya Sperbund

of Thai and Norwegian heritage

alas, poor kaytee, though with tomyum running in my veins, does not look as gorgeous as her, wakakaka

But Eff me if my ears fail me - I heard that bloke (FB acquaintance) explaining condescendingly why a half-breed like me, of Asian plus Asian genes, is far far different from RPK's half breed nature, which is half Pom (Mat Salleh) and half Melayu.

In his racist eyes and sadly, muddled thinking, I am supposedly far more superior to RPK, although in truth I am, by his lamentable fondness for that description, also a half-breed and as that contemptuous term implies, of an already gene-diminished status (only half pure lah, wakakaka).

I wonder whether I should be "grateful" to his "generous" gene-assessment of poor half-breed me being 'superior' to half-breed RPK, apart from his presumption I am Asian plus Asian type of half-breed, wakakaka? For all he knows, I could be also half Mat Salleh and half Taiwanese aborigine, wakakaka again.

Nancy Kwan Ka Shen

of Chinese Hong-Kongite, Scottish & English heritage

entirely my type, wakakaka  

But don't forget what I said above, that I suspect the term 'half-breed' refers only to the 'white' part of the person's breed, where the 'non-white' part is not worth considering or of animal or non-human characteristics - that effectively means my 'Asian plus Asian' genes work out for me as having 100% animal or non-human characteristics, grrrrrowl, wakakaka.

Next he used the normal (colloquial) Chinese Hokkien term, 'chaap-cheng' (mixed breed), perhaps an iota above 'half-breed' as it doesn't imply only 'half' of proper breed. But it is still a derogatory abusive term. A very racist term loved by racists and early Chinese Malaysian society.

In earlier days, we called offspring of happy unions between Europeans and Asians politely as 'Eurasians' (eg. like Nancy Kwan) but it seems even such an innocuous term has been deemed unacceptable in today's world, thus evolved the world 'Pan-Asians'.

Nancy Kwan Ka Shen
I adore her 

But in appalling repugnant offence, I suppose nothing beats the FB bloke's use of 'half-breed'.

Nadine Chandrawinata
Miss Indonesia 2006

Indonesia, Chinese & German heritage

(but which type of Indonesian? Javanese, Sundanese, Bugis (Sulawasi), Balinese, Sumatraan? but who cares) 


  1. Wakakakakaka……

    U want to know as a half breed?

    No such luck lah!

    Half breed:

    a contemptuous term used to refer to the offspring of parents of different racial origin, especially the offspring of an American Indian and a white person of European descent.

    Origin of half-breed
    An Americanism dating back to 1750–60

    See the part about that Americanism?

    Here in the good old Asian value deterministic societies, no ANY half part of that 'product' is considered superior - unlike the egoistic Americanism & maybe the dormant white supremacism that lies underneath these human trash!

    1. yes, it started in the Wild West Frontier, but unfortunately, has crept into global racist usage. But you are quite correct that Americans especially of yonder ages were (some still are) very very racist a la KKK

  2. civilise is required when the other party is deemed civilise. we r not jesus.

    1. My friend, incivility is eroding our 'bahasa dan budaya'. As an example: Re your comment - 'mahathir and 40 thiefs'. Yes I agree that you're not Jesus, as you don't even have a religion?

    2. Wakakakakaka…

      Let me quote a a native SA Incus saying.

      The giving of a gift honours the recipient. By accepting the gift, the honour is been returned to the giver.

      The infinite wisdom that's been implied IS only applicable when both parties r indulging with good rational intentions.

      Otherwise, the act of reciprocity, either in intrinsic or in act, has NO meaning!

      No Jesus, or any super being is been implied. It's just SIMPLE human decency in play lah.

  3. Sometimes, people of mixed ethnicity seem to inherit the worst characteristics of both parent's cultural / racial heritage.

    A mixed race Malay-Chinese person I know is lazy, tidak-apati, with a strong sense of tongkat-Entitlement attitude, as well as being mercenary, materialistic and lacking in traditional courtesy and manners..

    A true combination of Ugly Malay and Ugly Chinese...

    In RPuki's case , he is a true case of combined Ugly Malay and Ugly Englishman.

    1. He wasn't always like that. He went through an abrupt conversion into a fullblown case of anti cina anti Pakatan Syndrome sometime in 2014, and became a Najib lover. Got jilted maybe?
      Just like KT now... Some kind of infectious disease going around.

    2. Like Sifu, like disciple, hehehehehe

  4. "Defaming the Prophet Muhammad exceeds the permissible limits of freedom of expression, ruled the European Court of Human Rights, upholding an Austrian court’s decision".

    A civilised decision indeed.

    1. Ya, I doubt a non-Muslim religion could ever get the same respect and consideration in an Islamic state.

      Very thoughtful Vienna court ruling, considering the history of the land. Vienna was the limit of Ottoman Muslim attempt to conquer European territory, and from what I read, it was a near-run thing.

      Do you know why even today, croissants are shaped like a Crescent ?
      It originated from a great celebration of the victory by combined Austrian and other European forces over the Muslim army at the siege of Vienna in 1683.

  5. I agree its bad to call dead people contemptuous names. May he rest in peace. Side note: his ghost has not haunted me, I am scared of humans who don't realise the stupidity of their own hypocrisy

  6. actually not too bad a term.
    The Chinese term for a mixed-ancestry person... Chap Cheng Knia... or child of 10 ancestors... is much nastier...

  7. Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Sussex is a half-breed, using the archaic and now derogatory term.

    With the announcement of her pregnancy , future descendants of the Royal House of Windsor will also include half-breeds...

    1. House of Windsor was long mixed, between that of English and German blood

  8. The Angles and Saxons were Germanic tribes which settled in England during the Dark Ages, and formed the core linguistic and cultural heritage of Britain.

    One time when travelling through Germany, I was struck by how so many ordinary German words are similar to the equivalent English word.
    Spelled differently, spoken differently, but the shared common root is unmistakable.
    The mixture of English and German to a large extent is not viewed as foreign.

    Now...the Duchess of Sussex is mixed White and Negro ( considered impolite term in the US nowadays)...she's really what in the old days would be called a Half-Breed.... wakakaka...