Friday, September 16, 2016

Will Mahathir free Anwar?

From the Star Online:

sorry but I just can't forgive you

that's okay 'coz I have the same feelings 

KUALA LUMPUR: Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia chairman Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad feels the time has not come yet to discuss the release of jailed former opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

The former prime minister said no promises could be made about the agenda stated by Pribumi president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and it could only be considered if the party was in power.

Muhyiddin had expressed support for the release of Anwar and pledged to make that the agenda of the party’s struggle.

"All plans of the party will come later. Now, we cannot make any promises because we are powerless.

“If that is the desire of all, surely we cannot say no. We will look into the efforts (to release Anwar) later," Dr Mahathir told reporters on the sidelines of the 55th annual meeting of the Muslim Welfare Organisation of Malaysia (Perkim). [...]

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department and Perkim vice-president Datuk Seri Dr Shahidan Kassim said if the opposition political parties took up the agenda to 'free Anwar', they should also campaign for the release of other prisoners.

"If you want to have Anwar released, then you must also free all the others.

“If the struggle is to release just one individual, what about the plight of the other prisoners?

"Perhaps they (the others) are too small that they escape notice?" he asked. – Bernama

Wakakaka. From those Mahathir's words, may we safely assume the olde man has no intention whatsoever to release his (1st) archfoe (Najib is currently his (2nd) Nemesis, wakakaka).

Why couldn't he say a simple 'Yes'?

Why qualify his response with so many conditions like "Now, we cannot make any promises because we are powerless" as if we don't know that?

He would be considered to tap-dance, indicating 'No' without actually saying that word, in a manoeuvre we are familiar with and which we term the unique Malay 'beating-around-the-bush', wakakaka.

With the exception of AA and TC, is Pakatan so hard-up that they will still support Mahathir's Pribumi? AA and TC have already committed themselves, wakakaka.

It seems likely that Mahathir's sole motive in shaking the hands of Anwar had been to get his support and more importantly the support of Pakatan. I bet Mahathir had his hand which shook Anwar's carefully sterilised, wakakaka.

As for freeing Anwar, Shahidan Kassim, much as I think he's a clown, might have a point, wakakaka. Anwar was known as  sodomist since Karpal Singh's days, and it was Mahathir who then defended him or ignored his sexual escapades. I reckon it'll be to the benefit, nay, salvation of Malaysia if he stays out of politics, or made to do so, wakakakaka.


  1. Ktemoc's call to deny Anwar any possibility of being released Chin Chnea, Chin Chnea Tok.

    By the way, those with an evil heart will not have a good end. That is inescapable Karma, regardless whether you are a Buddhist, Christian, Muslim or Atheist.

    1. well, he has an evil way. That's why he is in prison.


    Q? Is a person convicted of SODOMY "Fit" to be a PM/President of a Sovereign State (Country)?

  3. Anwar Ibrahim ... MUST BE FREED, (repeat x 10), AFTER HE HAS SERVED HIS EARNED AND DESERVED TIME IN PRISON ... period!

    Q? Would a SODOMITE, convicted by an Apex Court, be fit to be a PM/President of a State (Country) such as M'sia?

  4. Mahathir was just granted audience by the very institution he defanged, to submit his Declaration, with the purpose to topple an elected PM. Is there protocols for such action, is the King supposed to act on advise, above politics etc? Or is this a significant development?

    1. Mahathir was a former PM, one who governed Malaysia for 22 years so HM the Agong did the courtesy of at least giving him an audience which he asked for, full stop.

    2. With a former PM behaving in such un-statesman-like manner (more like a rabble-rouser) it would do no harm if he have been just ignored by the King.

      Granting him an audience sends a message as if there was tacit condonement of the efforts against the Najib administration which was also installed by the King.

      Whether the Declaration will result in anything or whether is a trap (like being spun by those damage-control fellas) is another matter. The mere fact that a private citizen agitator gained access to the palace is significant, and unprecedented.

      Furthermore the palace have to maintain a certain aloofness in matters like this, otherwise there will be insinuations of political or partisan behaviour.

      Unless there was something to it (like the unprecedented joint statement issued by the Keeper of the Rulers' Seal in Oct 2015 )....

    3. In a Westminster Constitutional Monarchy, any citizens or groups of citizens still have the right to petition the Ruler directly.

      In Malaysia, the Agong had previously agreed to receive Bersih's petition on its 8 objectives.

      In the UK, the Crown maintains website for such a purpose. Depending on the merits of the case, the response may be a simple Thank You from a staff member, sometimes a personal response from the Queen. It is rare for the Queen to grant a personal audience with a Petitioner, but there is nothing out of line about it , if she choses to.

      As a Constitutional Monarch, the Queen has no executive powers, but she has the right to ask for information and explanations from the Government, even highly Classified information. She also has the right to give advice to the Prime Minister, who is free to disregard the advice. But a wise Prime Minister would give her views due consideration.

    4. Al Bert, as I commented above, Mahathir may be a citizen but he is not an ordinary one as he has been a former PM, one who governed Malaysia for 22 years. Former Aussie PM who visited UK had sometimes asked for audience with royalty, even the Queen or the (late) Queen Mother, when their requests were granted.

      Thus HM the Agong only did the courtesy of giving Mahathir an audience which he asked for. If he sprung the Declaration on HM, what could the King do but to politely accept, wakakaka, but the King has no constitutional right to sack the PM except under highly qualified constitutional situations which a Declaration is not one of those.