Saturday, September 10, 2016

Sly musang at scorpion tail

Najib's federal government's term ends in 2018 (termination of his legal 5-year parliamentary term - Ozzie pollies have only 3 years, as Aussies say their pollies are less trustworthy, wakakaka), so if he calls for any general elections prior to 2018, for example like in 2017 as is now rumoured, the early election will be considered as a snap election.

aiyah, lator ah, pilihanlaya awal ah?

sebentar, saya nak tanya Mahathir Anwar dulu


Can a PM call for a snap election?

Under Westminster rules (like what we Malaysians have), an early election is permissible while delayed election, well passed the termination date of a parliamentary term, is illegal and thus NOT allowed.

One has 5 years (plus a wee bit) and that's that. Any longer than that and one will be a dictator like our northern neighbour, wakakaka. Aha, that might well be another option for Ah Jib Gor, wakakaka. Man man lai, Ah Hniah! 

Thus if Najib calls for an early election in 2017, and incidentally Bloomberg claimed it has received many hints from UMNO insiders (do MCA and Gerakan even know? wakakaka), it's okay.

OTOH, if Guan Eng calls for an early election as he did recently for Penang state, it's NOT okay because he will be, and in fact was accused of wasting the taxpayers' money, scandal distractions, arrogance, etc etc etc, with the most virulent abusive objections coming from his so-called ally PKR, most times via distanced surrogates (meaning, PKR acted diam diam pretending to be a good boy, whilst its cyber-troopers did the dirty laundering or washing of DAP in public, wakakaka).

Back again to Najib's possible early election - To do or not to do, for him it's six of one and half a dozen of the other.

On one hand he's now besieged by scandals and unrest, much as he might have being portraying himself as cool, relaxed and confident, Then the economy for Malaysia isn't, as they say, shit hot. Though things in Malaysia haven't been as awful as in neighbouring countries, nonetheless the voters' pockets have become somewhat swallower. These are negative factors for a ruling party in an election, and a blessing for the opposition party, wakakaka,

On the other, the opposition is currently in a shambles, more so after the Sarawak state elections where there were so much back-stabbing by PKR of DAP that the word 'trust' does not exist between them, not that it did before,

That Sarawak election endowed an unhappy feeling for DAP members who are still glowering from PKR's (fairly renowned) treachery then. The DAP's sour tasting experience merely confirms their long-time suspicion of PKR as dishonourable, treacherous, avaricious and essentially a frightening clone of ketuanan UMNO, its erstwhile parent, wakakaka. 

Then, to add a further factor into an already muddled equation for the opposition, the 3-corner fights in Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar by-elections showed the vengeance of a jilted PAS who demonstrated their dedak-driven aim to act as spoiler for BN in GE-14, which terrifies PKR more than DAP.

And ain't it padan muka for the wee lil' f**king ketuanan party which stabbed DAP in the back in Sarawak recently by inserting its own 3rd party candidates in many of seats allocated to DAP, a Pakatan seat-sharing allocation which was already approved by Wan Azizah, but you have to ask AA and TC why they did otherwise.

BTW, in the Sarawak recent state elections, recall one seat which would have been won by BN without contest if the DAP didn't membalas dendam, because the PKR candidate in that constituency would have been disqualified, but our remarkable EC on receiving the DAP candidate's papers to be a competing candidate for said constituency, decided to re-qualify the disqualified PKR candidate so as to see a 3-corner contest, wakakaka.

The Sarawak experience gave Najib some confidence and his recent overtures to Sarawak, false or true or bureaucratically hampered, aim to consolidate on that BN advantage. On top of that, his recent chummy tete-a-tete with Obama in Vientiane might have provided a burnishing to his damaged reputation, wakakaka. 

Incidentally we shouldn't condemn jilted PAS too much, notwithstanding its to-&-fro swing from pretend tidakapathy (couldn't-care-less attitude) to virulent abusive hatred and threats for DAP and back again, wakakaka, because it has been damn mad about its DAP-insisted ouster from Pakatan, due solely to its premature push for hudud in Kelantan, wakakaka.

You see, now PAS will no longer enjoy the DAP-sponsored Chinese support it had in 2008 and 2013, and with which it had dreamed of using in GE-14 to capture some 60 plus federal seats, which the 25 to 35% Chinese voters in each of them (Mahathir's erstwhile dream-constituency, wakakaka), would have helped propel it into a very powerful federal position.

Aiyaya, sayang saje, Pak Haji, make haste, more waste lah, wakakaka, you just moved a wee too fast with your hudud and frightened the shit out of us Chinapeks - you should have make do temporarily with a Cameron Highlands' celery stalk to whip your naughty Muslims lah until the hudud legislation was passed in post GE-14.

Meanwhile, Mahathir's Pribumi has not been as potent as it had been made out to be, with its party president being a person who for a start is saddled with a salacious scandal. The newbie party has also said it will have to compete in Pakatan's seats - and kangkang PKR (in the person of Tian Chua) has with much alacrity agreed to surrender most of its seats to the demands of Pribumi, while Amanah which thus far doesn't have any but is eyeing PAS' seats, follows suit with meaningless gesture.

But will Najib's snap election put Pribumi at any disadvatage? It's a bugger of an analysis and Najib has to weigh that carefully, critically and correctly and make the vital decision - hah, decision, decision, decision!

The DAP remains silent with regards to Pribumi's demand as it's not pleased with the concept of 'more men, less share', a fact of reality and much to the consternation and marginalisation of lil' flea PSM in Peninsular and SNAP in Sarawak. Besides, DAP's seats are mainly non-majority seats, so one needs to ask whether a party with a moniker like Pribumi would want nons' seats?

But the DAP realizes too of another danger, that PKR is not as altruistic as it appears when it hands over its seats willingly to Pribumi, as undoubted it will demand, a la Pakatan quid pro quo and pseudo-haapcheok (cooperation) and pompous ketuanan, a re-sharing and thus re-allocation of seats for Pakatan members with of course PKR eating into DAP's current seats, preferably blue-ribboned seats, on the basis of compensating its Kay-Poh-Chnee (KPC) kangkang give-away to Pribumi.

And didn't we just witness that PKR's covert lust when in Guan Eng's proposed snap state election for Penang a very lustful PKR demanded about 3 of DAP's seats as a quid pro quo for joining DAP in the snap state election? Podah!

PKR is not only an avaricious beast but also a sly musang - if you fail to keep a beady eye on it, you'd find one of your prized chooks missing, wakakaka.

So, Ah Jib Gor, tell us what you intend to do, wakakaka.


  1. Wow....really sucking up to Ah Jib Gor's anatomical part....

    1. AA and TC suck Mahathir, and you suck AA in AI's absence, wakakaka