Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Mother India?

FMT - Tamil protest: Sign of warped priorities? (relevant extracts follow):

Enraged by the presence of former Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa at a forum in Malaysia, a group of protesters, including politicians from both sides of the political divide, gathered in front of the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) to call for him to be sent back to his country and burned his effigy.

Then came the stupidity. The protesters, including members of a group calling itself “Naam Tamilars” (We are Tamilians), gathered in front of the Sri Lankan Buddhist temple in Sentul and demanded to know Rajapaksa’s whereabouts. They then assaulted the chief monk, Sri Saranan.

The anger did not stop there. A small group of men later assaulted Sri Lankan High Commissioner Ibrahim Sahib Ansar at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

And now there’s even a campaign to raise money to bail out five men who have been arrested in connection with the attacks.

What were the rowdy groups trying to achieve in assaulting Sri Saranan and Ibrahim Sahib, who may have absolutely no links to Rajapaksa?

How many of the attackers even know who Rajapaksa is and what the civil war in Sri Lanka was all about? How many of them were aware that the war broke out way before Rajapaksa came to power?

Even if he is alleged to have done nothing to stop the killing of Tamils there, how logical is it to fight a “war criminal” by being violent towards people who have no apparent connection to him?

Don’t we Malaysian Indians already have enough local issues to deal with?

The funny thing is that the Sri Lankan Tamil community in Malaysia, who should rightfully be the ones enraged were hardly involved in these protests. Many are known to have done well in the country. Prominent figures include business tycoon T Ananda Krishnan and Westport’s G Gnanalingam. There are also prominent professionals from the community.

Politicians of Indian descent are very much to blame for encouraging the acts of rage and stupidity. Leading a mob and chanting offensive words, only to later distance themselves from these acts after violence had occurred, was irresponsible.

Malaysian Indians would do best to channel their energy towards helping each other attain a respectable status in society, learning to cherish their culture and language and abstaining from butchering each other.

And we have absolute silence about this from the usual mob?

Do you remember former DAP member, Superman Hew Kuan Yau who made a silly statement in his Facebook that China owns the South China Sea and its billions worth of natural resources and strategic security advantages, infuriating millions of Malaysian who took to abusing and excoriating the DAP for it?

There was no one more stupid and un-Malaysian than Hew for supporting China against Malaysia or Malaysian interests. He was told to leave the DAP, el pronto!

Need I say anything more, you bunch of mute clowns?


  1. Whoever broke the law must be prosecuted.
    However, as to the other considerations, we must remember the history.

    Lest We Forget...
    For more than 2 decades, 1948 - 1970, many Chinese Malayans / Malaysians materially aided, abetted and comforted those who were attempting a violent , armed Communist Revolution here.

    In addition, it was often suspected, though not proven, that China was providing aid to the CTs. What is certain is that China later sheltered Chin Peng and other CPM leaders.

    So when Hew Kuan Yau came out siding with China on the territorial disputes which involve Malaysia, it awoke old ghosts perhaps best forgotten.

    There were NO equivalent acts of treachery by Indians in Malaysia/Malaysia. Relations between India and Malaysia have always been cordial and friendly. Similarly with Sri Lanka.

    I am very relaxed and unconcerned about the loyalty of Indians in Malaysia.
    Not so with the Chinese, with good historical reasons.

    1. It's grossly incorrect to say MANY Chinese Malaysians helped the CT. If they had, Malaya and Malaysia would NOT have won the war. In fact it was Chinese Malaysians SB officer from top to bottom who won the war for Malaya and Malaysia. I needn't mentioned the number of SPs and PGBs they won, but one thing is now clear to Chinese Malaysians, is that with you type of Malay mentality, they would never be ever considered as Malaysians even if they laid down their lives for Malaysia, because some Malays lack a sense of GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION of Chinese Malaysian sacrifices.

      As for Indians, ever heard of Subhas Chandra Bose and his henchmen who fought for teh Japanese against Malayan interests?

      Today's China is no longer the same as Mao's China. It is NOT interested in overrunning Malaysia as Mao had once wanted to. Today the remnants of Tamil Eelam is a clear and present danger to Malaysia, what more with 50% of Malaysian gangsters being Indians here.

    2. It’s grossily over-simplified to say that Mao had once wanted to overrun Malaya.

      During Mao's China, Mao Zedong was too preoccupied to counteract the propaganda wars of the Capitalist West. He was also facing a formidable ideological challenge within China. So to overrun Malaya was none of his priority!

      At most, one could ONLY attribute the ‘aids’ from Mao’s China then as in the same category as the M’sia’s ‘aids’ to the terrorist groups of Southern Thailand & the Pinnoy Moros, in the holistic alms for ummat Islam.

      The Malaya Communist insurgence of the 50/60s was a fight of independence between two sets of ideology.

      The ONLY unfortunate undertone was that each set of insurgent was profiled racially between the Chinese & the Malay Malayans. But that didn’t rule out the fact that within CPM, there were Melayu subgroups, just like there were Chinese Malayan/Malaysian SB officers from top to bottom who won the war for Malaya from CPM.

      Indeed, Lest We Forget...

      For more than 2 decades, 1948 - 1970, many Malayans/Malaysians materially aided, abetted and comforted those who were attempting a violent, armed Revolution here. They were capitalist & communist Malayans/Malaysians who hold true to their individual ideology. The treachery was on both sides, amidst a war!

      The Indian Malayans were less significant in this conflict, 1st bcoz of their number within each groups, 2nd they were more inclines to follow their Pommie master, as there were no similar war time Japanese atrocities as inflicted upon the Chinese Malayans. But even then, there were people like Sybil Kathigasu & Subhas Chandra Bose, who were TOTALLY ignored in the Malaya/M’sia history for their fight of nationhood, lest people like Chin Peng!

      If one will to judge on historical reasons, then the Melayu, especially those elites & the blueblood, should be ashamed of their acts of “quislings who sold out the patriot game”. There were almost NONE (check almost!!!) who could proudly stand up & said that they patriotically took part in the liberation wars against the Pommie colonialists & the Japanese fascists.

      So, scoundrel who?????

    3. CK,

      you really should read more about Subhas Chandra Bose. which side was he on ? did he ever fight for Malaya's independence as much as India's ? where was he from ?

      other than that, yes, retards like warrior should be ashamed of himself to think that his race is so holy. but I doubt if he even has a functioning brain. makanlah dedak umno, warrior !

    4. "There were NO equivalent acts of treachery.."

      there r, some msian betray our country n seek refuge in i...s, they bomb msia n msian.

      "read more about Subhas Chandra Bose"

      i dun know who is sc bose, i do know during japan occupation of spore, there was 1 chinese (or baba) work for the japs. fortunately the japs lost the war, or else sporean would be very fluent in the japs language, just like how they master eng today, n i am pretty sure lks n lge would follow wakaka.

    5. hmm... i wonder where the term 'running dogs' came from, HY...

      i find your ignorance of general knowledge amusing in this age of Google.

      assuming your level of general knowledge only covers anything about your own race, surely you are not blind about the history of running dogs in China and among Chinese M'sians ?

      if you "dun know who is sc bose", please learn how to use Google. the more you proclaim your ignorance, the more embarassing it gets for you.

    6. 'running dogs'? - as far as I know, msia especially chinese use this term interchangeable with pragmatic, many therefore claim lky is pragmatic wakaka

      "dun know who is sc bose" - unlike yr boastful type, i am honest abt myself.

    7. indeed, so surely you cant say your own race is so pure ? from WW2 to today, who let the running dogs out ? wakakakaka...

  2. oh, so HY wants all Sporean to speak Chinese ? too bad, you are not the PM of lil red dot, so butthurt folks like you continue to mourn. your butt itches now ? please brush up your Engrand first la... wakakkaka...

    anyway i cant see how, when CK and Ktemoc talk about Subhas and the Indians, you make the loop to a "baba work for the japs" in Spore. i assume you love flying kites to Spore because you love flying out of the topic, no ? as if your own race is so clean that you have no running dogs ?

    1. where did I said I wan sporean to speak chinese, i am just hinting lky is pragmatic wakaka, ko masih tak blush comprehension skill ko masih tahap budak hmmm...

      apa konteks tu host cakap pasal subhas? if have time, do more reading la, its a good habit. hanya tahu google make u look a bit cetek la.

    2. nampaknye, awak pi lah cari kamus ko yg berhabuk tu. apa maksud comprehension ? comprehension maksud pusing2 macam macai spt awak ? ha-ha-ha !

      apa konteks ? aduhai... carilah kamus awak yg berhabuk tu ! konteks pun tak tau. ni mesti kepala dlm tempurung, lagi mau cakap tentang Subhas. padahal, awak "dun know who is sc bose". wakakkaka...

  3. Historical facts;

    Harry worked as a translator for the Jap during the occupation. Samax2 macam Robert in Johore kalau I remembered correctly.

    Razak worked as a pekan administrator for the Jap & there were many unpleasant stories there too!

    Running dogs aplenty...for different reasons!!!!!!

    1. indeed. its not as if any one race is so innocent. running dogs are aplenty everywhere including here.

      having said that, this is not really the issue here, is it ?