Sunday, September 11, 2016

Mute found his voice?

At Last!


The MCA and Gerakan Party have re-discovered their balls, wakakaka!

For years, especially during Mahathir's time, both parties were devoid of their gonads and had to cringe and bow to the whims and fancies of UMNO's head, namely, Mahathir.

While respect and some degree of conceding should be accorded to the biggest and strongest BN component party in Malaysia, to wit UMNO, in accordance with our Asian politeness, etiquette and respect of social protocol for elders, the degree of kowtowing that MCA and Gerakan had given or was forced to give to UMNO had been unduly, obscenely and disgustingly excessive, amounting to cowardly cringing, shameful servility (to the Chinese community), bodoh bodek-ness and plain demonstration of boe-lam-paar, wakakaka.

Speaking of Penang and Penangites, from 1969 until 2004 we had loved, respected and supported Gerakan and to a lesser extent, MCA. But in the end the Chinese grew weary of the boe-lam-paar-ness of Gerakan and MCA that they eventually did in 2008 exactly what they did in 1969 - they switched party, and massively if I may say so.

In 1969 they switched from MCA to Gerakan, when the latter was then in the opposition, and in 2008 they switched from Gerakan/MCA (by now BN) to the opposition DAP.

Thus the DAP swept into power and became the ruling party in the Penang state government, tagged along by PKR on its tailcoats. The score in Penang was repeated in 2013.

And who the fucks care about Selangor in 2008, 2013 or in GE-14, then and now, wakakaka!

And the change in Penang happened because the Chinese, as I mentioned, grew tired of a boe-lam-paar Gerakan Party and another boe-lam-paar MCA.

While the Chinese were not demanding a political fighting cock, they admired politicians who stood up in a dignified manner to be counted when it mattered, like Dr Lim Chong Eu (late of Gerakan Party, and prior to that, UDP and also formerly/originally the MCA), ...

late Dr Lim Chong Eu 

... Lim Kean Siew and Ooi Thiam Siew and Tan Chee Khoon (all 3 late of Labour Party), CY Choy (initially Labour Party and when subsequently the Labour Party was dissolved, an Independent and an extremely popular one), ...

... D. R. Seenivasagam in Ipoh (late of PPP - additionally, bloke was a fighting cock and uniquely for an Indian was crowned by thr Chinese there as "King of Ipoh" - so who says Chinese are racist and support only their kind?), ...

... Tan Koon San (formerly MCA), ...

... once Lim Kit Siang (DAP) and Karpal Singh (late of DAP, who too an Indian was massively supported by the so-called racist Chinamen, wakakaka), etc etc etc.

Tiger of Jelutong - People's Champion 

I haven't included people like Lee Lam Thye (formerly DAP) among the above as he wasn't particularly a very vocal bloke but one who worked diligently and endlessly for the rakyat of KL - a bloody good bloke but in a different group altogether.

I am not sure what is happening now - perhaps that brutal bulldozing bloke is not longer in power and Najib is by-far a more tolerant person but MCA people like my FB matey Ti Lian Ker, who is also MCA Religious Bureau Chair, has lately been very vocal;

Ti Lian Ker, a filial son 

... perhaps GE-14 is coming soon and the MCA has to make some noise; perhaps the straw has broken the MCA's back and the party wants to reassert its role; perhaps MCA has nothing much to lose; perhaps it's just Ti Lian Ker himself though I doubt that he could make such noises without the imprimatur of his MCA Chief - you tell me!

Lian Ker f**ked off UMNO Youth exco Amand Azha by saying that it's Pointless if BN is ‘jaguh kampung', or in more precise words, “If BN is merely a ‘jaguh kampung’ and loses in urban areas, this is enough to show that BN has failed to sync or have the party struggle run in line with the change of appetites of Malay, Chinese and Indian voters and the like in cosmopolitan areas”, implying UMNO is only good in the Heartland and is a stranger in urban areas.

But the one that took the cream in the latest re-insurrection by the nons in BN has been a Gerakan man, namely, Teng Chang Yeow, who blasted at UMNO for the losses by Gerakan and MCA.

Malaysiakini reported in BN lost Penang because of Umno, Teng reminds Zahid that Teng "... was evidently rankled by Umno vice-president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's remarks earlier today that component parties in the state seemed dependent on Umno's machinery.

Taking a sarcastic swipe at the Malay ruling party, Teng, who is also the state Gerakan chief 
(and also Penang BN Boss), said there is no denying Umno's election machinery is superior.

"Their machinery is so good that they are unable to win back Kelantan and Selangor,” said Teng in a statement.

"Umno machinery under its vice-president Zahid himself as co-director of operation for Permatang Pauh by-election, did not win the Permatang Pauh by-election.”

Teng said Zahid should know why BN lost Penang in the 2008 and 2013 general elections.

Teng virtually yelled out "We lost Penang not because of machinery or unity but because of Umno!" claimed Teng.

Teng did not elaborate but it is learnt that Umno's support of far-right Malay groups have caused uneasiness in non-Malay communities, which see Gerakan, MCA and MIC as endorsing Umno's race-based politics.

"This is a well-known fact. If we still fail to understand this fact, we will continue to fail!" he added.

"There is no reason to reopen the old wound. It is time to rectify and strengthen the cooperation.”

Teng Chang Yeow

Basically, Teng has said what I had been saying all along, that UMNO, by issuing policies for its own selfish political benefits such as pampering to PERKASA and JAKIM and such likes, had been pulling the rug out from beneath its Chinese partners' feet.

An example was Mahathir's “929 & 617 Declaration” that Malaysia was an Islamic fundamentalist state. He announced that without consulting his Gerakan and MCA partners, leaving them to deal with an embarrassing adverse-to-Chinese policy as a fair accompli, much to Lim Kit Siang's gleeful exploitation of the Mahathir created mess.

There is a Chinese saying which suited Gerakan and MCA, that "they were like mutes stung horribly by a hornet" (air kow hor p'ang teng) implying the mutes could not scream or utter a single sound despite the pain and agony of the Mahathir's hornet stings.

But no more? Gerakan and MCA can take no more - the mutes has finally found his voice?

Perhaps! Wakakaka


  1. Because of these public confrontations with Umno, Dap said will work with MCA should MCA leave BN(there is no permenant enemy, they said). Well, what if Umno should leave BN? Should DAP work with Umno to form a unity government together with PKR or MIC?

  2. Politics is getting to be a very sick game in Malaysia.

  3. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. No! Will never happen.

  4. UMNO will never leave BN for no wehere else in Malaysia will they find so many compliant kutus in one place.

  5. Glad to see Ti is back to normal.

    Now he rejoices that all the Ultras are now out of UMNO, so UMNO should make a change for good.

    So those still in UMNO now qualify to be "Moderates" including Jamal Ikan Bakar, Idris Haron, Ismail Sabri, Ali Tinju, Bung among uncountable others.

    Good to know, Ti Lian Ker.
    You really have Big Balls....