Sunday, September 11, 2016


Congrats Mohamad Ridzuan Mohamad Puzi for winning Malaysia’s first-ever gold medal at the Paralympics yesterday by winning the 100m T36 event with a time of 12.07s.

Congrats also to
Ziyad Zolkefli for taking the top spot in the shot put F20 (intellectual disability) event with his world record 16.84m.


Congrats Abdul Latif Romly for breaking the world record in the men’s long jump T20 event to deliver another (by now 3rd) gold medal for Malaysia.

Our wonderful people at the Rio Paralympics - Syabas!


  1. They deserve a better reward than a normal bodied medalist. I think they need cash more than any other rewards. Wonder why the Naza guy prefer to give them a car which they probably cannot drive due to their disabilities. Better to give cash which they can use for their betterment.

    1. they;ll receive RM 5K per month for the rest of their lives and also a house each. I'm not sure about the 1 million a gold medalist gets but I reckon that should be due to each. Syabas

  2. congratulations to Ridzuan and Ziyad and also Abdul Latif for giving three gold medals to our country..

  3. Where is Ah Tee(Ridzuan Tee)?He has no more comments?Maybe KJ scolded him kau kau?

    1. not maybe, menantu abah did taroh him chim chim.

  4. well done para Olympians, extra ordinary achievement and great effort, well deserved

  5. Just SINCERELY hope that all these meritorious overnight athletic sensations achieved r done via merits.

    I've had many oversea queries about these achievements of records breakings & gold medals in Paralympic.

    M'sia's ISNT known for these gaming events through the years.

    These sudden onslaught of record breakings in international events DO cast strong doubts on substance enhancements!

    Call it jealousy or politically incorrect - nothing proves more than that finishing photo of Siti Noor Iasah & Natalia Iezlovetska during the 400m heat2. One is as weak as a leave while the other is as muscular as a he-man!

    Whatever hanky-panky DONT shame the name of M'sia!!!!!