Monday, September 05, 2016


When you hate someone so much that you refuse to even acknowledge his presence nor countenance his political existence for 18 years 2 days, why would you support him the day after?



  1. unprincipled + desperation = lethal amalgamation which is akin to suicide

    1. which has been why I dread the DAP joining forces with him

    2. Could it be like the story of


      Politics is an art of possibility, to survive, one must be able to face the reality & use all avenues.

      So, what's wrong with that mamak's latest move?

      Brilliant, to say the least!

      Only the blur-sotong & the hypocrites would raise the flag of righteousness now, without looking at the big picture.

      Simply ignoring who's the greatest pest infesting bolihland now!

      What priority, indeed!

    3. who's the greatest pest in bolihland is debatable. is the alleged 42 billion greater than the suspected 500 billion (or even more)?

    4. 1st, they r all pests, no exception.

      2nd, u don't fight current pestilence by accounting a have-been's past acts.

      The past has pasted while the current is prevailingly toxic. So look at this big picture!

      If one can engages the two groups to attack each other now, then so much better. The end result would be diabolically detrimental to both - none of them would win, as both their greedy deeds r well known & there r zilch supports from outside groups, except interested parties!

      They will expose each other's past & current black cats, making Joe M'sians even more aware about those greediness.

      Izzt it the reason that u come to know about that mamak's 500b loot from yr sifu?

      Izzt this the BEST approach to educate those blur-sotong, within & without those heartlands, whom have been shadow-boxing with the jingoistic alifbata to enrich their individual groups?

      So, still talking about the degree of pestilence?

      I would have thought u had learnt well from yr sifu's masterplay of about-the-dog-not-the-colour-of-the-collar argument!


  2. ===Quote===
    By Editor on Sep 6, 2016

    KUALA LUMPUR: Today political expediency analyst Abdullah Bin Bakar told Malaysians not to get too excited about the symbolic gesture of Dr Mahathir shaking the hand of his longtime adversary and former deputy Anwar Ibrahim, suggesting it was too early to suggest the two were working together.

    “These former foes, have found their political interests aligned in their fight against the PM and his National Security bill, but all they did after 18 years was shake hands and speak privately in the courtroom chambers.”

    “Perhaps if a video is released of Mahathir and Anwar dancing together like our independent Attorney General did with BN Ministers, then can we could conclude Mahathir and Anwar have a working relationship.”

  3. The alleged RM 42 Billion is not greater than the alleged $ 500 Billion.
    But there was never any suggestion any of the 500 Billion went into somebody's pocket, even by the US of A, for whom he was probably the most abhorred Malaysian Prime Minister.
    The ex-PM is talking good sense these days.
    Is it desperation ?
    Is it because his appointment with Allah is rushing in like an express train ?
    Has he "bertaubat ?"

    Perhaps the robbery which occurred in the past was greater, but there is a robbery in progress right at this very moment.

    Which one is more urgent to stop ?