Monday, September 19, 2016

Apologies and forgiveness still missing

Anwar was significantly evasive when asked by reporters whether he has forgiven Mahathir. I suspect his nifty tap-dancing, a specialty of his in saying neither this nor that, wakakaka, has been a result of his daughter's sharp reminder that Mahathir ought to apologize first.

was that 'tuak' in a Sarawakian long-house?
was that why the two were laughing away?


The Olde Man has been equally evasive in not doing so, especially so when he desperately wants Anwar's cooperation. Mahathir has even avoided committing himself to a Pribumi government freeing Anwar, which effectively means he won't free Anwar - for more, see my post Will Mahathir free Anwar?

Nurul Nuda's timely reminder to all and sundry has also dawned on her father, who was initially rapturous about Mahathir's appearance in court to support Anwar but is now having a rethink, wakakaka ... because Nurul Nuha's words have been a sweet reminder to her dad of the correct priorities in political life.

And socio-political activist Dr Kua Kia Soong has also cautioned Anwar not to be so hard up in giving Mahathir what the latter wants without a proper apology; additionally Dr Kua also wants Mahathir to apologize for a host of other issues - for more see my post Should Mahathir apologize to Anwar?

The reality is Mahathir and Anwar hate each other, and have come together recently for different objectives. Mahathir wants Anwar to help him marshal Pakatan behind his Pribumi against Najib so his son Mukhriz can be PM one day, while Anwar is grateful and desperate for any attention in his current dire circumstances, and wishes with those attention he will shortly be free to continue his amazing political career.

While Mahathir has withheld his commitment to freeing Anwar (meaning he has no intention of doing so), Anwar's unsurprising rashness has been smartly moderated by Nurul Nuha's timely words thus we now see Anwar's deftness again in his evasive answers to those who repetitively asked him whether he has forgiven Mahathir (meaning he hasn't unless that old fogey apologises first, wakakaka).

Mahathir can find consolation in Maria Chin Abdullah's advice for all to forgive Mahathir. Maria Chin Abdullah has been a forgiving type - she even called a rebellious ill-disciplined ex air force officer a hero - what a bloody joke.


  1. I fully agree with Salmongkol AK47's comment in;

    Establishing an honest government and ridding of a dishonest leader is our overriding objective.

    Especially the part about;

    If we want a united front, there must be no preconditions such as insisting Dr Mahathir apologise to Anwar.

    That puts the issue at hand into the right prospective.

    Clear the prevailing pestilence, put the country back on a recovery path IS the prime necessity.

    Anwar/mamak's other political plays, personal &/or for the good of bolihland, can be resolved as they happened.

    Fighting to right those past personal pettifoggings is just like putting the cart before the horse, leading to nowhere while losing the REAL target.

    Writing this piece of s*#$t izznt showing u yr big picture viewpoint. Rather, it proves, quite well, about yr 'other' intention.

    I won't put u in the same thought as those of Nurul Huda or Dr Kua.

    But can't help thinking it could be the same as those from yr megalomaniac sifu of Manchester?

    1. ignoring past misdeeds of Mahathir will result in changing a black pot for a rotten kettle, one perhaps worse than the black pot, akin to jumping from the frying pan into the blazing fire (which had burnt us badly in the past, wakakaka)

    2. U r still taking us as those meme-ed blur sotong, religious zombies.

      Past lessons!

      What lessons! As long as they were done by the anak sebangsa, they CAN repeat ad nauseum. No problem, right?

      The new generation of M'sians r different. History will not be repeating itself, for we WONT be bitten the second time round!

      Once we clean ourselves of all these past diseases, initiated by the die-hard ketuanan freaks, 'repented' mamaks & snake oil pushers of all makes.

      So stop patronising us, like yr sifu!