Friday, September 09, 2016

PKR & PAN give way to Pribumi

If Tian Chua of PKR and Khalid Samad of Amanah are both willing to give way to Mahathir's Pribumi in their constituencies for GE-14, then what will happen to Pakatan Harapan?

supposedly de jure led by this man who was mentioned in a recent adultery-divorce case

but de facto by Mahathir 
who was mentioned in a recent hand-shake-with-bitter-archfoe case

I wonder why Tian Chua is so keen to kowtow to Pribumi in giving way to the newbie in PKR seats, when he has been so aggressive for years against a so-called Pakatan partner, the DAP, even unto playing the 3rd party in deliberate 3-corner fights?

Maybe Mahathir's whatever tastes sweeter? Wakakaka. Or PKR's kangkang-ness is showing again, wakakaka again.

In the end I guess in GE-14 it'll be just Pribumi versus UMNO in the Heartland (with PAS playing an interfering role for .....? whoever provides better dedak, wakakaka), while DAP fights MCA and Gerakan and MIC in more urban areas.

But wait, I hope PKR doesn't stab DAP in the back again by demanding more urban seats, or play the role of 3rd party again in 3-corner fights as PAS will be, but then again that treachery and avarice are in their DNA.


  1. lets see how Parti Keluarga Rakyat would fare if they demand more seats in Penang. their backside in Selangor looks shaky.

    1. parti keluarga mean bapak n anak? anak masih sebuk cari bangaloo yg ada swimming pool, bapak pula mahu hidu tahi mahathir, kami selangorian dah rasa cemburu dgn kebanggaan orang penang yg lucu ni.

    2. takkanlah awak buta sangat ? parti awak yg milik keluarga siapa ye ? keluarga awak ? wakakaka...

      hmm. siapa yg hidu tahi mahathir di mahkamah tempoh hari ye ? wakakaka...

      aduhai ini HY, sudahlah buta, masih nak tamakkan rumah org lain ? jelesnye. ha-ha-ha

    3. oh ye, sebelum aku lupa. tahi azmin lagi sedap ke atau dedak umno ? awak suka tonton berita tv3 ? pernah dengar kes sodom-mee ? wakakaka...

  2. The old man tried extremely hard to puppet-master UMNO till the end but ended he dismiss himself.Again now,trying his luck with poker face repeating with the same intent.The fallen guy went and stretched a bit further by trying to woo back by courting his nemesis the then jailed Anwar.Just by hand gestures the whole lots of opposition cried in disbelief and torrents of applaud gushed in as if Lucifer make peace with Gabriel.Utter nonsense .The cynical face of bang non reflected and his joyous for finally able to brought to his knees tun at last was remarkably an achievement done by others i.e.chekmated by Najib but reaped by bang non.What a day to celebrate with fellow inmates and wardens.