Saturday, September 24, 2016

DAP must hold fast to principles

Malay Mail Online - Pakatan MPs back Mukhriz’s proposal for unified opposition (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 24-- Several federal lawmakers from Pakatan Harapan support Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) vice president Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir’s call for all opposition parties to unite under a single banner.

PKR’s Chua Tian Chang and Parti Amanah Negara’s (Amanah) Khalid Samad both agreed that the opposition must agree to band together against Barisan Nasional in the next general election, adding that the details could come after.

“I think the name and logo can be discussed later… name is not a matter. The main issue is to form a grand coalition, which Pakatan has been advocating for all these while,” the PKR vice president said.

PKR, Amanah and DAP are already in the informal Pakatan Harapan pact.

Mukhriz, at a dialogue session in Shah Alam last night, suggested that the opposition form an alternative front, comprising all opposition parties under a single name and logo.

The former Kedah mentri besar proposed the coalition be named Barisan Rakyat, but was pessimistic about how it will be received.

Amanah’s communication director Khalid said that the idea to form of a grand coalition has been mooted several times in the past.

“Amanah has no problem with this...PKR has also been having programmes together [with PPBM] but DAP, I am not sure.

The headline has been grossly misleading because the DAP has NOT agreed to doing so.

DAP frowns at the very idea of serving Mahathir and his son when the former had done enormous incalculable wrongs to the nation and would be considered as the source of our problems even until today.

The said supporters have been identified only as PKR (Tian Chua, wakakaka) and Amanah, because we know that the former (PKR) has already committed its party slavishly, servilely and bodek-ishly to following Pribumi, whilst the latter (Amanah) wants to be in a coalition, any coalition, opposing BN.

Thus, if PKR has abandoned Pakatan, then Amanah might have seen fit to follow suit in the belief that a Sino-Indian dominated DAP might not have the credentials to win over the Heartland, while Pribumi plus PKR might have.

DAP's Tan Seng Giaw and Nga Kor Ming, when asked about the DAP's intention vis-a-bis the Mukhriz-proposed Barisan Rakyat, tap-danced around the idea of becoming part of a Pribumi (read that as Mahathir) dominated coalition.

In fact, recently Lim Guan Eng has had a verbal stoush with Ambiga Sreenevasan over the idea of following Mahathir to hell and back, wakakaka, with LGE opposing and Ambiga supporting.

Much as I adore Ambiga, I believe this time she is wrong, as wrong as Maria Chin Abdullah has been, wakakaka, in asking us to forgive Mahathir for his 'sins'.

There are certain things in life which cannot be forgiven, and must not be forgiven, and the wrongs Mahathir did during his PM days would be unforgiven.

I hope the DAP holds fast to its ideal, that of cultivating the good and avoiding the bad.


  1. I agree.
    I will never forgive Matey for his deeds.
    I will stay home and not vote if he leads the opposition.

    1. One down for the opposition. It does make a difference.

    2. So, u can tahan rosmanajib's current deeds!

      Apa jadi tu?

      Tahu APA tu back stabbing? Mukin sudah rupa siapa yang pagi u kehidupan mewah sekarang. Jumping ship to ahjibgor to continue yr tongkat dream under the tempurung, ya ke?

      Tapi, not casting yr vote in the coming GE is probably the best choice u've ever made in yr life. Good ridden!

    3. re your "So, u can tahan rosmanajib's current deeds!" show me where? wakakaka

    4. Aiyah...should I break the cage to let out the possums?

      BTW, r u the one that I replied to?

      Anyway, sign 1 - keeping purringly 'noisy' about 1MDB despite all the facts flowing around the WWW. Izznt this a sign of assymetrical patronization?

      Especially so for a 'conscientious' sopo blogger who has 'special concern' for the well-being of bolihland.

      Sign 2 - keep subtly justifying ahjibgor's current pestiferous self indulgences with constant exposing that mamak's past deeds.

      Or for that matter, any opposing trying efforts to remove the rosmanajib regime.

      Izznt this a sign of ignoring the urgent & pressing ills confronting bolihland by issue diversion?

      The past CANNOT be changed while the ongoing pestilences could be lessened by removing the source. & yet u r here & there, giving historical plays to dress up ahjibgor!

      Wanting more??????

      Yr sifu is in self exiled & keep playing I-told-you-so syok-sendiri-ism. R u???

      Wakakakaka ....sign..

    5. you are avoiding my question, wakakaka

      re your "The past CANNOT be changed ..." aren't supporters of Mahathir attempting to bring the past into the future?

      we already had enough of him in the past - we definitely do not need him in our future

    6. Haven't I shown TWO?

      Tak betul ke?

      '..aren't supporters of Mahathir attempting to bring the past into the future?'

      How sure r u?

      Or u r taking us for those meme-ed blur sotong, the tongkat addicted ketuanan freaks, & the religious zombies, will keep propping up those dedak promisors?

    7. just full of vile abuses tsk tsk

    8. 'full of vile abuses'??????

      How about this reality check;

      Ain't supporters of Mahathir attempting to bring the past into the future?


      But, they r in the future, with a BIG uncertainty outcome. They MIGHT be successful in their attempt. Then, they MIGHT not.

      Where as, as it stands NOW, those who worked hand in cloves with that mamak then, r running bolihland to the ground, piggybacked on many of that mamak's past political manipulations. Plus some new inventives to fasten their looting, too!

      Pls tell, which is more urgent?

      The possible revival of that mamak's ill deeds or yr ahjibgor's current pestiferous emptying of bolihland's piggy bank?

      If u r REALLY into preventing mamak's past into the future, then ain't rosmanajib's current acts a continuation of that mamak's past legacy?

      Can't see the big picture, I supposed?

      What a cockagroo view from DownUnder!

    9. Meanwhile in Australia.......

      and this long long time ago

      I wonder why Pauline Hanson had never asked kaytee to fuck off