Monday, September 05, 2016

Freedom of religion?

Human rights layer Siti Kasim who always speaks up for the LGBT community and the Aborigines today defied Islamic laws by raising her objections to simply obeying blindly those said laws. For more, read FMT's Uproar after lawyer gave Syariah Act forum the finger.

Siti Kasim was also the same person who said she was very disappointed with Nurul Izzah after the latter backed away from her earlier declaration that there should be freedom of religion even for Muslims.

Do you recall that our so-called Princess Reformasi was under siege in early November 2012 for allegedly expressing her support for freedom of religion for all Malaysians, including Malays, in a forum titled “Islamic state? Which vision? Whose responsibility”?

Nurul Izzah 

Sweetie was so reported by FMT in its news article Nurul Izzah backs religious freedom for all.

Needless to say, UMNO jumped eagerly on her alleged statement, with another sweetie, deputy minister Mashitah Ibrahim out to get her in some legal way, while Dr Mahathir also criticized her for her alleged un-Islamic statement.

A few days later, Tian Chua's Malaysian Chronicle had then came out with an article titled Nurul is an Angel in our midst. Mashitah Ibrahim, you are a spinning pathological liar wakakaka.

I wonder whether the Malaysian Chronicle had upgraded or downgraded Nurul from Princess Reformasi to Angel, wakakaka again.

But the poor sweetie was so stressed (panicked?) by the UMNO mob against her that she sought help from Dr Asri, while PAS' Dzulkefly Ahmad, then still an MP, was reported by the Malaysian Chronicle (wakakaka) for criticizing sweetie  as being ‘diabolical’ in attacking sweetie Nurul.

I have to admit Mashitah was/is 'diabolically' good looking, wakakaka.

Mashitah I

Naturally sweetie Nurul denied supporting apostasy and, I believe, went on to sue Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian for allegedly twisting her words.

Now, the person who asked her the question which led to the alleged controversial statement was none other than our sweetie Siti Kasim, a member of the Bar Council human rights committee and Orang Asli rights advocate. She is also representing teh LGBT today.

In the midst of the UMNO-generated brouhaha over Nurul's alleged statement, Siti Kassim came out to say that she was disappointed with Nurul for backing away from her statement that freedom of religion was a right for all including the Malay-Muslims. She lamented that Nurul has failed to stand firm on her remark.

Siti Kasim said: “I believe Nurul was just trying to impress the people. She didn't think of the consequences. There’s nothing wrong about it [freedom of religion], she is saying the truth. I expected a hoo-ha after that. But as a politician, you just need to stick to the truth."

"In the following days she ‘retracted’ her remark, and said she did not support apostasy. But indirectly when you say you support freedom of religion, and if Malay wants to get out from Islam, that’s apostasy.”

Penang Hokkien would say of Nurul Izzah: Hoe knua, boe hoe chnea. [good to look at, but not good to eat, or no substance lah]



  1. 'Verily, those who believe (amanu in arabic), then disbelieve (kafaru in arabic), then believe (again), and (again) disbelieve, and go on increasing in disbelief; Allah will not forgive them, nor guide them on the (Right) Way. (alquran 4.137).

    nobody can force anybody to 'believe' and nobody can punish (torture) any believer who abandoned the faith.

  2. 'Chinese burned Quran',.... Mashitah Ibrahim ...

    Mashitah is a diabolical bitch. Period.

    Nurul Izzah Anwar is a wonderful person. She has her limitations, as a Muslim MP. I respect that.

  3. Minister Jamir Khir said today that all Muslim MPs must vote for Act 355, proposed by Umno, but originating from Pas. TGNikAziz once said that it is haram to vote for Umno. So how should Pas MPs vote? For Umno or against Umno?