Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Should Mahathir apologize to Anwar?

Kua Kia Soong advises Anwar Ibrahim not to be so hasty to accept Mahathir's insincere hand.

Kua reminded Anwar of the words of the latter's daughter Nurul Nuha, who was reported by Malaysiakini for demanding Mahathir publicly apologizes to her father and admit his past transgressions against the opposition leader (is he still?) before he can hope to forge any alliance with Anwar’s coalition.

Kua said most correctly: The reform movement should then be redefined to target not just an individual but the political regime and political economic system that oppresses, divides and exploits the people.

The aim should not only be to call for Najib’s resignation but to change the racist and exploitative regime. Furthermore, reforms should target the neoliberal economic policies that were set in motion by none other than Mahathir in the early Eighties.

Najib has merely made more extreme the structures created by Mahathir to entrench the powers of the Executive, emasculate the democratic institutions and provide the means for private enrichment of the elite in this country. Racist and racial discriminatory policies were also entrenched by Mahathir in the early Eighties and further manipulated by Najib until today.

MKINI also reported that Nurul Nuha said Mahathir must first own up to the trumped-up sodomy and corruption charges against Anwar back in 1998.

And after that advice, Kua twisted the apology-dagger in the old man's side by requiring him to further apologize to Kua himself (wakakaka) and the others incarcerated under Operation Lalang, and then to Tun Salleh Abas and the other Supreme Court judges that Mahathir sacked in 1988; and to all Malaysians for the more than RM100 billion he squandered during his term in office.


There are a few items I need to point out, namely:

(a) If Mahathir is to apologize to Kua and the others incarcerated under Operation Lalang, shouldn't Anwar also be made to do so since he was then the Education Minister who started the chain of event that lead to Ops Lalang?

Anwar's policy was then perceived by Chinese as sneaky and anti-Chinese vernacular education to the extent that he unwittingly united politically disparate Chinese such as MCA, DAP, Gerakan and the DJZ for the 1st time ever in Malaysian history.

The naughty Chinese then daringly gathered together, said at a Chinese temple (but more correctly, at a Chinese Association Hall) to oppose Anwar's education policy, and that event was seized by Mahathir to be a Shaolin-type of meeting at a temple against the Manchu-like UMNO government.

Mahathir had then said (words to the effect) that when Chinese gathered at a temple to unify under a scheme, it didn't brood good for the nation.

And tomorrow is coincidentally Mooncake Festival, wakakaka. Looks like it's not just the Mahathir's Manchu but possibly his Yuan too who should look out for the Hans, wakakaka again. And where's that bloody Namawe, wakakaka.

By the by, if UMNO accused Penang Chinese of being Hans at heart, the ketuanan party is wrong as at most we Penangites may be accused of being Tangs at heart, being 'tang lang' or in Penang Hokkien, 'teng lang' and never the bloody Hans, wakakaka.

(b) Lim KS seems to be forgiving of Mahathir, just as Maria Chin has advised us to forgive the old dictator, so is Mahathir's apologies necessary? Wakakaka.

(c) And should the DAP apologize also to Wee Choo Keong Dr Kua for the Bukit Bintang saga, where an UMNO judge made the most bullshit political ruling in Malaysian history, one which bizarrely awarded the judge himself the right of the 'voice of the voters' there, but which made Wee Dr Kua resent his old party or more specifically Lim Kit Siang? Wakakaka also.

Post-note: above error regarding Dr Kua is my fault - my apologies - it should be Wee Choo Keong. Thanks to advice from my visitors Al Bert and Shakir


  1. Anwar Ibrahim has publically stated regret over the decision he made over the transfer of non-Chinese speaking Headmaster to the vernacular schools.

    For the record, Ah Jib Gor has never expressed any regrets over wanting to bathe his Keris / Dick with Chinese blood.

    From many years of experience with Problem Solving of all kinds, I find that those who insist on "Boiling the Ocean" - massive, all encompassing solutions are usually not sincere in actually wanting to solve the problem.

    Very large problems need to be parcelled out for more manageable solutions.
    Malaysia's Kleptocracy , Racial and Religious extremism are huge problems. Insisting that All Issues must be solved amounts to inaction and no solution.

    A manageable solution today is to get Ah Jib Gor the Thief out of the Pilot's seat.
    Trying to turn everyone into angels is an impossible solution.

    1. LKS wrote that just prior to the 2008 GE - he could say anything he anted, just as he condemned Mahathir for the latter's 929 and 617 Declarations, but today he's good mateys with Mahathir. So LKS' support of Anwar would be considered politically expedient or dodgy, wakakaka, as his current support for Mahathir

  2. What is the story about Dr Kua and Bukit Bintang?

    Is it about Wee Choo Keong? Following the RM7,000 fine imposed on him by the Federal Court in 1995 for contempt for evading a court order, the Election Court on Aug 2, 1995 declared the Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate, Dr Lee Chong Meng, as the MP for the constituency after allowing his election petition.

    1. my bad, you're right that it was Wee and not Dr Kua, wakakaka

  3. Bukit bintang saga involves wee Ka Siong..

  4. yes I'm wrong, it was Wee Choo Keong, not Dr Kua, my sincere apologies