Sunday, September 04, 2016

Moody's prediction

In mid August I posted New Malaysian government? in which I suggested that Mahathir's new party Pribumi must win 44 MPs from BN-UMNO, a bit more than Anwar Ibrahim's 916 scheme of 30 crossovers, wakakaka.

I'm your friendly next-door politician
Please help my son lah, our last chance 

Can he?

Bear in mind he already has 3, namely Mukhriz (ooops sorry, no MP seat), Shafie Apdal (Semporna) and Muhyiddin (Pagoh) and of course the PKR kangkang party, from Nurul Izzah & Azmin Ali & Tian Chua to 'Z' (probably inclusive of DAP, much as I am against it, wakakaka), thus he has 68 plus 2 = 70 and is still short of 42, assuming all those 70 like Moody himself in Pagoh and Apdal in Semporna can retain their seats, wakakaka.

Muhyiddin claims in FMT that BN, actually UMNO (because there's not that many left in the other Peninsula parties, wakakaka), was not as strong as it used to be, so UMNO could easily lose 45 seats in the next general election to the opposition. 3 more than I had forecast, wakakaka.

Speaking at an anti-1MDB ceramah on Friday, he said his research had shown that BN has 67 “shaky” seats and a mere 4% shift in votes would be enough for 45 of BN’s seats to be won by the opposition.

But Umno Selangor chief Noh Omar dismissed Moody's boast as mere empty talk, saying: “Just like the opposition, he (Muhyiddin) can say whatever he wants to say. It’s more of a theory. We must be practical. He can say whatever he wants but when he becomes the government, he must abide by the facts.”

Nonetheless, can Pribumi cum Pakatan (or whatever is left of the former opposition coalition) combat UMNO-BN when PAS will be playing a dedak-driven interfering role in promoting 3-corner fights, to the advantage of UMNO?

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