Tuesday, September 20, 2016

PAS quo vadis

DAP's chief strategist Liew Chin Tong, who is quite a deep thinker, posted a piece in FMT titled Umno-PAS political realignment: Time for clarity (you can read it for yourself) in which he welcomed more 'clarity' from PAS as to its current political alignment, especially in Selangor.

Liew informed us that Nanyang Siang Pau recently published news that PAS and UMNO has formed a pact in Selangor not to contest against each other in the coming Selangor state election, whence UMNO will contest PKR whilst PAS will contest Amanah, presumably in a election fight to the death.

I am inclined to read from that news that UMNO must have assigned MCA, MIC and Gerakan to sort out the DAP in Selangor, wakakaka.

But back to PAS-UMNO pact, Liew said that has been welcomed news because PAS has been lately (since the PAS-DAP fallout) acting coy with its political position ambiguous, especially for its members in Selangor where up to now, they have been fighting against UMNO (as per the wish of Allahyarham Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat). 'Clarity' of alignment would be useful to PAS members to know where the party's new direction is, such as it will now fight against Pakatan (DAP, Amanah and also PKR) and cooperate with its erstwhile devil, UMNO.

And may I also add my two sens worth of thoughts, wakakaka, that indeed 'clarity' of PAS' intention and political direction are needed for some kaki kangkang people whom PAS has been seducing that moronic party into believing (or its moronic wistful wishing) that PAS will continue its bullshit cooperation with the morons, wakakaka.

Historically PAS like PKR was a part of UMNO in the earlier days of our Malaya (not Malaysian yet) politics. It broke away as a splinter group because of ideological differences where PAS naturally wanted more emphasis on religion, complete with draconian punishments and less liberal practices among Malays, whilst UMNO was more of a nationalistic party.

(Note: PKR was formed by Wan Azizah initially as KeADILan to free Anwar Ibrahim, full stop).

So PAS and Mothership UMNO parted ways and became two quite ideo-different parties. Their acrimonies for each other were notorious to the extent that families in places like Terengganu were split asunder because of religio-political differences, who refused to talk to each other and even prayed at different mosques, etc etc etc.

Such had been (and still is) the mighty hold of the religion of Malayan Islam and its invincible un-questionable ulama, and the Heartland's deep religious devotion and associated religio-political conviction for both the religion and ulama.

This should be the ultimate political lesson for Pakatan vis-a-vis winning support from the Heartland, and to f**ks with Western ideals such as democracy, freedom of speech, equality of sex, one man one vote bullshit, no inhumane capital punishment, etc.

Subsequently (after May 13), PAS found itself working with UMNO under Razak's new coalition of BN (1972), and later found to its immense regrets when it was played out kau kau by UMNO. Allahyarham Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, more popularly known as Tok Guru, the former spiritual leader of PAS, kept reminding PAS members of the treachery of UMNO and NEVER ever to work with the nationalistic party.

But our Pak Haji Hadi Awang believes otherwise, with his views abetted by the late Haron Din and former PAS DP Nasharudin Mat Isa, the latter seen sitting on the floor at Najib's feet and doing UMNO's work.

Yes, PAS' clerics or ulama prefer to work with UMNO as PAS today is more of a Malay party rather than a supra-nationalistic (above racial lines) Islamic party under the late Tok Guru (Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat). It's Malay-ness has emerged to overshadow its veneer-thin Islamic skin.

Pak Haji Hadi has also re-assessed PAS' political position and strength, now that it is no longer part of Pakatan and thus won't enjoy its hitherto Chinese support, previously (in 2008 and 2013) sponsored strongly by the DAP.

Thus without the Chinese support in some (approx 60) federal constituencies where its respective 25 to 35% Chinese voters could play king-maker roles to the benefit of PAS and making it the biggest winner among Pakatan component parties, Pak Haji has quietly abandoned his dream of governing Malaysia under a PAS-led government.

And don't forget the late Haron Din's very public announcement (or threat to Pakatan member parties) that PAS would work with "other" coalition if not Pakatan to push PAS' cherished hudud into effect under Malaysian legislation. And what other "coalition" would there have been post 2013 (ignoring Ikatan and Pribumi which were then not yet formed)?

So Pak Haji assesses that, with PAS reverting back to its true "Malay" self instead of being more of an Islamic party under the late Tok Guru, and without its once enjoyed Chinese support, its future better lies with cooperating, at least for a while until it can eat up its partner as it tried unsuccessfully to do with the DAP, wakakaka, with another powerful (which rules out pathetic PKR) Malay ultra party, namely, UMNO!


  1. For PAS, it is Hudud or Bust.....more likely Bust, as UMNO is just playing it out.

    I'm doubtful of the said UMNO-PAS no mutual contest pact, though. Maybe it was discussed.

    It would amount to UMNO giving up even the theoretical possibility to govern Selangor, and that is not going to happen.

    Ah Jib Gor The Opportunist is just playing with Hadi Awang, and playing PAS out when the time is right.
    But to do that, UMNO must have at least the theoretical possible numbers to govern in their own right.

  2. Lupa ke? DAP-PAS marriage sudah cerai mah, buat apa mau sibuk2 lagi dengan siapa your ex spouse is dating with? penyakit ni orang melayu panggil... gila talak... wakakaka.

  3. Perhaps, there are practical considerations i.e. for the sake of Islam and the Malays, as mentioned in this posting; for PAS and UMNO to be working together. The aforesaid togetherness can act as a buffer against the very intrusive Nons, which I observe are getting more and more aggressive and abusive by the day. They are quick to blame PAS/Hadi or UMNO/Najib at the slightest opportunity and/or on every speculative issues. So, why not just make it a reality.

    However, make sure dear PAS/Hadi to leave some space in your togetherness (if it is so to be?) with UMNO/BN. Well, we all do need to change our mattress when it is showing signs of losing its elasticity and supportive properties, don't we?

    1. my dear Hasan, glad you've finally acknowledged that in Malaysia there are two classes of citizens, Malay-Muslims and nons, the latter being assessed as 'intrusive' even in their own country, no matter how many SP and PGB have been won by them, wakakaka

    2. You are attacking my religion and the Malays/Muslims particularly PAS/UMNO, and you asked quo vadis! You are right my dear KT, I certainly cannot turn my back on my very own race! It is a choice of no choice, wakakaka..

    3. Memang Melayu palsu terlampau Melayu!!!!

      Who's attacking who?

      More likely there is ONLY imaginary attacks created by the rabble-rousers!

      Giving clarifications over an over-sensitized non issue is attacking Islam!

      Identifying the real culprits from pas/umno is attacking the whole 'bystanding' Malays/Muslims!

      Making excuses for a bunch of pseudo-Islamists & ketuanan racists termed it as choice of no choice!

      Troll, likes u, DOES give Islam an black eye, while tainting the whole Malays/Muslims in bolihland at the same time!

      Does the bangsa Melayu tulin give u the permission to be their spokesman?

      Does the ummat Islam agree for u to champion their causes on yr narrow interpretation of their religion?

      Only coward gets strength when he is with a crowd. Otherwise, he is a clown shouting without any cloth on!

      Turning a casual remark into a racial & religious slur CAN only be done by a siege mentality slug!

      Pariah - don't get a whole group of non-involving people, who DONT supporting u, as yr supportive base.

    4. my dear Hasan, you were only half correct, in that I attacked PAS, UMNO and the ulamas, but you have been incorrect to say I attack your religion of Islam - show me where I have done so? wakakaka

  4. If one has read the various blog comments in the WWW, one would find that there were many 'critical' terms uded to describe Haron Din & this whole kucil kulap non issue.

    Many more were written by Melayu & Muslims.

    So, what r these self-proclamed champions of Islam & bangsa Melayu going to do about these comments?

    Perhaps, acting dumbest tak tahu, lagi mereka tu sebangsa Melayu.

    Now, how to claim choice of no choice?

    Why just picked on Jeff Ooi?


    1 he is a Chinese M'sian

    2 he is a DAP member

    3 commenting about kafir violating the alifbata is the best diversion tactic to get out of a sticky political quagmire in bolihland


    Oxymoron, betul, tak?