Friday, September 02, 2016

How PM can win Chinese votes (1)

MM Online - Zahid: Umno must pay heed to interests of non-Malays

SABAK BERNAM, Aug 31 — Umno must pay heed to the interests of non-Malays because the backbone of the Barisan Nasional consistently received their support in general elections, said Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

He said Umno would still need their support in the coming 14th general election (GE14).

“For GE14, Umno as the backbone of the BN must take into consideration the interests of non-Malays to help the BN win, asides from the deposit of Malay support,” he said when opening Sungai Besar Umno delegates’ conference here today.

Ahmad Zahid wanted Chinese voters back in BN thus he said mollifying words. Will the Chinese bite as they did in Sarawak and Sungai Besar?

In general the middle-age and more senior Chinese may or may not, but the younger ones can be said to have lost complete faith in BN or MCA or Gerakan.

PM Najib is also echoing Ahmad Zahid's words, so let's see what happens, but I like to make a few recommendations to the PM and DPM, who mentioned taking care of non-Malay or Chinese interests, namely:

(a) The Chinese are obsessed with their children's education. As I have said before, it's one of the central pillars of their culture and civilisation. If you don't care about their children's education that's okay, it's your prerogative, but don't expect them to swamp back to BN.

But it'll to your benefit of you make some sincere positive efforts in helping them realize their educational aspirations if you want their votes (why do you think they voted DAP?)

So, as a start, recognize the UEC or if your educationists believe the UEC standard is far too low, help the DJKZ improve it. But those educationists shouldn't deliberately put unnecessary obstacles in the way of recognizing the UEC to render it unrecognizable.

I'll continue on how PM and the DPM can help win the Chinese votes, if they are really interested in teh Chinese interests, wakakaka.


  1. Malaysia is the only country in the World outside of Greater China (PRC, Taiwan , Hong Kong) with a Full fledged government-funded Chinese School System. Teaching Staff, Administration and Operating Costs borne by the Government.

    Singapore has no Chinese School system.
    It used to be a jailable offence to teach Chinese in Thailand, but they are now allowed fully privately-funded Chinese schools. It was once also illegal to teach Chinese in the Philippines and Burma.

    The Malaysian Chinese are an ungrateful lot for denying their support from the government.

    1. Chinese Malaysians had in the past and in the main given support to Tunku's Perikatan and Razak-Mahathir's BN, but since 2008 they in general stopped and instead gave their support to Pakatan Rakyat and Anwar Ibrahim, wakakaka - all birds of the same Melayu fetahers

    2. Do tell why Chinese M'sians should show any gratefulness to a govt who has consistently failed, sidelined & blackgoated them, whenever a political ketuanan match is been staged?

      Perhaps u have confused gratefulness to M'sia as the same as gratefulness to a bn govt?

      In fact, Chinese M'sians have shown many times over for their loyalty to M'sia as in the fight for the independence, both with the Jap & the Pommie.

      Lest u forget about the underlying economic foundation of the Malaya/M'sia is built with the bloods of the Chinese M'sians while u people me-layu under the tempurung!

    3. here cometh another typical umno dedakist who is grateful for the racial dedak he has been receiving for almost 60 years !

      with dedak addicts like warrior, M'sia can only go further backwards. terima kasih kuucapkan padamu ! hu-hu-hu-hu...

    4. Grateful to your gomen? For what?

  2. Like that mamak's lip service about indebtedness to the Chinese M'sians, whatever 'promises' given by these two SHOULD be treated as a BIG dosage of fart!

    Chameleon changes colour due to the environment. Deep down it's a slimy lizard.

    1. the proof shall be in the UEC pudding, that is, if the lil' Napoleons don't sabotage

    2. Why & how could the lil' Napoleons sabotage his UEC pudding?

      Didn't ahjibgor has shown his/her might in sweetening the 1MDB debacle in his/her advantage within the bolihland context?

      Or he/she has lost it conveniently when it comes to anything Chinese M'sian?

      What a lousy excuse!

      Couldn't blame Monsterball about yr (secret) fondness for this 1MO.

      It doesn't take a long essay to show that hidden intention, u know?

  3. why should the Chinese go back to umno ? lets see... we have the keris, red monkeys, pendatang... want some more ?

    times have changed. if it wasnt for umno, M'sia wouldnt have lost millions of its best and brightest to the world. as these migrations grow in numbers, they will bite back... hard.

  4. i find the suggestion to recognize uec for the sake of chinese vote is an insult to govt n chinese (there r non chinese that take uec though, for discussion sake since topic is abt chinese). the recognition shd base on certain education principle n criteria, as long as uec doesn't attain the requirement, we cant blame the govt. having said that, i dun know what is our govt criteria, y most non malay have to do spm stpm while not for malay? nep sampai education? otherwise i fully support the govt not to recognize uec.

    both my son daughter r from cis n take uec.

    1. well come back hy.. it has been quite long..

    2. universities around the world including and especially those in Western countries have recognize the UEC

    3. bro its been a while, dedicate this to u n bro hasan

      Bila yang tertulis untukku
      Adalah yang terbaik untukmu
      Kan kujadikan kau kenangan
      Yang terindah dalam hidupku

      our yearning of ge13 wakaka

    4. Hi HY.. good to see you again,

      "I would change the world
      If I had the chance
      Oh won’t you let me"