Thursday, September 22, 2016

DAP struggles against PKR

Malaysiakini - People of S'gor not stupid, PKR leader tells Pua

a fractured coalition?

With our amazing and most remarkable Election Commission doing its 'magic' again, which MKINI reported in another piece of news that:

The proposed redelineation would affect the boundaries of 18 out of Selangor’s 22 parliamentary constituencies, which will also affect voter numbers in the state constituencies that lie within these parliamentary seats ...

... Lim Kit Siang (DAP) had proposed an early election in Selangor before the new constituency-delineation comes into effect, but Azmin Ali (PKR) refused to, arguing Pakatan has such a mandate that it should not call for an early election.

Azmin's argument has been faulty, dodgy and based on unknown objectives that he and his PKR inner coterie only know. A mandate has been precisely what Pakatan had obtained in 2013 GE, but then alliances have since changed so much that Pakatan Rakyat is no more, and that huge 2013 mandate provides the precise authority for what is left of Pakatan to reasonably call for a new mandate to ascertain the people's choice with regards to current alliances.

On top of that, an early state election, if held, would not bite very much into the traditional 5-year term, By the time the snap election is in progress the old Pakatan Rakyat would have serve almost 4 out of its 5 years' duty. A
nd best of all, it leaps-frog over the new proposed re-delineation, and avoids suffering the EC's 'magic'.

So what is Azmin Ali's real motive in ignoring the EC's coming re-delineated state constituencies?

The impending disaster for Pakatan Harapan and Azmin Ali's seeming nonchalance towards (but it's likely he might and has already have an escape route, probably unbeknownst to the DAP, wakakaka), has infuriated Tony Pua (DAP) so much so that he felt wont to say about the imperative of a snap election for Pakatan:

"If you ask anybody on the street, they would also say the same thing. You would be stupid to say we should only have an election after the redelineation is completed."

That prompted good olde Shamsul Iskandar Md Akin, a PKR VP, to come out to defend Azmin's stand but using the people of Selangor as a sarong, wakakaka, saying,

"The people of Selangor are not stupid. On the contrary, they are the most enlightened with regard to national politics and the economy".

But Shamsul has gotten it wrong as Tony has actually directed the accusation of stupidity at PKR or Azmin and not the people of Selangor, wakakaka.

Thus Shamsul's valiant defence of Azmin or attempt to deflect Tony's rather poor choice of word, wakakaka, while showing his loyalty to Azmin, has been indication of PKR's moronic understanding of what's good for the future of Pakatan Harapan, that is, assuming anyone in PKR is still interested in Pakatan, wakakaka, as Pribumi has joined the political stage against the backdrop of an UMNO-PAS pact.

But then I suspect Azmin Ali might be far more interested in an alliance with Pribumi.

And we cannot but also recall Azmin's cold but avaricious response to Lim Guan Eng's earlier call for a snap election in Penang state.


  1. With the latest deveopment, perhaps Penang should go for a snap election. Perhaps it is prejudice, but I never trusted AA one bit, so this latest turn of event just make my suspicion even deeper.

  2. DAP would probably do well in a Selangor snap election, but PKR would be in deep trouble , together with uncertain eventual PAS alignment.

    It would be most ironic for Snap elections to result in an UMNO-PAS coalition state government.

    As duly elected State governments, both Penang and Selangor have strong locus standi to raise legal objections to EC Changes in State electoral boundaries.

    In addition, they must exert their incumbent influence to mobilise to a maximum extent ordinary people to raise official objections to electoral boundary changes. You call yourself the State Government, and can't even mobilise people to raise the legally mandated objection process ?

    If they can't , maybe the should just hand the state back to UMNO.

  3. Just resign. It would probably trigger an election

  4. After Khalid was kicked out as MB,I had said that under Azmin,PR might lose Selangor in GE14.To replaced an MB who had done quite a good job with a moron,one do not have to be a genius to figure it out what will happen.Right?

    1. And which party was against the Kajang Move if anyone could remind me?
      Btw Azizah could be a better MB..darn PAS.

  5. Bruno.. DAP is also stupid for supporting PKR in removing him and backstab PAS..

    See, PKR, DAP and PAN are all stupid.

    1. DAP's original support of Anwar (much as I personally dislike Anwar) was okay and politically correct, but with Anwar out of the way and out of political play, DAP should have been a bit more careful in supporting Azmin Ali as he's quite selfish (recall recent Sarawak state elections and how he and Tian Chua backstabbed DAP) and Machiavellian (see his cosy-ness with Uncle Mahathir - iit's eerie)

  6. Loopie Son,I have said many times before,Selangor DAP would be better off under Teresa Kok.Tony Pua,this dude wouldn't know the difference between a donkey and a mule.He was full of praise for Khalid one morning and flipflopped the next.

    1. Teresa Kok has a lot of baggage of her own.
      That is why she is politically quite low profile these days.
      Fact is
      DAP Selangor is in the doldrums.
      PKR is useless, with a scheming Azmin Ali.
      PAS ....hey they are playing both sides of the street.

      The Pakatoons in Selangor are hopeless...

  7. This is the first redelineation exercise since we captured power in both Selangor and Penang. Let us use all legal avenues first (via councils and state powers) to challenge spr. If all else fails then we dissolve.

    1. very difficult to reason with selfish party n selfish fanboy.

    2. like PKR and HY respectively? you're absolutely right they're selfish, wakakaka