Saturday, September 10, 2016

Suppose ........?

Let us play 'suppose'.

Suppose Mahathir leaves this world tomorrow, what will happen? [will The Loaf also close?]

Suppose Najib dies of a heart attack tomorrow, what will happen? [too much santan in his curry lah]

Suppose Anwar Ibrahim expires from AIDS tomorrow, what will happen? [maybe dirty toilet seat?]

Suppose Pak Haji goes for his 72 virgins tomorrow, what will happen? [will he discover that only 71 have 
'appetizing vaginas'?]


  1. Tsk..tsk... naughty naughty lah.

    With all these people expired at the same time, 1st thing must be hallelujah to the Almighty!

    But can bolihland's be saved & be peaceful ever since?

    U bet yr last dollar, that bolihland's WOULD be the Iran rebirth, then!


    Vacuum - a simple solution.

    These a**#%&$ have left zilch competent people in place to take over from them. Only another set of lesser a**#%&$ coming up to mess with bolihland with greater calamity!

    So, did I say hallelujah?

    Sorry, mistake.

    I'm perhaps just trying to kid myself with A sweet dream before the beginning of the 10 thousand years of rebuilt bolihland.

  2. I suppose, it's faith that matters.

  3. Hadi will find 71 or 72 does not make any difference... bro can't stand anymore.