Thursday, August 31, 2017

PKR - still unreliable

From FMT, about PKR finally (grudgingly?) saying it'll abide by PH policy not to cooperate nor to negotiate with PAS on matters pertaining to the pending general elections (extracts):

please i beg you, don't stop me from sucking

Following a three-hour meeting on Monday, the PH presidential council said the coalition would not cooperate with the Islamist party but would concentrate on preparing a strategy to manage the expected three-cornered contests.

Azmin, who is a PH vice-president, was notably absent from the meeting. He was also a no-show at a meeting of PKR’s political bureau the following night.

According to The Star, Azmin said he had been attending to other matters at the time.

The PH meeting followed reports that some PKR leaders were involved in negotiations with PAS on the allocation of seats in Selangor in GE14.

On Saturday, Azmin said his talks with PAS leaders were not done in his personal capacity but based on a party decision. However, PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution later denied there was such a decision made at the party level.

The move did not sit well with some party leaders, including Selayang MP William Leong who recently announced his resignation from the political bureau, the highest decision-making body in PKR.

Based on above FMT report, we can see Azmin Ali doing his own sweet-&-sour-sucking thing with PAS, much to the annoyance of other PKR members, but brazenly fibbing his whoring actions had been based on a "party decision".

Saifuddin Nasution virtually said "Balls" to Azmin Ali fabricated claim.

In my previous post Rafizi spills the budu-beans on PKR I narrated what Rafizi Ramli (principal intra-party rival of Azmin Ali) told us, to wit:

“I have made a decision not to attend the political bureau meetings since August 2016 after it was clear differing opinions in the political bureau will prolong and blunt the party’s preparations in the run-up to GE14.”

“Even if there was an agreement within the political bureau, if someone did not like it, the decision would not be respected and would in fact be raised in the next political bureau meeting until it was reversed (as happened with the decision for the party representatives’ resignations in the Kelantan government).

“As such, political bureau meetings became a place for prolonged political polemics without effective actions.”

Guess who is the "... if someone did not like it ..." in PKR that so annoyed and frustrated Selayang MP William Leong into resigning from the political bureau of PKR, the party's highest decision-making body.

We can understand William Leong's frustration and hair pulling because no decision in PKR's political bureau could ever be reached UNLESS those decisions were made or accepted by that recalcitrant "... someone ...".

But most shockingly, that "... someone ..." had dared to fib that his personal decisions to continue negotiating with PAS were based on a party decision.

The man is not a trustworthy person and should be placed under the most stringent observations and the closest scrutiny.

So, can PH even trust his current words when he said PKR will now desist from sucking PAS?


  1. You can keep on sucking Azmin and also Kak Wan. It is safe, you won't get babies. It is not even toxic. No worries, you can unsuck at any time you wish. Believe me you, it will be a mutually beneficial sucking relationship.

    1. mutually beneficial? like the sucking btw lge n mahathir? n blaming the dad giving excuse chinese tis chinese tat? malukan cina.

  2. The dwarf is sucking the fruits from the wrong tree.If lying on the ground looking up,seeing Mahathir or Kit Siang ,one can say it is the correct tree. Azmin for such a long in politics still have not grasp what it takes to be a politician.No wonder,his mentor and political master had bypassed him for the MB post,not once but twice.

  3. Mahathir told Azmin that he can no longer spread his legs anymore.Therefore Azmin had to close down the henhouse.