Wednesday, August 09, 2017

GE-14: Lim Kit Siang urged not to stand in Penang

FMT - Umno: Kit Siang must admit he’s not defending Gelang Patah:

GEORGE TOWN: DAP’s parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang must come clean over a rumour that he might be contesting in Penang in the next general election (GE14), a Penang Umno leader said today.

Muhammad Farid Saad said the people of Gelang Patah who voted him as MP in the last polls, had the right to know if Lim was moving to a new seat.

This follows screenshots of Lim’s voting district change from Johor to Penang on the electoral roll being widely-shared on social media recently.

“In my opinion, it is very unfair to Gelang Patah voters. But if he is indeed leaving Johor, he then has a duty to at least say goodbye, not just abscond.

“Lim should come clean and his son and DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, too, must be brave enough to admit his father’s likely departure from Johor.

“History has shown Kit Siang to have made Malaysia his political playground. Ikut suka hati sahaja (‘doing whatever he wishes’),” Farid told FMT.

Checks by FMT showed that Kit Siang is now a voter for the Tanjung parliamentary constituency and the Komtar state constituency, which is the urban seat where George Town is located.

We in Penang don't want such a treacherous traitor to the ideology of the DAP. He now consorts shamelessly with an anti Chinese bigot like Mahathir.

Our late Bhai would be broken-hearted by his former colleage who has sold out on the DAP followers and supporters. If only Bhai was still around he would have shouted "Bertaubat" to the traitor but would still be disappointed by an unrepentant Lim who craves for power in his swansong desire.

Lim KS can return to his hometown wherever that is. It seems he dared not even reveal where that is when asked by a reporter recently. Instead he told the reporter to investigate the matter on her own, apparently ignoring the fact that asking question is one of the methods to investigate a particular fact.

Lim apparently does not deem it fit he should have behaved responsibly and courteously in a democracy - he must have believed those basic civil mannerisms apply to only others but not to him - has he inherited that arrogant behaviour from his current soul-mate?  

I've always thought he was born in Batu Pahat where he, if abandoning Gelang Patah, should now return to, so he can stand as a candidate there for GE-14. If not Batu Pahat, then he should go to wherever his hometown is.

We don't want him in Penang where we had in 1999 taught him a lesson kau kau for betraying the Chinese.


  1. I have at various times disagreed and disliked the behaviour of Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng. But my peeves have always been situational, to do with specific acts and policies, and not the person.

    Ktemoc appears to be pursuing an unrelenting vendetta against Lim Kit Siang purely because of his key role in the anti-Najib front.

    1. i now detest lks because he has dared to ally himself with a dictator

  2. He is just stretching it too far ..... what the chinese say "非常虚假"

    Just wonder what has not answering a question got to do with democracy!

    Paraphrasing "you have the freedom to swing your umbrella but I also have my freedom of not getting my nose struck by your umbrella" So what is wrong with not answering the question? After all a GE is "warfare", related info are strategic mah.

    1. lks has been a man who has demanded answers from people yet he showed no willingness to do so himself

    2. u r right lks have the habit to demand answers for many thing, but i dun recall he did in instance like u mentioned, can u provide link bec it is common not to reveal like what peter said.

      moreover who r u to represent pg people, u r just a dap traitor not even staying in msia, y sebuk?

    3. more rights than you or LKS, wakakaka