Friday, September 01, 2017

PKR woes continue

The PKR f**k-ups continue.

(a) FMT - Sarawak PKR youth leader defends suspended Manikavasagam (extracts):

those who can, do, those who can't, sack those who can


Elia Bit said she and Marudi PKR were shocked over Manikavasagam’s two-year suspension from the party.

Calling 'YB Mike' a genuine fighter, says she finds the allegation that he slandered Anwar Ibrahim ridiculous

Yes sweetie, everything in PKR is ridiculous, wakakaka.

Nik removed Hafidz for the latter's pro PAS proclivity?
one of PKR's pro vs anti PAS factional tussles? 

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 31 — PKR Youth chief Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad made a unilateral decision to remove Dr Hafidz Rizal Amran from leading the wing’s chapter in Kelantan, according to Dr Afif Bahardin.

The deputy to Nik Nazmi revealed Dr Hafidz’s situation was discussed during a meeting with PKR’s Kelantan leadership, but it was supposed to have been referred back to the wing’s national leadership before any decision was made.

“He made the decision on his own; so you’ll have to ask him. I did say that we should mediate the process and talk to all parties before doing anything

“According to the PKR youth wing’s law, he can make that call, it’s within his right to do so,” Dr Afif told Malay Mail Online when contacted.

Kelantan PKR has since appointed Dr Hafidz as the state youth wing’s “coordinator” days after being removed as the head of the state’s youth wing.

Does that mean Nik Nazmi is on Rafizi Ramli's side, the no-talk-to-PAS faction?

'Nuff said as PKR warlords (sons of UMNO) flexed their wee lil' muscles.

But alas, it seems Pakatan's weakest link has broken. 

cucu, sure you can handle those anwaristas?
moe maan t'ai, tok i'll kowtim them kau kau


  1. PKR is the only party in the opposition bloc to have lots of internal problems.It is either a member of one faction going after another member of another faction.Or one leader afraid that another upcoming leader might outshine him,so he backstab him or try to sabotage his work.

    From party election,general election to Kajang satay,it is all about greed and power.Anwar and Azmin trying to sit on the local Sabah warlords faces had them running tails between their legs for the hills.This cost them badly in Sabah in GE13 and also hurt their chances in Sarawak.Who knows,if things had gone their way,Anwar would have been PM and not residing in Sungei Buloh.

    And Kajang satay blew up and burn their faces so badly that PKR had not recovered up till today.The only thing it did was propel Azmin to the MB post.And up till today they are still screwing each others backsides.Serves them right if they lose very badly in GE14.

    1. Azmin has always been a control freak. When PKR started operations in Sabah and Sarawak he had to ensure he was in direct control of everything there just as he wanted to be in control of everything in peninsula.

      anwar trusted him so pampered his every requirement. in an early pkr VP elections, anwar even "instructed" nallakaruppan to stand aside in the race for the last VP position to enable azmin to win that race - nalla had too many (indian) supporters in pkr and azmin would have been left out.

      his bright star came in the post kajang satay bull after pas interfered with pkr affairs because hadi awang did not like anwar - pity hrh was persuaded by whoever to take sides.

    2. bruno, there r diff btw a party that uphold democracy where everyone is allowed to talk, complain, compete n even fight, unlike party that control by dictator, for eg, umno n of course, dap, n oso now pas under hadi.

    3. bruno, there r diff btw a party that is totally anarchic and lawless due to invincible selfishness where everyone is allowed to talk, complain, compete n even fight for his or her own personal interests and at times controlled by treachery, eg. pkr, unlike a party that governs by principles, set rules, protocols, for eg. the dap


    4. Dear HY.. all PAS members want to implement hudud but you will still say it is undemocratic and Hadi is despotic. What more can I say my bro? Sigh..

      If you think all those PAS splinters in PAN are a living example of good Muslims who are democratic and progressive moderates who are against hudud, let us see whether PAN can win a single seat in GE14, unless of course LKS can parachute them all to Penang.

    5. my benchmark of democratic is how we treat the minority right n voice. in tis context, i dun see any diff btw lims n hadi.

  2. KTemoc wrote:-

    "bruno, there r diff btw a party that is totally anarchic and lawless ... & eg. pkr, unlike a party that governs by principles, set rules, protocols, for eg. the dap"

    Basically, party members should be allowed to democratically discuss and debate internal issues and then vote on them and once the majority decision on the party's courses of action has been been reached, all party members should support and implement the majority decision in a disciplined and unified manner, until the next meeting where they can debate and discuss the issues again.

    As for PKR, the party comprises many ex-UMNO members who whilst they have left UMNO but UMNO has not left them, so they carry the UMNO DNA with them.

    Besides that, PKR also comprises members who are ultra-liberals, anarchists, hippies, neo-liberals, opportunists, assorted NGO activists. leftists inherited from the Parti Rakyat Malaysia (PRM) including Dr. Syed Husin Ali and so forth, so they do not have a coherent guiding ideology, unlike PAS, DAP and PAN.

    Thus you get these kind of public display of internal party disagreements, which give the voting public an impression of a disunited party without a common direction, which is damaging to the public perception of the party.

    The PKR leadership has now decided to sever all cooperation with PAS and to strategise on how to best cope with three-cornered fights in which PAS is one of the contestants.

    No doubt, past experience has shown that PAS can and has split the PKR vote to let BN win with the largest minority (of under 50%) of the votes, as happened in Kota Damansara Selangor state constituency in GE13.

    The Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar byelections have shown how PAN split the PAS vote by roughly half and would let BN win.

    Still untested is the extent to which Pribumi can split the UMNO vote and the outcome in three-cornered fights between UMNO/BN, Pribumi and PAS. This could be the strategy which PKR will adopt going forward now that it has decided to end all cooperation with PAS.

    That said, there still is speculation that PKR could continue to negotiate privately with PAS to avoid three-cornered fights, since it is said that Anwar supports such negotiations, which if successful, will enhance PKR's chances of winning.

    1. as a minority, we must learn well tocqueville no tyranny of the majority in whatever situation.

      i believe anwar will continue to push azmin to talk to pas, hence azmin will follow, the good n bad of pr/ph/opposition r there is no obvious bully, all r equal n able to create a sort of balance. do u now see how dap is trying to rob pkr seat now because this traitor party know exactly the game is changing when bersatu join ph, bersatu not interested (their foe is umno) in non malay constituency, thus the only way out for anwar/azmin is not to totally cut ties with pas in case this traitor dap "casting them after their usefulness", they know dap is the worst partner to work with. trust me n helen on this, dap is a bunch of traitor n selfish power hungry elite pretend to be chinese.

    2. trust helen? then trust hy, wakakaka

    3. Hahaha..Alexis de Tocqueville Predicted the Tyranny of the Majority in Our Modern World!

      Someone is reading le...

      Thus, within the context of yr take, WHO'S the minority/majority in the filth amongst pr/ph/opposition?

      Or r they ALL minority? Thus putting yr benchmark of democratic is how we treat the minority right n voice to the very test???

      Where is yr sense of larger good, in lieu of yr pet hate for dap? Same like KT's hate for pkr?

      I see u no difference between u & KT! Crawling through the horn of the bull to trying to find excuses to acquiesce yr own supports with a narrow single-track logic!

    4. ck, what is yr larger good, to show the voters dap is a chinese party, n to prove to them dap is the taiko of ph?

    5. The larger good is the ultimate demise of that bigoted hive of one, umno!

      Whether dap is a Chinese party n dap is the taiko of ph or not, as far as the blur-sotongs, zombies & the ketuanan freaks concerned, R not the issue.

      They have already casted that thought in stone. Nothing will change their minds. So, what's yr effort in cursing to turn over that thought??

    6. i curse one that did wrong, greedy n stupid, u dun?

    7. so there r no diff among hy ck n kt, only thing that tell us apart is we both wan umno/bn down, while kt continue eating dedak.

    8. Mahathir's dedak is not called dedak? wakakaka, stop sucking his cock lah