Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Karma's a bitch

Tunku Abdul Rahman first expelled Mahathir from UMNO for his biadap behaviour and the latter's letter accusing, among many things, Tunku of being too friendly with Chinese.

Tunku then subsequently (after he 'retired' from politics) left his party UMNO together with Hussein Onn, because he could not tolerate Mahathir for his bigoted attitude, policies, governance and where the then-PM was taking UMNO.

Today, Mahathir is in more or less the same boat as Tunku, the man he criticised and made an enemy of.

Is the spirit of Tunku punishing his tormentor?

As I've often heard from friends, "What goes around comes around", an allusion to what we call the consequences of 'karma', or in English, 'Reap what you sow'.

I wonder whether Karma will also give Mahathir what he gave Anwar?

A jail term and public humiliation, yes, to realise no one escapes the auto-consequences of karma. The RCI on the scandalous Forex loss of billions may provide that karma-ish triggering action.

And lest Buddhists are troubled by my post title, here's an extract from Quora to soothe them with the English meaning of that phrase, wakakaka:

The underlying ideology of karma, in lame words, only states; if a person has good intentions, then he will have a good future. If one has bad intentions and does evil things, then he/she has to suffer and payback for it in future.

Karma can be applied in both positive and negative sense.

The bitch part has nothing to do with the ideology of karma. It's just adding salt to wound or provoking one's deeds and making him understand that he deserved it because of what he has done in the past.

Blending all these together, the phrase "Karma is a bitch" means if you have done something wrong and think nothing's going to happen to you, then wait for it, it will hit you back someday.

he who laughs last laughs best 


  1. Yup, Karma is a bitch.

    Even as Najib tries to hang Mahathir using an RCI into a 23-years old issue, Malaysians get rudely reminded of a Billion Dollar crime-in-progress right in front of their face - courtesy of Dear Najib.


    If the money was already earlier paid to IPIC, as claimed by Dear Najib, why is that it needs to be paid AGAIN ?
    Its not Millions of Dollars in debts woi...its BILLIONS.

    Who is actually paying ?

    Even my corner warung Makcik has a system to make sure she doesn't pay her creditors twice. Its called an official receipt.

    One of the most respected law enforcement agencies in the world says the original "payment" money was diverted into Jho Low's account , and some of if was diverted into Malaysian Official 1's personal bank account, as well as Million Dollar diamonds for Malaysian Lady 1.

  2. Karma is a bitch.

    My sifu, who is knowledgeable of calculating karmic influences has this to say....

    Najib is right to be deeply concerned about the Mahathir - Anwar alliance.
    Anwar Ibrahim heading Pakatan is not sufficient to topple BN....because it is not in Anwar's destiny to be the top leader, though he still has a pivotal influence in Malaysia's history....

    Mahathir is another matter...his birthdate, birthplace, name,....all mark him out as Numero Uno. He has tremendous Karmic energy, for good or bad....and Najib is no match for Mahathir...

    The only obstacle he faces is at his age, the Karmic powers he brought from birth are rapidly declining, while Najib is still in possession of all his energies .....

    Mahathir and Anwar combined will be sufficient to cause Najib...and Ktemoc....nightmares.

    Rosmah, who is reputed to employ the services of very powerful Indian shamans, has probably seen similar calculations, and advised Najib of the severe threat.

    That is why UMNO is now bringing out the Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles against Mahathir. Failure will destroy UMNO's grip on power forever, or for a very long time, because of the nature of its Dedak politics.
    Much of Malaysia's "leakage" industry is driven by the need to feed ever growing sums of Dedak to oil the UMNO machinery.

    Once UMNO's hand is no longer in control of the Dedak tap, UMNO will find it a very, very hard path back to power.

    These are related to energies and trends...no outcome is certain. The collective will of millions of voters, especially when the polling date is not yet set, it is not possible to predict exact outcomes.

    1. wakakaka, thanks for involving me in high level politics

      yes, karma's a bitch but 'tis Heaven that will bestow the Mandate to rule, wakakaka again