Saturday, August 12, 2017

Holy Mole-y Pakatan in Penang

Once upon a time, in fact in May last year (2016) there were 5 renegades from a so-called allied party of the DAP who deliberately abstained in an UMNO proposed motion in the Penang State Assembly.

The UMNO proposed motion “urged the state government to cancel reclamation works involving some 4,000 acres at the south of Penang Island and seek alternative financing for the RM27 billion Penang Transport Master Plan”.

Unlike other Pakatan ADUN (DAP and PKR) who voted against the UMNO proposed motion, the 5 abstained. One of them was even Penang PKR party whip, Ong Chin Wen.

Only in PKR would you see a party whip not supporting his Penang party and party leader's stand, but de facto an UMNO stand.

As just mentioned, those PKR ADUNs' abstentions were akin to voting for the UMNO proposed motion, instead of together with the majority of Pakatan ADUN against said motion.

Fortunately for the Penang Pakatan government, the UMNO motion was nonetheless defeated, despite the 5 renegades' treachery. Even the Penang PKR Boss did not know of their Pearl-Harbour intention.

One of those 5 PKR renegades was a female ADUN for the state constituency of Penanti. Her name is Norela Ariffin.

One year later, we hear about Norela Ariffin again.
Just a couple of days ago, she complained about a factory which then saw the MACC arrest Phee Boon Poh.

MM Online reported her saying (extracts):

Penang assemblyman Norlela Ariffin claims she is being given the pariah treatment by Pakatan Harapan supporters after DAP state councillor Phee Boon Poh’s detention in an anti-corruption investigation.

The PKR state lawmaker was the first to lodge complaints to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) against an illegal factory operating in Kampung Sungai Lembu that has been linked to the probe against Phee.

Norlela is incensed by claims that she played a role in Phee’s arrest yesterday, saying the MACC’s actions were beyond her control.

mouse in Penang? 

Phee Boon Poh has been the state executive councillor in charge of environment, welfare and a caring society. He was tasked by CM Lim GE to render, where possible, illegal factories and other business units into legal operating entities.

While in the process of seeing to the business of a factory, which prompted him to write a letter appealing for a stay of any government action against the factory, Norlela Ariffin made a report on said factory which then saw the MACC pounced on Phee.

Is Norlela saying that as a Pakatan ADUN in the Penang state assembly she does not know of Phee's work as assigned by the CM?

Maybe she doesn't because in 2016 she did not support a Pakatan stand against an UMNO proposed motion. Maybe she forgot she was in Pakatan, or maybe she was used to buat apa2 suka sendiri saja

Truly a PKR-ista.


(2) UMNO's tempting taunt for PKR.

guan eng has to watch out for vipers in pakatan 


  1. Once beaten twice not shy?This mouse sure is a big one.But,PKR leaders are not that smart,so they will let her stand again in GE14.When rats make babies,there will be a nest of them soon.And believe me,rats do multiply pretty fast and will soon flood the party with mice.Wakakaka.

  2. Oh.. yang holy itu vipers la, rats la, snakes la, bla bla..

    Keep on aiding and abetting your non holy readers to hate Malays/Islam?

    1. I don't hate nor encourage my readers to hate Malays or Islam. I detest some of the ulama and so-called moral police for bullying old man like Kassim Ahmad and ladies like Nik Raina, etc, and labelling children born out of wedlock. My values are that of decency, fair play and compassion

  3. When it comes to UMNO leaders, MACC will bend over backwards, do a Yoga contortionist act to declare the UMNOrista Lily White.

    When it comes to anyone in the Opposition , MACC will do a world-record jump to pick on the slightest suspicion.

    That is the rule of the game, and always has been. It will only have a chance to change if UMNO is kicked out of Federal power.

    That is why Lim Kit Siang is focusing all his energies on the objective for the downfall of Najib, and I fully support him.

    Phee Boon Poh should have known that MACC will put the most negative possible interpretation of anything he does. Same with Lim Guan Eng over his bungalow purchase vs. the Owner's land application.

    Any semblance of political interference in normal law enforcement , in this case action over illegal factories, can and will be interpreted as abuse of power and corruption.
    Phee is still presumed innocent , and let the courts judge on that in an open trial.

    Come to think of it, the MACC mentality is not that far different from the way Ktemoc always puts the most negative possible interpretation on anything a PKR person says or does.

    1. ... based on evidence, track record of PKR wakakaka

    2. ... based on evidence, track record says MACC... what's the difference ?

    3. based on a report made by PKR's Norlela Arffin

    4. Based on the letter that Phee sent to recommend NFA until agreeable solution is found.

      MACC ONLY wants to based the charge on recommended NFA BUT ignoring the part about until agreeable solution is been found.

      Fast-tracked & hp6 'prosecution' due to instruction from atas...hmmm...

      Maybe another TBH??

      Guess not for another political martyr. Very bad for GR14!

      Perhaps just a dragged through the mud for the dap, for the blur-sotongs' martinee show.

    5. Holy Mole-y Norlela Ariffin (PKR) posted a thank-you comment on MACC web

      PKR top brass visited Hadi

  4. She would be out of line if she had specifically named or accused Phee in her MACC report, but it doesn't seem to have been the case.

    Merely making a report on lack of enforcement against illegal factories operating in her constituency does not amount to being a mole or being treacherous. She was within her job duties to do so.

    It may have been better if Pakatan in Penang had internal communications channels for such concerns to be brought up, and acted upon, but it is possible there is a breakdown in communications between PKR and DAP.