Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Alhamdulillah, Kassim Ahmad is saved from the Inquisition

MM Online - Kassim Ahmad thankful now a ‘free man’, says has always defended Islam (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 8 — Muslim intellectual Kassim Ahmad thanked God for his release from Shariah charges that have been hanging over his head since 2014, also asserting that he has been defending Islam instead of insulting the religion as accused.

Kassim, who will be turning 84 early next month, said he is grateful now he is a “free man” following his discharge and acquittal at the Putrajaya Syariah High Court yesterday.

“I’m greatly relieved, thank God. I’m of course happy,” he told Malay Mail Online when contacted.

Kassim said he has been “fully vindicated” of the “ridiculous” accusation that he had dishonoured Islam, pointing out that he has been defending Islam for many years.

As an example, he cited his lengthy criticism against atheist academic Richard Dawkins’ controversial book The God Delusion, comparing it to the local Islamic authorities’ response when it was published.

“You see they accuse me of dishonouring Islam. In the first place, I think I’m one of those who defend Islam. How can you judge me for dishonouring Islam?” he asked.

“Those who know me, know I defend Islam, but Islam which is the religion that I know, I defend it. I have been defending it for as long as I know what Islam is… And so I have been defending that all these while.

“So God be praised, today I’m free of those charges,” he said.

I'm glad that Kassim Ahmad has succeeded in overthrowing JAWI's attempted bullying of an 80-year old man.

JAWI has been notorious for its bullying intimidating oppressive ways. Though JAWI's main victims have been Muslims, I as a non-Muslim rejoice in curbing their oppression, an oppression they exercised under the name of Islam but by way of their human interpretation.

If you examine JAWI's cases, eg. the shameful Zouk nightclub raid which ended in lustful ogling of the female victims, the evil continuous and illegal persecution of Nik Raina Nik Abdul Aziz, etc and finally the illegal cross-border raid outside its jurisdiction to illegally arrest Kassim Ahmad thus proving its transgressions and violations beyond its given authority, it was case after case of illegalities and unfettered misuse of its religious powers.

nik raina - bullied and persecuted kau kau by jawi 

JAWI officers should have been jailed for their un-Islamic transgressions, and possibly secular law violations or severely fined.

In JAWI, there's none of the compassion of Allah swt but only the brutal oppression akin to the medieval Spanish Inquisition.

And they are particular cruel and barbaric to an elderly citizen and gentle ladies - that's what their officers appeared only to have been good for.

Thus the outcome of Kassim Ahmad case is a salutary lesson to those oppressive JAWI jack-booted Brownshirts to stop their bullying, though alas, I fear the clerics, salaried at taxpayers' expense (including that of non-Muslims), have too much political backing despite their regular illegalities.

Ahmad's deserved victory over the JAWI gangsters is an occasion that calls for an Alhamdulillah.



  1. Kassim Ahmad, while I believe he was unjustly prosecuted , is a classic case of one who has unnecessarily made too many enemies in the course of his life.

    When the Bastards came for him, there was (almost) no one left to speak up for him.

    1. i think mahathir n daughter did. that's y many in pas, n their brader kt felt damn frustration, however the latter frus have more to do with how come the evil mahathir share the same weltanschauung with me huh? wakaka.

  2. He is already in a 'kubur kata mari' zone. Most Malays/Muslims will say 'orang tua dah buang tebiat'. He should join Pribumi and stand for election in his hometown and lets see whether he can win?

    1. That's WHY KA is defending Islam while zombies like u is defending JAWI le!!!

      Tau beza ke?

    2. actually we shd feel proud some msian can think very differently n not submit to the same dogma, whether he is right or wrong, as long as no violence involve.

      for eg, if hadi could tell us his daughter in law can have her own mind whether she wan to be muslim or no, my impression toward hadi could change drastically. i know he dun care, but that's how i feel.