Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Rafizi spills the budu-beans on PKR

In 2012 I once penned that Rafizi Ramli has been endowed with intellectual brilliance, scoring exceptional academic and professional achievements, which means he possesses solid underpinning knowledge for life’s tussles. And he demonstrated this quality in his ingenuity in digging out various financial scandals (eg. NFC) where he exposed questionable practice and expenditure of money by top management.

Thus Rafizi was/is not only an important asset but potentially a future PM of a Pakatan government, say in about 15 years time.

Alas, I then smacked my own mouth a few times for 'hoodoo-ing' (jinx-ing) him by mentioning the 'future PM' position because that word was/is taboo in the PKR vicinity (unless it applies to only the Dwarf, wakakaka).

In short, Rafizi could be considered as not just a rising star but someone who could one day be undoubtedly a supernova. He’s most of all a Melayu male and a very very bright one in a land where 60% of the population are Melayu and where only a Melayu (preferably male) can ever be PM.

most unlike Teresa who's cursed by 3 x 'C'

(Chinese, Christian, Cha-bor) 

In other words Rafizi has more than qualified as a politician who would easily be accepted as a (future) PM or at least the powerful Finance Minister.

Again alas, he has recently been convicted of a serious charge which may see him in jail and the end of his political career.

Currently he is, unsurprisingly, at odds with the most ambitious person in Malaysia, his own party rival, one who continues to be slutting around with the ulamak.

Rafizi reveals to us: “I have made a decision not to attend the political bureau meetings since August 2016 after it was clear differing opinions in the political bureau will prolong and blunt the party’s preparations in the run-up to GE14.”

“Even if there was an agreement within the political bureau, if someone did not like it, the decision would not be respected and would in fact be raised in the next political bureau meeting until it was reversed (as happened with the decision for the party representatives’ resignations in the Kelantan government).

“As such, political bureau meetings became a place for prolonged political polemics without effective actions.”

Rafizi has been pissed off by a PKR faction in the Selangor government (ie. the Dökkálfar faction, wakakaka) shamelessly whoring away with an unrepentant, uncooperative and unresponsive PAS who has already voiced its ulamak-ish shrills to preferably working with UMNO.

MM Online reported him saying that any suggestions ... that was detrimental to PAS would be rejected at PKR political bureau meetings because “the deputy president’s view is to continue keeping the door open to PAS until the last minute to ensure victory in Selangor” - and guess who's the deputy president of PKR? Wakakaka.

So now we understand why William Leong has in utter frustration resigned from the PKR political bureau. 

Given the radical action of an intra-party neutral person like William Leong I am inclined to believe Rafizi Ramli's side of the story, that the Dökkálfar Dwarf is gradually draining the last drops of life from PKR because of his (Dwarf's) mad obsession in working with PAS, where he wants a perpetually 'kaki-buka-kangkang' policy for PAS.

Naturally Rafizi Ramli has been forced to openly voiced his frustration (not unlike William Leong's) at the Dwarf's persistence in allying PKR with PAS when PAS does not even want to work with it.

Recently he openly called upon PKR members to have a say on this debilitating-to-PKR issue but in doing so he incurred the wrath of the Dökkálfar Dwarf and his faction. They accused him of being an UMNO agent.

above: Dökkálfar faction (missing Latheefa Koya)

below: Rafizi faction


MM Online reported in its article on PKR's in-fighting in political bureau (extracts):

Rafizi assured his critics that he was not a threat to their political positions and has not turned traitor to Umno or the BN, as they were the common enemy.

“I can confirm that I have never met any minister or senior member of Umno/Barisan Nasional all my life except in Parliament. I only met Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi once in court in 2012 to resolve his lawsuit against me. I declare my assets annually and I am confident the people know I do not have any suspect riches from bribery.

“I know many feel I threaten their political position. In reality, I have been sentenced to jail and very likely will be barred from active politics for more than seven years. I am unsure if I will remain in politics after I serve my sentence (if I lose my appeal) because I can’t read the future. As such, I should not be seen as a political threat to my colleagues; I’m only someone used to speaking out when I have differing views.”



  1. What can one expect from the "dwarf",a short 3 1/2 ft tall stout guy by the name of Azmin Ali.For a man who have political ambitions way beyond his talents,his qualities at being a leader is being questioned.As a politician he is being compared like a minnow swimming in a pond full of kois.just waiting and hoping not to be consumed by his bigger predators.

    Like being surpassed by Khalid Ibrahim for the MB post in Selangor,not once but twice.Even his long time mentor and political master knows that he is only qualified for a grassroots leader's position.That is the reason that he had been rejected so many times for promotions.Even his mentor have to stepped in to help him win party elections.We have to ask,what do his butt loving master got in return?

  2. Rafizi is a smart guy,but a political novice when it comes down to politics.In politics it is a game of survival.The fittest and finest players survived this game of political chess.All they have to do is ask Dr Mahathir if he will take them as his students.

    It is true that Rafizi have outed many corrupted politicians,their spouses and families and their cronies.The only thing he did not do is getting these informations out,and at the same time protecting himself too.He just have to have his foot stop just millimeters before the line.Now he has got himself entangled with the legal system so deep,that only a kangarooless court can save him.

  3. Wakakakaka...do u know something that most of us don't???

    Do double check what supernova means, wordsmith!!!!