Wednesday, August 23, 2017

PKR a sinking ship?

Today I am not feeling all that well as I have a very bad cold which might be coupled with a viral infection. Mahathir gets a rest day from me, wakakaka.

Instead like to talk on the PKR party problems where some of its members are getting fed up with Azmin Ali's adamant slutting with PAS.

Selayang MP William Leong Jee Keen has quit the PKR political bureau after the party leadership (which means Azmin Ali) said it will continue to try and work together with PAS to prevent three-cornered fights.

William disagreed with Azmin slutting, for two reasons, namely, PAS has already declared that they are working with UMNO, so WTF is Azmin up to, wakakaka.

William said that secondly, the ideological differences are too great a risk. Initially, PAS talked about promoting a welfare state but now they have gone back to their original position of introducing hudud and an Islamic theocratic state. It may be okay for Azmin but for non-Muslims I don't think those PKR members like to work with a hudud-bent PAS.

Meanwhile PKR parliamentary whip Johari Abdul said that if PKR wants to talk to PAS, then there should be a deadline, where it ought to be one or two weeks after Hari Raya Aidiladha, which falls on Sept 1.

Johari told Malaysiakini: "We can't keep on discussing things while at the same time our Pakatan Harapan friends are not sure whether we are firm on the coalition."

He said this when asked to comment about Selayang MP William Leong's decision to quit the PKR political bureau.

"But we gave a counter proposal saying this must come at a Harapan level, and not on an individual level (that of Azmin Ali).

"Harapan must know what our stand on the matter is."

Well said, Johari, Azmin's slutting with PAS seems to be a hush hush affair with everyone in Pakatan thinking Azmin must be keeping a cobra inside his house.

There have been other issues within PKR, one of which was a recent embargo of state financial aid which pissed off Wong Chen (Kelana Jaya MP). Then there is the internecine war between Azmin and Rafizi.

Some years back, wakakaka, in fact a dozen years ago I was invited by a Chinese towkay to join PKR. He promised me a prominent leadership position in the party. I suppose he must be one of those multimillionaire backers of Anwar. Anwar seems to have a number of these.

When I thanked him for his generosity and kind thoughts I explained I was already a DAP supporter. He pooh-poohed my confession, saying the DAP was far too Chinamen-ish and if I want a bright political future then PKR as a multiracial party would be the best for me.

I have to admit with Anwar around, PKR was more multiracial but since his working position as de facto leader has been taken over by Azmin, PKR has been seen in a more and more ketuanan Melayu pelt.

The only regret I have with sticking to DAP is LKS, wakakaka. But he is only one candidate and I hope he loses wherever he stands, wakakaka.

But I have never regretted NOT joining PKR. I would advise those who seek a better principled political party to leave PKR and join DAP as Dr Bari has done.


  1. u shd join gerakan, like what the liar daughter did, gerakan is much much more principle than dap, which the party secretary now sitting next to mahathir. the only deficient is beside dedak, even shit u must telan if it come from najib, or any of the umno tuan, n perhaps pas tuan as well. i supposed most traitor n turncoat could get use to it.

  2. Azmin is a dwarf,in other words a midget,when it comes down to politics.We all know that he is the present Selangor MB by default.Not a legitimate MB,adding his tag of a dwarf or midget,he feels insecure.That is the reason he has open a brothel and jumping into bed with any whore he can get his hands on.I think that he can find better quality going to Golok.That is the place horny Kelantan PAS politicians and supporters go.Wakakaka.

    1. wakakaka, bruno matey I can always depend on you for a good morning laugh

  3. PKR a sinking ship?PKR's ship sunk a long time ago.Just look at the leaders of the malfunction political party.It will eventually implode and become a mosquito party.

  4. Azmin is only being pragmatic about politics and is trying avoid having to fight enemies on two fronts.

    He knows what happened to former Selangor State Assemblyman Dr. Nasir Hashim who ran under the PKR ticket in Kota Damansara and won in 2008 but lost in a three cornered fight between PKR, BN and PAS and 2013.

    In 2008, Dr. Mohd Nasir Hashim of Parti Sosialis Malaysia running under a PKR ticket got 11,846 votes or 52.38%
    His one-on-one opponent Zein Isma Ismail of the BN got 10,771 votes or 47.62%
    So Dr. Nasir won Kota Damansara

    In 2013, in a six-cornered fight, Halimaton Saadiah Bohan of the BN got 16,387 votes or 42.27%
    Still contesting under the PKR ticket, Dr. Nasir got 14,860 votes or 38.33%
    PAS entered the fray with Ridzuan Ismail who got 7,312 votes of 18.86%
    Independent candidate Halmi Omar got 116 votes or 0.30%
    Independent candidate Edros Abdullah got 57 votes or 0.15%
    Independent candidate Suppiah Anandan got 39 votes or 0.10%

    BN won Kota Damansara with the largest minority of 42.27%

    Going back to 2004 when BN stood head-on-head against PAS,
    Mohd Mokhtar Ahmad Dahlan of the BN got 12,926 votes or 72.81%
    Mohamad Ariff Md Yusof of PAS got 4,827 votes or 27.19%
    BN won of course.

    In 2013, PKR won some Selangor state seats with a slim majority, mostly in two-cornered fights,in some areas thanks to PAS voters who voted PKR since PAS was then part of Pakatan.

    However, come GE14, remaining PAS loyalists following the PAS-PAN split could deny PKR enough votes to let UMNO/BN win with the largest minority (under 50%) of votes.

    Most DAP candidates stood in safe seats which they won quite often with big majorities, so they don't have to worry but PKR won many seats with marginal majorities, so is rightly fearful.

    My Selangor state constituency, Taman Medan was won by Dr. Haniza Talha of the PKR with a slim majority of 3,731 out of a total of 37,514 votes cast or 54.59% of votes cast and a sizeable proportion of those who voted for her are PAS supporters. So in a three-cornered fight between PKR, UMNO/BN and PAS, PAS loyalists in will now vote for PAS in GE14, which will most likely draw away enough votes from PKR let UMNO/BN win.

    Section 14 Petaling Jaya is an interesting section, since it is divided almost in half between Bukit Gasing and Taman Medan state constituencies and right now, DAP has Bukit Gasing and PKR Taman Medan but come GE14, Section 14 could find itself split between DAP and UMNO, with DAP holding Bukit Gasing and ruling over Roads 14/1 to 14/28 and UMNO/BN ruling over roads 14/29 to 14/64.

    If Pribumi were not a part of Pakatan, then it could split the UMNO vote and let PKR win in a contest between PKR, UMNO/BN and Pribumi but now that it is part of Pakatan, it would split the UMNO vote in a Pribumi/Pakatan, UMNO/BN and PAS contest, with hard to hard to predict outcomes, though in an UMNO/BN, PAN/Pakatan and PAS contest, I think UMNO/BN would most likely win.

    This is why Azmin has to be pragmatic and try to avoid having PKR contest against PAS and UMNO/BN in three-cornered fights, since this puts Selangor at risk of being won back by BN.

    Pakatan Harapan's hold on Selangor is very slim after PAS left, with PH having a total of 29 seats in the Selangor State Assembly versus 27 held between PAS (13 seats), BN (12seats) and independents (2 seats). If one PH candidate jumps ship to UMNO or PAS, Selangor will be ungovernable and if two jump ship, then the Selangor State government falls.

    Selangor is not Penang where PH has a big majority of seats, so Azmin has no choice but to be pragmatic.

    GE14 will be a very interesting election which will produce very interesting results.

    I await GE14 with bated breath. It will be fun to watch.

    1. pretty informative write up. indirectly u r telling us kt is either a closet bn/najib lover, or a selfish dap fanboy.

      on a serious note, the battle is still in rural, i doubt bersatu could really pose a threat to umno. they shd do all the talking in rural, dun waste time on kv n pg.

      wrt azmin/pkr, i still think their action is to demonstrate to pas supporter we do our best to work with pas, it is pas leadership that prefer to work with umno, this message could impact how the urban pas supporters vote. so just ignore this selfish dap fanboy n dedak eating blogger.

  5. HY, you wrote: :on a serious note, the battle is still in rural, i doubt bersatu could really pose a threat to umno. they shd do all the talking in rural, dun waste time on kv n pg."

    True, the battle is mostly for the hearts and minds of the rural, semi-rural and well as urban lower income voters who are mostly Malays and who have traditionally contributed to UMNO/BN the majority of seats in parliament from within Peninsular Malaysia, whilst the rest of BN seats come from the rural and semi-rural voters in Sabah and Sarawak, most of whom are natives of these two states.

    As I'm sure you know, DAP's support base comes mostly from the mostly urban Chinese and some Indians, whilst PKR's support base is mostly from the urban and semi-urban Malaysia, some Chinese and Indians. Whilst it was part of the Pakatan, PAS was the only Pakatan member which had that reach with the rural, semi-rural and urban lower income Malaysia, and some urban intelelctuals. Now without PAS, Pakatan is without that reach into the key constituencies required to win parliament.

    The loss of PAS can be seen not only in the fewer numbers of participants in Bersih 4 and 5 protests, as well as the predominantly non-Malay demographic of the protestors compared to earlier Bersih demonstrations when PAS supporters contributed significantly to the numbers as well as the crowd control by its Unit Amal.

    The loss of PAS was also visible in the pathetic turnout at Free Anwar demonstrations outside SOGO, which on most occassions numbered around 200 noisy protestors,with the exception of one instance when there were 10,000.

    Economically speaking, Malaysia's economic "golden age" happened between 1988 till the Asian Economic Crisis of 1997/98, which was during Mahathir's watch as prime minister. Those were heady days when jobs were apenty and a businessman said that companies could grow at 30% per annum without effort. The rinngit exchange rate was around RM2.6 to the US dollar at the time.

    Even after the Asian Economic Crisis hit and the fall out between Mahathir and Anwar, Mahathir managed to pull Malaysia through the crisis with his pegging the ringgit at RM3.8 to the US dollar and his makingthe ringgit non-convertible outside Malaysia.

    After the Asian Financial Crisis hit Malaysia, the ringgit-US dollar exchange rate was fluctuating up and down wildly and the owner of a Malaysian company which locally distrubuted imported specialised data communications equipment to telecommunications service providers and enterprises in Malaysia lamented the wild fluctuations in the ringgit exchange which made it difficult for his company to accurately quote customers and told me said that he hoped that the government do somethingto stabilise the rinnit at some exchange rate, any exchange are would do. His company had also designed and manufactured its own dialup modem, which no doubt partly relied on imported parts.

    My cousin had a small company which supplied imported waste water treatment equipment systems, air compressors, work safety harnesses and other equipment, mostly to buiklding and industrial projects, where the lead time between quotation, supply and payment were long and he too told me that the wildly fluctuating ringgit exchange made it very difficult for his company to quote customers and that he wished for a stable exchange arte.

    My friend and former colleague locally supplied telecommunications equipment imported from the UK and he lost RM140,000 in a deal to supply Telekom Malaysia with such equipment when he quoted at RM4 to the UK pound and had to pay hus UK principal at RM6 to the pound.

    All that was before Mahathir pegged the ringgit. So I'm quite sure that employees who enjoyed those go, go years, there also are quite a number of business people who remember what Mahathir did, which benefitted even the small businesses, whether or not that was his intention.

    See Part 2

  6. Part 3

    So back to Malaysian politics, the outcome of GE14 will depend on how the rural, semi-rural and urban lower-income voters react to all this and to what extent they will be swayed by the race and religion card played by UMNO and/or PAS.

    If economic factors such as rising prices and cost of living matter more to them, then they might well vote Mahathir, who most probably reminds them of better times past or they could vote PAS if they feel that the western-style, secular economic system has failed them, so they turn to an Islamic economic solution through PAS.

    On the other hand, if they buy into the race and religion card, they may continue to vote UMNO/BN and if the economic benefits from China's investment in Malaysia begin to show themsleves in termsof better business and employment opportunities before GE14, they may also vote UMNO/BN.

    Already, China's investment in the Shell refinery in Port Dickson saved 85% of the jobs, according to a 25 December 2016 Free Malaysia Today report, so who do you think those Shell workers would likely vote for?

    "China takeover of Malaysian refinery rescued 85% of the jobs"

    Admitedly, I tend to think in rather materialist political-economic terms and this is based upon the lessons of history which show that most major political changes in history, including the American War of Independence, the French Revolution, Russian Revolution, the rise of Mussolini, the rise of Hitler, the fall of Marcos, the fall of Soeharto, the Arab Springs in Tunisia and Egypt, the recent rise of the far-right in Europe, BREXIT, the election of Donald Trump in the US and other instances are all due to adverse economic conditions which affect some people or voters.

    The educated, fairly affluent, middle-class urbanites in Malaysia are relatively comfortably well off, so with basic needs satisfied, have the time to bother about matters of policy and principle, whilst lower income people tend to place a higher priority on matters of economic survival and parties which can convince them that it they can better address their concerns if elected stand a better chance of gaining their support and UMNO/BN has been good at this populist politics, so has won time and time again amongst this constituency.

  7. HY, you wrote:-
    "pretty informative write up. indirectly u r telling us kt is either a closet bn/najib lover, or a selfish dap fanboy."

    I do not know KTemoc personally, so I cannot say what his intentions are.

    However, all I know is that in politics there are the idealists who put more emphasis on principles, morals and ideologies and the pragmatists who pragmatists who think more in terms of achieving objectives, even if they have to make some uncomfortable compromises.

    Like in World War II, the UK and the US allied with the Soviet Union to defeat Nazi Germany, whilst in China, the Communists made a truce and allied with their arch enemy the Kuomintang to try and drive the Japanese invaders out of Manchuria. In Malaya, the Communist-led MPAJA allied with the British created Force 136 to fight the Japanese occupies as resistance fighters.

    I'm sure the parties involved in these alliances were not exactly comfortable doing so but did so out of necessity to achieve a particular objective.

    Thus I regard KTemoc as an idealist and so are those in PKR and their supporters, especially those who were in the Reformasi movement or staunch Anwar loyalists.

    For example, I have noticed that Badrul Hisham (Che Go Bard) and his S.A.M.M are more anti-Mahathir than anti Najib.

    Take a look at this:-
    "Mahathir Serang Anwar Untuk Pecah Belah Pembangkang"

    "Rupanya, Strategi Pakatan Mahathir Hanya Untuk Raih Undi Melayu"

    "Sudah-sudahlah Menjadi Alat Mahathir"

    S.A.M.M. appears to hate Mahathir more than they hate Najib and whils they have every right to do so, whose objectives will they de-facto or in effect serve by doing so, despite their sentiments or intentions - Najib's???

    KTemoc and some others in DAP are upset with Kit Siang for allying with arch enemy Mahathir and Ktemoc has indicated that he regards this as a betrayal of the memory of Teoh Beng Hock but in order to get justice for Teoh Beng Hock, the Pakatan must win the federal government first before it can reopen the case and it looks like the only way for Pakatan decent chance to get elected first is by forming an alliance with Mahathir and Pribumi.

    Of course, after that there is the risk that old enemities will surface and they could end up falling out and fight with each other, thus leaving Malaysia a pretty dysfunctional democracy.

    1. kt is definitely not a idealist, whoever he is not of our concern, we have a duty to expose him for the stupidity n dedakism it represent.

      yr cited historical or current event seem in contrast with what happened in msia. lets used the communism terminology, in most cases, the bourgeoise support the status quo while the proletariat n peasants support the reformer, but here terbalik. perhaps the analogy that is quite similar is the chinese peasants used to believe under the ccp ruling, they r really the master.

    2. HY has been a pest for several years now. Basically a fanatical PKR-ista he hates my guts for being a superior political follower, one of the DAP wakakaka.

      He misused posts threads to post remarks which have no bearing on the post topic. Currently he makan dedak from the Mahathir's Pribumi camp which he perceives as allied to Azmin's faction of PKR