Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Death Death Death

MM Online - Malaysia can’t enforce, but penalty for leaving Islam is death, mufti reminds apostates (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 9 — Islam prescribes death against Muslims who leave the religion for atheism, if they are “stubborn” and refuse to repent, according to Negri Sembilan mufti Datuk Mohd Yusof Ahmad.

However, he conceded that Shariah courts in the country cannot yet implement such punishments, and as such religious authorities must redouble their efforts to curb the spread of atheism, Malay daily Sinar Harian reported today.

“If they are still stubborn, then the individual must be punished by death. That is the consensus of Muslim scholars,” he was quoted saying.

“Considering Islamic laws cannot be implemented 100 per cent in this country, authorities must do what they can to curb this. The jurisprudence has said that even if we cannot do everything, we cannot just leave it out.”

The punishment for the offence of apostasy under the controversial Islamic penal law of hudud is death.

Gulp! Yesterday Minister in the PM’s Department Shahidan Kassim wanted to HUNT down atheists with VEHEMENCE.

Today the NS Mufti warns Muslims about death for apostates.

F**king blood thirsty blokes.

But I can under stand why Minister Shahidan Kassim said so, because as a minister in the PM's Department, meaning he has no portfolio and f**k-all to do, and thus is itching for some attention which is damn important right now when the pre-election nominations for UMNO are probably underway.

Thus the atheist-whatever has been a heaven-sent-come opportunity for him to simply let go with any bullshit at hand to gather attention.

As for the NS Mufti, it's his 3 bowls of rice, wakakaka. Even if death for apostasy is not enforceable now, it's a timely reminder on the perilous danger of allowing the ulama to obtain more and more power.

[by the by, his statement that Islam prescribes death against Muslims who leave the religion for atheism is incorrect because it's still death for Muslims who leave Islam for other religions, not just atheism, which BTW is NOT a religion]

Those men of the cloth would love to have such powers of death over their parish dearly. Such a threat will ensure immediate obedience to their mortal dictates.

Very soon, before you can say 929 & 617, courtesy of Mahathir, the next punishment on the list will be amputation of your ding-a-ling. Yes yes I know that's not in the Quran or Hudud but we are in Malaysia Boleh, so you can expect that from our creative ulama.


  1. What more can be said about these guys.Doing things,mentally sick people usually do.And their excuses are Islam this and Islam that.These sick puppies are worse that the horndog Donald Trump.

  2. What did the Pope do to the followers of Jan Hus and John Wycliffe? What about Jerome of Prague? Was there no religious freedom for heretics in the kingdom of Christ?

    1. Zombieic Islam is inward looking & regressive, thus needing a persecuting preventive reaction to apostasy.

      Fear is the ONLY feeling that these zombies confirmed to!

    2. I see history repeat itself. One is in front of the history while the other is behind (thus repeating it) Wakakakaka ..........

  3. In a democracy (and Malaysia still has some pretensions to be a democracy), a key requirement to have any problem resolved or improved is to hold the office bearers accountable.

    You have a strange , inexplicable , complete unwillingness to hold the current office bearers accountable for the wrong that is being wrought in the country.

    In organisational terms , Mahathir has been dead for 13 years. Why still harp on him ?

    He may still do a Jesus Christ act, depending on Malaysian voters, though very unlikely, but that is a separate matter.

    1. we must prevent the political resurrection of mahathir just as we would that of hitler

    2. Such an one-track mind in nailing mamak (after tire of playx2 with manmanlai, wakakakaka) that the intention becomes a narrow & silo caustic personal attack!

      If u r really into preventing the repeats of what that mamak has done to every facades of bolihland, preventing the political resurrection of Mahathir IS the least of yr worry le!!!

      If u r truth to yr claimed of release bolihland from the evil legacies of mamak, THEN, u should have worked to cause the demise of that hegomonic umno!

      Mamak is only the syndrome while umno is the cause!

      Don't write & behave like that megalomaniac Manchester loser lah.

  4. Islam is a religion of piece. The most logical religion on face of the earth. You read the Quran and youll be amazed how it has prooved all 1400 years back wat science did today. No man can write this. Its logical its peaceful.