Saturday, August 26, 2017

PKR cursed with UMNO mindset

FMT - Time for PKR to stop mollycoddling PAS (extracts):

I wonder who will be his next target? Poor that chap, whoever he may be

The bane of PKR since its inception in 1999 has been the inability of the senior leadership including Anwar Ibrahim to completely disavow and distance the party from the Umno mind-set and the desire to obtain and retain power at all costs.

Dictionary: 'bane' =  (a) a person or thing that ruins or spoils; (b) a deadly poison

Sometimes, in the eagerness to seek power various factions within the party are willing to sacrifice integrity and principle for the sake of political expediency. 

By the by, power at all costs would presumably mean also a la kaki-kangkang, wakakaka.

And which has been why there now exists within the party the latest fractionalism, Azmin Ali vs the Rafizi Ramli Divide, but which nonetheless have seen the Indian members suffered most, ...

... right from Nallakaruppan during its earlier days when he was "instructed" to stand aside for Azmin Ali in the party VP contest and when he was again "instructed" to stand aside for parachutist Khalid Ibrahim in the Ijok by-election (which to add sweet ironical justice, was won by a BN Indian, wakakaka), through to Manickavasagam now where poor Manicka has been suspended for 2 years just right on the eve of GE-14, effectively ending his political career;

... in between it saw the angry resignation of Gobala, the marginalisation of Xavier Kumar from the Selangor State exco, the cold-shouldering of Sivarasa Rasiah by the MB when the former was excoriated by HRH.

The aid-for-rakyat program of PKR Kelana Jaya MP Wong Chen suffered because of the internal strife of the PKR leadership.

Externally it saw the back stabbing of DAP in Sarawak in at least two state polls. It's jealous of the DAP.

Now, it seems people like William Leong are also waking up from being in the nest of vipers that PKR is, especially under the dark midgetship THE DWARF.


  1. How do the opposition going to wrest power from Najib and his merry men when they are always fighting.At least,Umno/BN is all behind Najib.If there is anyone who is going against or not happy with Najib,nobody is expressing their views.Everybody in Umno/BN is toeing the lines.So how is a disunited opposition going to kick butts in a united Umno/BN?Anybody got an answer?

    I have been saying for sometime now.Just look at the many opposition blogs.Many have been inactive for months and even years.Some opposition lawmakers blogs have been quiet for months and some maybe gone out of business?Just look at the commenters in opposition blogs.Many discouraged supporters have rode into the sunset.Even the original monsterball choking on dentures while in Hadyai have disappeared.

  2. seeing how dap treat the malay, kaki kangkang to mahathir, continue to flirt with azmin faction n never dare to sound him off, seem like dap can never do away the pap mindset, no wonder who n whichever party work with them sure die one.

    1. wakakaka, what a childish response, disgustingly using an anti malay abuse against the dap

    2. u can talk indian but i cant talk malay? my childish response is exactly a reciprocal to yr childish article. the way u vilify pkr is how umno vilify dap along the years, ask yr reader here that dun take dedak who is more disgusting? me or a umno double like u?

    3. it's a damn good reason why the Malaysian Judiciary doesn't have the jury system, because god forbid, someone like hy could end up being a member of a jury and rule an innocent guilty plus sentence him to death

      you bull like george bush "either you're with me or against me" - what a reckless irresponsible unconscionable f**ker you are, wakakaka

    4. Kalau hy take jadi member, samax2 lah u juga!

      So, what's yr point of keep telling a hypothetical & fallacious jury system in bolihland?

      Syiok-sendiri ke?

    5. sorry for not including your name wakakaka

  3. DAP to stop mollycoddling PRIBUMI. You are incompatible partners. Sooner or later you will hate/fight each other.

    To Azmin, you know you can't win the war, but you still have the chance to win the battle if you make the right decision, and you can retain your MB position.

    1. DAP mollycoddling Pribumi is and has been a one-man show, namely by Lim Kit Siang

    2. So the dwarf MUST ready to mollycoddling pas to save his political skin lah!

      Just so the theme of amanah hadi2.0 of bolihland MUST be governed by the Muslim Melayu can be perpetuated dulu, kini dan selama nya.

      Oooop siege-mentality of the brainless zombie????