Friday, August 04, 2017

Global Superlatives

In this World:

Politically, the most stupid people are Americans for electing Donald Trump as their President.

Intelligent-wise, the most idiotic people are Germans for allowing hordes of Arab migrants into their country to grope & rape their women.

Kind-to-animals-wise, the most devoted people are Hindu Indians who will kill you if you kill cows.

Ultra-Monarchist-wise, the most ardent people are Thais who will kill your democratic rights to free speech if you so much as slight their King.

Thailand's then PM Yingluck Shinawatra showed her respect to Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn

I still love her, wakakaka 

Patriotically, the most devoted people are South Koreans who have you believe Korean beef, pork, fruits, vegetables and fishes (and dogs, wakakaka) are the best there is.

we eat only Korean beef 

Panicky-wise, the most frightened people are North Koreans who would have you believe North Korea is a paradise lead by a wise wonderful wizard of a bloody young Chairman.

[North Koreans supplanted Singaporeans as the most 'frightened' people after LKY passed away, wakakaka]

Knowledge-wise, the most clever people are Malaysians who know everything, even if they don't check their facts, wakakaka.

Feral-wise, the most aggressive person is Tian Chua who has bitten a policeman, swore at another and, I dread this, may yet one day $@*%&@^! a third, wakakaka. He replaced Hannibal Lector as the most feared person, wakakaka.

Memory-wise, the most forgetful person is Mahathir who can't remember anything about FOREX, Sacking of the Judges, Project Blue IC, or that he has Kerala-blood, but somehow can remember he started the MRT (before Najib hijacked his project) and that he was chief-tester of Proton cars (before Najib took it away from him).



  1. Bolihland (maybe Oz) superlative in consistent hate reminders for mamak/AI - u know lah.

    Bolihland superlative in kuaix2 quietly about 1MDB/ahjibgor - u know lah!

    definitely not that Manchester megalomaniac turning fake news creator/promoter!


  2. kiss ass wise, the most dedicated najib ass kisser is one kt that attack all najib enemy relentlessly, day in day out 24/7 365.

    1. ditto to your ass kissing inclination for once pkr but now a 92-year old ass

    2. where got ditto, i call mahathir a selfish ruthless dictator, while u call najib akor. u r one that really know the art of ass kissing.

    3. but aren't you now an ass-kissing promoter of Maddy as a Pakatan Top Leader?

      I have called Najib Mr Zig Zag numerous times. The reason why I sometimes referred to him as Ah Jib Gor has been because I came from a well mannered and well brought up family where we behaved in a civilised way to everybody, well, almost everybody, wakakaka.

    4. Walau-eh...u came from a well mannered and well brought up family where we behaved in a civilised way to everybody, well, almost everybody, wakakaka.

      Wakakakaka...blow yr own 🎺 ke!!!

      Well mannered & well brought up???

      U know NUTS about 道 德 仁 义 despite yr supposely 'educated' upbringing!

      Don't pull in yr family lah, if u r man enough to face yr own shortfalls.

    5. aiyah, don't be jealous lah, wakakaka

    6. u behave well manner n civilise in a bias, selective n discriminate way, exactly like umno n pas under hadi.

      show me where did i ever promote mahathir as ph head? it was a consensus reached among ph leaders, which include dap n lge, y not u demonstrate yr civility to lge instead?

      no people call thief n robber a zig zag, r u trying to deliberately misinterpret a deer as horse? civility is useless when u have no sense of shame to kiss hmmmmm defend a thief, or sengaja buat tak tahu.

    7. Now u r showing yr streak which, in Chinese, say 没有底线 — no bottom line.

      If, from now on, anything goes, then break all yr mirrors in the house lah!


  3. Malaysians are the stupidest people for only now waking up thinking , maybe the Prime Minister 20 years ago was actually not good, and even stupider, thinking the Current Prime Minister Is Not So Bad, and maybe worth keeping in power.

  4. The next stupidest people are ex-Malaysians who have been living in Australia for the last 15 years, and thinking they know the current situation in the country better than those who live here.

    1. actually, after living in oz for a decade or two, they realised what a bastard maddy had been wakakaka

    2. Ya, exposure to a higher standard of doing things can change one's outlook...but it obviously has not improved you at all.

      I remember reading once about a Canadian Minister who resigned because newspapers had exposed that he had failed to declare a gift from a foreign government.

      In fact the gift itself was no big deal - its value was just a few thousand dollars, and given openly, as a diplomatic gesture, so the Minister was legally entitled to keep it. However, Federal ethical rules required him to declare it to the Canadian Government, which he had overlooked. It gave the appearance of impropriety.
      So the Minister resigned and ended his political career.

      That is a Gold standard in ethics, transparency and accountability , and exists in developed democracies like Canada and Australia.

      How does that square with your complete lack of concern about a Kleptocrat who had Billions of Dollars flowing through his personal bank account ?

    3. how does bringing in a dictator like mahathir who destroyed our hallowed public institutions and wasted our resources for a quarter of a century be an improvement on a kleptomaniac?

      we should deal with the kleptomaniac but avoid worsening the situation by inserting an evil racist dictator

    4. How about killing two birds with one stone - let the evil racist dictator fights with the kleptomaniac!

      As the added bonus, finishing off that f**ked-up hegomonic umno for the good of M'sia.

      Open yr eyes & see the BIG picture lah, for once!!!

    5. By actuarial tables, there is a 95% chance the dictator Mahathir will be dead in the next 10 years.
      I have no big worries about his long term capacity to inflict any new damage.

      On the other hand , there is an 80% chance the Current Dictator Najib (SOSMA, POTA, POCA, fortifying of the Sedition Act) will still be alive in 10 years time - and if so , almost certainly still the Prime Minister, unless he gets removed by legal and democratic means, or by an unexpected act of God.

      There is nothing we can do about Acts of God, but certainly plenty we can do to stop him by legal and democratic means.

  5. Americans are real stupid for continuing to protect New Zealand under a defence treaty , a country that sneers and is full of contempt for America. They don't even allow US Navy ships to enter their ports - what kind of stupid treaty partner is that ? The Yanks should just tear up the Anzus treaty, its worth less than toilet paper.

    1. actually NZ left the ANZUS treaty defence pact back in 1986 because of its avowed nuclear free zone. It wanted visiting USN ships to declare they were nuclear free, an act which the USA rejected.

      Thanks to militant Islamist worldwide attacks there has been some form of reconciliation between NZ and USA, where RNZN ships were then allowed to visit the USA. There seems to be some silent agreement on USN ships visiting NZ

    2. Godzone doesnt need any outside helps &/or interferences - whether it's from the Oz, the Yank or the Rusko!

      Remind one about the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior in Auckland by the Frenchie foreign intelligence services, the Direction générale de la sécurité extérieure (DGSE), carried out on 10 July 1985.

      Who's the friends & who's the foes?

      Only political interest CAN dictates that clear demarcation!

    3. rainbow warrior was not NZ navy or shipping but a green ship which kacau the french in their nuclear activities in the pacific (french territory)

    4. A foreign power carrying out sinister destructive plot in another sovereign country IS political interference!

      Rainbow warrior is a GreenPeace vessel with overwhelming Kiwis supports.

      Would u like someone to spray dioxin in his backyard, next door to yr house?

      So, what's yr point?

      Same like yr quietx2 support for that pinklips ke!

  6. Thais have always respected the royalty and the Hindus have always worshipped or rather believed that the cows are deities,as far as I can remember.

    But I have never known that a certain race in Malaysia can believe that mass corruption is "halal".That they will back a corrupt regime to the very end of civilization.

    Or that Americans or at least 20% of them can believe that their present POTUS,a horndog named Donald J Trump have never in his miserable life rape his first wife,Ivanna Trump or any other woman,or even have sex with an underage girl.Or that the Donald might go down in US history as the first US president to be send to prison for treason or money laundering.

    Or that the transcripts of the horndog berating the PM of Australia or president of Mexico are now in the public's domain.I guess my matey,Kaytee must be really pissed off.Wakakaka.

    1. though Australians have been the Yanks' best mateys Trump treated PM Turnbull with much disrespect. Aussies dislike Trump immensely and look upon him as a hoodlum, an ill bred hoodlum